Wilshere and Sagna play a full 90, and Arsenal could have keeper problems.

As Bale flew through the air after minimal contact, Sagna took aim…

Morning folks.

After all that hullabaloo with internationals, isn’t it mighty fine knowing that our beloved Arse are only a couple of days away? It’s quite glorious, in fact.

You’ll have to forgive the shortness of today’s post. It’s one of those where time isn’t on my side. After all, I am only one person without a co-conspiritor or network to aid publications. I’m sure you delicious creatures will understand.

The good news of the day is news that both Jack and Bacary completed a full 90 minutes of football. The game was played away from the public eye, and Arsenal lost 2-0 to Chelsea. The result is fairly irrelevant. It’s another valuable step on the road to recovery for both players, and a greatly encouraging one if Arsene is willing and ready to play them for a game’s full duration.

Those 90 minutes mark the first time Wilshere has completed a game since he played for England in June 2011, so don’t expect any miraculously swift reappearances in Arsenal colours – the competitive type of colours, I mean.

Elsewhere this morning, The Daily Fail reports we may be looking at a bit longer with Mannone between the sticks with both Szczsney and Fabianski suffering setbacks in their battle to regain fitness.

I said it a few weeks-or-so ago that I think we need to invest in a new keeper, and I stand by that comment. Fabianksi and Mannone are reasonable back-ups, but they offer little competition for the No1 jersey. Perhaps it would be wise to get some experienced cover in. Personally I don’t think either of our deputies are potentially good enough to command a starting place at Arsenal, and I’m surprised both are still at the club.

Thats all for today folks. I shall return with match previews and all that good stuff tomorrow onwards. Until then, thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards. Drop me a comment with your thoughts below.

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6 thoughts on “Wilshere and Sagna play a full 90, and Arsenal could have keeper problems.”

  1. Agreed we need a keeper…as good as i think Woj will be he is still a lose character prone to brain explosions. So i think a more experienced GOOD keeper would be good for competition and depth. Fab II is crazy injury prone for a keeper, and woj is a little too…

    p.s. great photo, it would be priceless to bales face in this hypothetical moment

  2. It is a cheering news to all Arsenal fans that our own JW and Sagna are back playing full 90 mins.not withstsnding the result of that practise match..I want to advice though that these guys should not be pressured to full trot competitive gamws, they should rather be intrduced gradually till they regain full competitive spirit, you know what i mean? Prof should know much better.There are no beatiful bastards in Arsenal fans base all around the world. A bastard to me is a bastard,but you are equal to a bastard in the sight of GOD.. up arsenal emmanuel Peter

    1. Thanks for the comment, Emmanuel.

      I guess my use of the term “beautiful bastards” does tend to get lost in translation. I assure you no offence is meant by it – it’s just something I say.

      Given the frequency of which folks complain, perhaps I’ll consider not using it.

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