Windows 10 and Gaming.

How is Gaming on Windows 10?

As an avid PC gamer, I was in doubt whether I should upgrade to Windows 10 or just wait for some of the performance and compatibility issues to be weeded out (or pointed out by the community). I have read a series of reviews on the performance of the shiny new operating system, and I found that, compared to Windows 8, the gaming performance increase offered by 10 was not such a big deal. I’m still reluctant to dive into the upgrade, though, so I thought I’d gather some of the opinions I found around the web and ask you about your experiences with the new OS so far.

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A Reddit thread started about two months ago (when only the preview builds of the operating system were available) suggests that Windows 10 will be a better choice for gamers than anything before it. Apparently it is less resource intensive as Windows 8 or even 7, capable of handling limited hardware better. According to Reddit user Dreadp1r4te, the new OS is fast and fluid both on a Surface tablet and on a serious gaming rig, with no noticeable slowdowns. Other users expect Windows 10 to continue to be the platform of choice for game developers, which means that driver support and game variety will stay the best on this platform.

When Microsoft announced Windows 10, one of the things the Redmond Giant has promised was that the OS will run on any Microsoft hardware, including the Xbox. I wonder – will this mean that Xbox games will become playable on Windows 10 powered desktops or, why not, tablets? Microsoft plans to roll out a major update on its Xbox One consoles this November, installing a fully functional Windows 10 edition on them. So far there is only talk about Universal Apps created for Windows 10 PCs to run on the Xbox One – I wonder if it will work the other way around?

Another promising thing the new Windows has is DirectX 12, the API that is expected to supercharge gaming on Windows 10 and beyond. The new API promises better use of hardware resources, better balancing load between processor cores, reduced GPU overhead – generally more speed and higher frame rates on the same hardware. According to Intel and Microsoft, the new DirectX can offer up to 50% more performance and power saving than any of its predecessors – something I can’t wait to try.

So, what do you say – should I go for Windows 10 or wait for it a little longer?


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