Wilshere out for 85 months (not really), the ‘January striker’, and the gamble with Diaby.

I mistyped ‘Diaby’ searching Google images, and this picture came up. Thought I’d use it…

Morning, folks.

As I’m sure you’re all aware, the beginning part of the title is my oh-so hilarious attempt to fool you. Don’t be angry. Look at the boobs above, they’ll calm you down (apologies to any female readers, I’ll post a picture of Giroud tomorrow to win back your favour).

Jack came through 63 minutes of the U21 game against West Brom totally unscathed, and he had a good workout – if a little rusty, so I’m told. We can’t expect him to turn on some of his previous magic in an instant, that will take time. Muscles need to become familiar again with the rigours of a match, and yesterday was another succesful step toward his return to our first team.

Here’s a picture of him in action. Look at him; scampering about like a happy rabbit in a meadow. It almost brings a tear to my eye.

Jack’s back!

And with Le Boss admitting he took a gamble on the fitness of Diaby, it appears we may need Jack back all the more. Of our tall and perpetually crocked French midfielder out for the next 3 weeks, Arsene said:

“I was concerned about him, of course. It was a gamble but I was calculating as well that Jack Wilshere was coming back.

“Francis Coquelin is here but was sick and Emmanuel Frimpong is back, while Tomas Rosicky is coming back. We have many midfield players. We don’t have many physical players.

“But Mikel Arteta has shown he can be a great defensive midfield player. We’ll see overall if it was a good or bad decision at the end of the season.”

Seems to me that gambling on someone as likely to be injured as Diaby wasn’t the smartest of things to be doing. It does make you think that if Arteta were to pick up a knock, we’d all of a sudden have a midfield that’s pretty lightweight. It’s looking to be something that could return to bite us in the arse.

Of course, you can’t blame Diaby at all. I’m sure he’s gutted to have suffered another setback. On those rare occasions he’s fully fit, he can be absolutely colossal, and his partnership with Arteta was starting to look formidable. But he’s never been fit for long enough. Wenger perhaps should have looked at the odds before making his final decision. Hopefully, the 3 weeks he is out won’t be the start of another spiralling succession of niggles that see him miss the majority of another season.

Lastly today, the topic of our rumoured January swoop for another striker. Given he’s banging them in for his club at the moment, I’d say a pretty good bet would be Theirry Henry for another loan period. Would you welcome that, or would you prefer we bought a permanent player? Let me know in the comments.

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3 thoughts on “Wilshere out for 85 months (not really), the ‘January striker’, and the gamble with Diaby.”

  1. We should go and get Fernando Llorente. Its as simple as that I heard he had a traing ground bust up with Bielsa their relationship ??̝?§ obviously terrible right now and come january d scramble for one of Europe’s top marks men will continue.

  2. It was an unnecessary gamble with 50 million plus in the bank.Also I hope we don’t buy anymore French league strikers until they have proven themselves In another league as we now have 2 big wage earners Chamak and Giroud who could not hit a barn door between them.3 Signings needed In Jan Decent experienced Keeper,M villa and Llorente

  3. we need to put the unnecessary boys up top out on loan or sold for good. step 2 is adding to the “arsenal” (pun) with either henry or like ken said, anyone but from the french league. chelsea have a nice brasilian/spanish mix going on, maybe we can come up with something as consistent.

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