Wilshere, Arteta, Cazorla, Giroud, Arshavin, and a much-needed three points.

Arsenal 1-0 QPR: Olivier was NOT pleased Arteta was getting the attention…

Morning folks.

It’s going to be a quick review today. In a few moments, I’m off to brave the chilly weather and break my paintball virginity. I’m slightly worried. Not becuase I fear getting shot. Nope. I worry simulated violence might bring out a bad side of my personality. If there’s no post tomorrow, it’ll probably be becuase I’m either in jail, or still running around the woods with a gun as armed police hunt me down.

Onto the game.

I’m relieved. It wasn’t a vintage Arsenal performance; it wasn’t even a particularly good one. But, we won. The three points on the board are by far the point of greatest importance, and the rest is simply opinion and blathering.

There were a few negatives here and there – I’ve moaned enough recently, so I shan’t be mentioning them. I’ll talk about the positives, and the biggest one of all, I’m sure you’ll agree, was the very welcome return of Jack Wilshere. For someone who’s been out for close to 15 months, he looked fearless, comfortable in possession and a threat in attack. He wasn’t at his best – we’d have been foolish to expect it – but he showed more than enough signs of how important he can be to our chances of glory this season. The occasions where he and Cazorla linked up had me in a state of drooling anticipation – those two playing well together could be really special.

Elsewhere, I thought Arteta was his usual imperious and reliable self – even if his goal was comfortably offside. Giroud looked immeasurably more threatening upfront than Gervinho, and we surely have to consider starting the big Frenchman more often. He’s been written off unfairly in many circles, but I’ll continue to have faith in him. He’ll score goals, you mark my words.

The usual defensive faltering reared it’s ugly head from time to time, but we controlled the game and QPR didn’t deserve to leave with anything – regardless of what sour-faced cretins like Mark Hughes may pompously exclaim to the media.

One special mention should go to Arshavin for the lovely bit of work he did in the build up to the goal. He has that in his locker, he’s a cunning and talented little player. He would be a huge asset if he could just look like he wanted to be playing football.

All in all, I care we won, and I care about nothing else. It’s a start. It may not be the best, but it’s what we have, and it can be built on. We’ve Reading in the Capital One Cup to blood a few youngsters next week, then a big one – a trip to Old Trafford. That game does cause me a bit of concern, but I believe we have it in us to go there and win. It may not be likely, but we can do it. And I’d fucking love us to get one over on that money-grabbing so-and-so who I shan’t name.

That’s all for today, folks.

Drop me a comment or two below with your thoughts on the game. Happy? Relieved? Still feel the team needs to be better? Delighted with Jack? Let me know.

Assuming I’m not riddled with paintballs, or in police custody, I shall return tomorrow. Thanks for reading, you beautiful people.

8 thoughts on “Wilshere, Arteta, Cazorla, Giroud, Arshavin, and a much-needed three points.”

  1. Victory at last.Still,we need a world-class striker by January and possibly a natural winger.And who says we cannot re-sign Ashley Cole?

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  3. Well,I am happy for the all important three points,but our left side of defence was still shit! I hope Santos doesn’t against United. As for the attack we need a more world class striker. The happiest person is me…JACK is BACK!

  4. great paintball story man ,on the real we needed that win the Russian tank did well wen it came on he reminded me of the earlydays wen he first rockedup at the EMS

  5. Cole currently gets 120k a week…he left for money….he would be seriously not living upto his name if he chose to come back for less. They don’t call him cashley for nothing.

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