Why That Abuse Of Arsene Video Should Be Completely Ignored.

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Morning, folks.

You’ve most probably seen the video of Arsenal ‘fans’ booing and abusing Arsene Wenger at a train station in Stoke. If you’ve not, I’m not going to link to it. My advice would be to save yourself wasting 30 seconds of your life watching unstoppably cretinous people spewing dross through a misplaced sense of entitlement.

Unfortunately, the bile and hatred of that clip are not actions that will come as a surprise. Amongst Arsenal fans we have a civil war, of sorts, brewing and it’s only getting worse. Fans of varying persuasions and creeds have united in vitriolic condemnation of others simply because of a stance or difference of opinion.

Why? Where’s the anger coming from? Frustration and disappointment are understandable as our season looks to be turning out poorly. I’m not going to sit here and type this post pretending I believe everything is peaches ‘n’ cream. It is not. We have problems on the field and certain deficiencies that are all too glaring. I’ll even go as far as stating I hold Wenger as the man responsible and the once burgeoning faith I had in him is dwindling.

What you’ll never hear me do is disrespect a man who’s given us things us wouldn’t have dreamt of 20 years ago – a fabulous modern stadium, 3 Premiership titles, an unbeaten season and arguably the finest Club side of the past 20 years. He’s kept us in competition with the influx of oligarch money and built a self-suataining model that has ensured Arsenal’s future. Those are facts, irrefutable facts.

Things aren’t quite as good now. We all know that. Arsenal flounder in a jarringly repetitive fashion and it’s often painful to watch. I’d even go as far to say the final curtain on an illustrious career might not be too far away for Arsene Wenger.

Yet I choose to recall the greatness, the times of unbridled joy the man gave us because the bad pales by comparison. It’s okay to question his actions and express dismay or a failure to understand. We’d be blind followers if we didn’t. However, hurling abuse is nothing short of asinine and should be ignored at all costs. Giving fuel to idiots only furthers their desire to do more.

I choose to distance myself from all the hatred and petulance on Twitter and focus on the opposite. Since registering my account I’ve met and interacted with some truly fabulous people. People like Daniel Cowan and Dan Betts are characters I’m happy to call my friends – not just words from an avatar, but people I hold in very high esteem and meet up with.

We are at a time where hatred sells, where controversy gets clicks and creating something puerile and acerbic gets you noticed far quicker than an act of positivity or rationality. The media want us to bicker and react with acidic rage because they can perpetuate the narrative and reap the rewards. Yet we can choose what we do, we can choose to focus on what’s important.

I go to football matches to see my friends and meet people. Thus far I’ve been lucky to cross paths with immeasurably more pleasant people than not. Football is all about joy. It has its dour moments, moments of unbridled sorrow, yet I follow for the joy and accept the ups and downs accordingly.

If football becomes something that causes me to hate and nothing but hate, then I might start to question if it’s something I want to continue to allow to be in my life. At a time like the present I choose to focus on the good and dispel the bad to a place it can’t impact me. You might think that’s something akin to an Ostrich burying its head in the sand and maybe you’re not far from the truth. I prefer to look at it as remembering why I started to follow my team in the first place – because of the joy, the camaraderie and the feeling of being apart of something far bigger than any individual.

I can’t allow myself to hate or abuse anyone because of that. We all have our differences and varied opinions. God knows the world would be a boring place if that wasn’t the case. Call me idealistic, but I always believed there was a period of 90 minutes where all that didn’t matter and we united as one behind something that represented all of us. Maybe we’ve lost touch with that. There is no better time than the present to get it back.

That’s all for today, folks. The comments are below, use ’em.

I’ll be back soon. As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

12 thoughts on “Why That Abuse Of Arsene Video Should Be Completely Ignored.”

  1. Great Post, Agree whole heatedly but I think every needs to understand where the anger comes from, its watching our team make the same mistakes over and over again, but you are right there should be a sense of respect given to Mr Wenger and abusing one of our greatest managers is not good for anyone. I just think fans feel that the board and Wenger himself aren’t listening to their pleas. Also every manager receives that sort of abuse no matter what club it is when results and displays such as stoke one occur (and it happens pretty frequently these days) – Just saying.

  2. Completely agree. The abuse is unacceptable and disgusting.
    What annoys me however is now that video is deflecting from the main issues and once again the focus is being shifted away from Wenger’s failings by self-important vile fans.
    Sidenote: just because someone is crticising modern day Wenger does not mean they have forgotten or are not aware of or greatful for all he has done and the foundation he has laid for the future. Crticism of ONE INDIVIDUAL at AFC-whetther that individual is a player or Wenger- (when done respectfully and tastefully) -does not preclude you from still wholeheartedly supporting the players and the club. Some fans seem to think the two are mutually exlusive and have formed this “all or nothing” mob mentality, hence the WKBs and WOBs.

  3. man u right… but it’s like Prof wenger would never learn.. now tell me y he never got a defender n a cdm. d abuse might push him to make necessary corrections.. speak ur hearts gooners

  4. Dear Armchair Gooner
    Whilst you choose to be positive and recall memories from 1994-2005 , we choose to make our voices known in hope that the embarassment suffered recently will stop.
    We have a man leading the club who has lost his touch and chooses not to make an effort in taking us forward. We the fans can no longer accept finishing 4th , getting thumped in the last 16 of the champions league and suffering embarassing defeats to our rivals and fellow competitors every year. And the thought of going through this for another 3 years is unbearable. We have a good grounding and need a fresh face with ambition to take us forward. Mr Wenger please close the door on your way out. Thanks again for what you have achieved. This is Arsenal FC not an old age home or charitable organisation.

    1. The irony of stating you have a good grounding without appreciation for the person who secured it is outstanding.

      No preaching from me…but if you get what you want, be sure to leave with the consequences.

    2. Your ageist comments represent those who feel the same way as you. It is impertinent and misleading to attach those opinions to “we the Arsenal fans …. “. You most certainly do not speak for me or many of fellow Gooners with you attitude of “entitlement”. Use for instance the fans of our neighbors Wet Ham who are currently beside themselves with joy as they bask in the glory of a position in the top four albeit as rare as rocking horse poo. You and lot of spoiled brats expect our club to compete with oil moneyed opponents or else. My suggestion is that it’s you that should not let the doors hit on you the arse as you and band of whingeing, whining loudmouths rush from the building of the proud club the rest of us enjoy, decade on decade!

  5. Lance do you not see how ridiculous that sort of statement sounds to 99.9% of football fans? How dare we only be the 4th best football team in the country. When did we get ‘thumped’ in the last 16 of the Champions League? We were a sending off and a loss of concentration away from giving Bayern a very good game last year, and we lost only on away goals the year before….

  6. Wenger’s stubbornness is getting him this abuse. the chronic problems and weakness at Arsenal have been discussed over and over for years and its pointless going through them here. Arsenal fans have waiting for years for the team to restore its status as a top team challenging for the title. Now the situation seems to be worsening. Talk of tactics, transfers, team balancing, player rotation, game management, nothing seems to be improving. Wenger has been and is always giving the same lame excuses and blaming everyone and everything else.
    The fans have been very patient and now it is becoming too much. Whether it the players’ fault or not is another issue. The question is, what has Wenger been doing about it? We all know the answer to that.

    For me it is Wenger Out! Simple.

  7. I stand back and let other Arsenal fans be vocal about their gripes with Arsene Wenger. I was a fan from 18 years prior to Wenger arriving so I can appreciate the accelerated evolution he brought about, but I also understand the frustration of fans. In my mind only Arsenal Fans are the only people qualified to criticise the Manager and other aspects of the team. I take no notice of what non-Arsenal fans say.

    That frustration of the fans is for different reasons rather than a universal complaint. My main peeves are the penchant for nurturing our versions of Darren Anderton, a player I delighted in ridiculing for years and, I am sorry to say, the ridiculous obsession Wenger has of making players adapt to new positions rather than buying ready made skilled cover for such positions. I was patient about this when we were in the midst of debt management, but I cannot continue to be now Arsenal are nigh on debt free with ample profits to use.

    The reason we had the Invincible season 2003-04 is because of the sheer cover we had for every position. Chelsea and other scummers over achieve each season because of the depth of their squads, Arsenal underachieve each season because of the lack of depth in the squad. We are constantly one injury away from the season being over and it is hard to accept as early as November. We have the hope of things being turned around in the coming January transfer windows but by then we have more injuries, no cover and still …. STILL …. Wenger buys nobody. It is inexcusable.

    These problems will continue to happen for as long as Arsene Wenger remains at the club – to me it is this simple. I don’t want Wenger out before the end of his current contract, it’s unthinkable and for decades to come people would ridicule Arsenal for repaying Wenger like that, it would disgust me …. but I am hoping this is his last contract.

    1. Sorry you point why ypu belive it wont change till Wenger leaves but then say he must stay for 2.5 more years? So you can stand 2 more years of this mediocrity and what effectively amounts to gross negligence and mismanagement? I know I cant. For me, sooner rather than later.

  8. The repetitiveness is what fuels the anger. Its the apparent refusal to address basic concerns that have been evident for years and years. This added with season ticket price hikes for the same season long episode year-in year-out fuels resentment. It is particularly cutting when we had the best defensive record in 2013, following the defeat to Tottenham and Arsenal’s response towards more defensive solidity and discipline. So people felt like there was change at last round the corner. And there was – we won a trophy! But that it eclipsed at least partially by the same errors cropping up time and again.

    Also concerning is reports suggesting Arsenal’s coaching staff scarcely have a voice. If Arsene has stopped listening, deferring to his own ‘superior knowledge’, then mistakes are not going to be ironed out. It starts to become an ideological argument in ‘Arsene’s right’ and ‘Arsene’s wrong’ when the crux of the matter is Arsene seems to be right about a lot of things and wrong about a few big, big things. Building up these ideological walls will only intensify conflict and possibly even the manager’s volition to prove himself within these parameters. It really does not have to be like this.

    Another concern is that should Arsene go, it is possible that those who call him ‘autocratic’ will see that the club is in the hands of an autocrat, just with the buffer in Wenger no longer obscuring the fact. The thing is, if it made money — which it wouldn’t, but just to prove a point — would Arsenal’s majority shareholder consider perhaps Tony Pulis or Tim Sherwood or even Jose Mourinho, for manager if they’d come. What about the players – perhaps Ribery, perhaps van Persie back, perhaps Song, perhaps signing Rooney, perhaps a Nasri re-signing. Some might be open to this, but for me – I can’t stand these players and managers and its just to say, whatever it is that is the ‘Arsenal identity’ would surely be jettisoned quickly if it is unprofitable by the billionaire who owns of Arsenal.

    Caught between the devil and the deep blue sea it seems. It really is a terrible situation. But then, to me, that comes to nothing when compared to the global and national dilemma we’re in at the moment so I tend to just take every game as it comes and enjoy the matches that I can for all the reasons you stated above. Its not nice – but I understand the vitriol – though I don’t approach of their mob-like actions whatsoever and the factional fighting is absurd – but again logically understandable.

    The problem is – as ever a microcosm of life – I’m really not sure how we get out of this mess and almost entirely convinced it gets worse before it gets better. If Wenger simply addresses the fundamental and glaring problems we have, I’m happy with him. This assumed superior wisdom will be his undoing — if he stops listening to others then his own pride will permanently taint his legacy and bring about a very ugly end to his time at Arsenal. We’re in a system however where admitting any problem is an opportunity for newspaper hits and vitriol, and admitting blame for not signing defenders is tantamount to increasing asking price of target about 15%+, surely. So nothing can be said — but I do wonder sometimes, how quickly things would change if the players and coaches – particularly the players – began to voice their true feelings within the club as for all I ever read, there seems to be very little said most of the time. How about ‘collectively we’re much better than every team we’ve lost to except possibly Chelsea, we’re sick of having our arses handed to us’. I think that’s a start…

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