Wilshere and Alexis Impress, Arsenal Draw, Ozil Gets Abuse.

Mesut greats the haters.

Morning, folks.

That was a very good game of football we witnessed yesterday. It ebbed, it flowed, chances were created, goals were scored. Had I been watching from a neutral’s perspective, I would have enjoyed it immensely.

Of course, I’m an Arsenal fan so I enjoyed certain moments of the game immeasurably, only to be left ruing blunders and avoidable concessions in others. Whilst 2-2 against a side of City’s calibre isn’t anything remotely like a terrible result, I can’t help feeling we could have gotten better. That said; City’s supporters could quite easily make the same claim, and taking everything into account a draw was a fair outcome.

By now, you’ll have all seen at least highlights of the game, read a report or have been told what happens so a brief recollection of the main events strikes me as a little pointless (I never report the game’s moments, but feel the need to explain why on occasion.). Instead, I shall discuss a few of the players that received praise/abuse. 

Jack Wilshere

In a game where the stakes were high and with the world watching, Jack played a blinder. Throughout the last couple of seasons, our No10 has been singled out as not having progressed or shown the form he is capable of. Even the most ardent of his supporters would find that something difficult to disagree with. Yesterday he reminded us just how good he can be. I’ve made no secret of believing he shouldn’t be played centrally if it means pushing Ozil to the left wing, but if he retains that form then he has to start. His goal was pure class and he even took it upon himself to batter the ever-irksome Samir Nasri to the ground. Man of the match.

Alexis Sanchez

Looks a wonderful signing. The little fella is a constant threat; he never stops running, has that low centre of gravity on the ball that makes him difficult to disposes and an abundance of skill. The strike that put us 2-1 up was one of those moments that brings rambunctious expletives. As he casually guided that ball played over from Wilshere past Joe Hart, I squealed, “SH*T ME!” in one of those unbridled moments of pure elation only football can bring.

He’s still settling into the team and a new environment. He will get better as time goes on. That, delicious readers, is certainly something to look forward to.

Danny Welbeck

Appeared to fit into the team and the style of play very quickly. He has all the attributes to be a big success in our set up, and the early signs are good. He’s a very willing worker, quick and can impose himself on even the staunchest of defenders. The more time that passes, the more I warm to the signing. Could get a lot of goals and was painfully unlucky not to score on his debut with a chipped effort past Hart.

Mesut Ozil

I can, at times, understand entirely the criticism he receives. Mesut can look disinterested on occasion, languid and often drifts in and out of games. Yet, I frequently see how much he brings to the team. Not all footballers are required to charge around the pitch flying into 50/50 challenges. Some are there purely to create and keep the team’s attacking moves ticking over. That’s what Mesut does best.

The left wing position isn’t getting the best from him, that’s something I’m sure most will agree on. He isn’t currently displaying the kind of form we know he is capable of. Those aren’t fallacious statements to make.

What I can’t get to grips with is why people feel the need to be abusive and bitter. Truly it baffles me. Mesut Ozil is far more likely to find better form with the support of the fans. I guess some folks are that full of rage and entitlement they feel totally justified when being so jarringly fu*king stupid.

In summary, the result yesterday was close to being very impressive indeed. One of our customary lapses in defence cost us in the end and a draw with the reigning champions isn’t a disaster. The performance, certainly from an attacking perspective, was full of promise and I hope to see it built upon in the coming weeks/months.

Tuesday night brings another stern test. Our defensive options are looking increasingly stretched with a very nasty looking injury sustained by Mathieu Debuchy – conflicting reports have come to the surface about this. Some outlets feel it’s just a strain, others report something more serious. Let’s hope the gamble Arsene took with our cover at the back doesn’t come back to haunt him.

That’s all for today folks. The comments section awaits your thoughts and is  ready below. I’ll look forward to reading a few.

Tomorrow I shall return with more. Until that time, and as always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

4 thoughts on “Wilshere and Alexis Impress, Arsenal Draw, Ozil Gets Abuse.”

  1. You play the players that best fit your system.
    I love this new 4-1-4-1 system, unfortunately Ozil does not fit into this system, he’s an expensive luxury who’s a liability defensively and hasn’t shown enough to warrant a free role.
    Persisting with Ozil and allowing a player of the quality and flexibility of Cesc to go to Chelsea was a massive error.
    Persisting with him in this system is also detriment to the teams success both Ox and Cazorla offer more in variety of what they bring to the team.
    Ozil is just an expensive luxury, there’s nothing untoward in what I’m saying, it’s just an observation having watched him for over a year now
    I wish him well and will support him when picked, but when you have a player as fast and dynamic as Chambo it’s hard to justify continuing with this Ozil experiment.
    We should move for Schniderlin in Jan at whatever it costs
    Alexis Ramsey Wilshere Ox
    With this lot we could easily play a high intensity pressing game

  2. Maybe Ozil is being played on the wings for a similar reason as why Ramsey was tied to that position two seasons ago by Mr. Wenger.
    Even Jack was given a stint at wider positions last season which slowly improved his presence when he resumed the central role. Unfortunately that progress was stunted once again by an injury.
    Also with the midfield options at his disopsal, the manager is spoilt for choice.
    Regardless, Mesut is an amazing footballer capable of doing wonders. Lets hope Ozil and Podolski find their much needed form and put on great performances.

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