Would Cesc come back? Would we want Cesc back?

Disgruntled supporters finally storm the offices of Caught Offside.

Morning various inhabitants of this Earth.

Today is a slow, slow day out there in the Goonersphere. There is not much in the way of news – at the time of writing, that is. I always imagine an enormous story will break 20 minutes after I publish this – so I’m having something of a bout of writer’s block – or blogger’s block.

*exhales in a dejected manner*

Right, well I’ve got to think of something.

Ordinarily, I’d steer clear of the many egregious ‘ITK’ sites and Twitter accounts as they fill me with incredible rage. I say “incredible rage” but that’s an absurd overstatement. I’m not psychotic. I’m really only having a bit of a huff about it. When I make the mistake of clicking onto one of the aforementioned, I usually make an exclamation along the lines of, “BLEAUGHHHH!!” and hastily fumble with the mouse until the evil is clicked away. Today, I’m ashamed to admit, I was taken in by one.

I shan’t post a link to the page in question as I’d sooner cover my penis in Diet Coke and try to stick it into an electrical source than contribute in any way to its daily hit count, but I will tell you what you eyes saw – my heavy, shameful eyes that I’m considering gauging out. Before I proceed, however, I must make you aware of how much balderdash it contained, and I would probably believe a Nigerian prince asking for my credit card details via E-mail over its content any day of the week.

The story was all about that furry-faced rascal who still resides in my heart, Cesc Fabregas. According to one of its highly dubious ‘sources’ the feculent website claims Barcelona are eyeing up a move for Chelsea’s Juan Mata, and such a deal will leave Cesc surplus to requirement.

I have talked of this subject before. A while back I’m pretty certain I posted a similar post – I can’t be bothered to check – that may even have asked a similar question to this; would I welcome Cesc Fabregas back to The Emirates with open arms, with love in my heart and with hope for the future? You bet your ass I would.

Some folks may still feel his departure was acrimonious, but I’m not one of them. He wished to return to his homeland and his childhood club, and after 8 years of good service I did not begrudge him that in the slightest. His actions leading up to the move may not have been on par with Thierry’s teary-eyed farewell message, but I’m all for letting bygones be bygones. Unless you’re Samir Nasri. Or Emmanuel Adebayor. Or Ashley Cole. Or Robin van Persie…

If there was a chance of his return, I’d hope we went after it all guns blazing. The same article suggests the other interested party is Manchester United, and if I have to watch Cesc and Robin frolicking happily about the Old Trafford turf together, I may quit football altogether.

Of course, I should again state that the article is bollocks. But purely for the sake of discussion, it’s not the worst avenue on a slow news day. The other point worth mentioning is would Cesc come back if Arsenal were interested? I’m not so sure he woulkd. The little Spaniard has never struck me as the type to re-tread familiar ground, and I’d suggest he’d be more likely to opt for an entirely new challenge should such a situation arise.

All in all, folks – it’s just coming down to a question; would you sign him again if you were the manager and had the chance? Would you welcome him back as a supporter? The comments section of my blog is criminally underused, so today I hope you’ll flock to it like eager seagulls and drop bombs of insight and opinion for me to flick through.

I look forward to reading some.

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

15 thoughts on “Would Cesc come back? Would we want Cesc back?”

  1. I will indulge in a response for you , my friend.

    Your feelings towards the Fabregas situation are very similar to mine. Unlikely, improbable false-hope-instilling. But, Cesc sits right at the top, with Henry, as my favourite players to have worn an Arsenal shirt. Moments like his free-kick against Villa, or the solo one against (Those who shall not be named), will stay with me, and countless fans, forever. I still watch videos of his Arsenal days on youtube with nostalgic erections. So, speaking for most Gooners out there I could safely say that he would be welcomed, and loved again if he returned.

    Love your blogs bro. Peace from Ireland!


  2. I second that , would love to see him back but its highly doubtful. The only way I can see him coming is if santi or some other arsenal star convinces him to do so..We can dream on though..
    I will also quit football if cesc join man u… COYG!!!

  3. Even without any previous involvement with the club, a player of Cesc’s ability would be a huge asset to acquire should he ever become available. The fact that he had such a wonderful history with the club makes him all the more an attractive proposition. He’s right up there with the TH14, DB10, PV4 and others in my view. Agree it’s sadly likely to be more than a fairy tale to dream of but what a day that would be.
    Good piece by the way.
    Allez les Gunners ( and tomorrow night, ‘Come on you boys in green’)

  4. I would welcome Cesc back because I don’t doubt for a second he loves Arsenal and the fans, loves London too. All these things are something he has in common with Thierry Henry. He was a capable player but I never like the way all the play went through him, how the team was built around him and so on. It only needs one cog in he team to be injured and Cesc is having to adapt to the style of stand-in players. When two or more cogs were injured, Cesc became impotent. The Team clicked perfectly and we were flying high at the top of the league, the team formation was spot and as fluid as I’ve seen since the Invincibles => Until Eduardo was injured. Then we nosedived down to fourth between then and May. Flamini, Rosicky, Hleb, Cesc and Eduardo were rockin, Eduardo had just gelled and was picking up momentum in his form. Then Taylor crocked him, Hleb was moved to the other side of the pitch, Van Persie (wide player then was crocked too) … the whole team went tits up. On top of this we had Gallas kicking billboards and sitting on the pitch, etc, because the Brummies scored due to him thinking he’s an attacking midfielder as usual instead of being in the defence … blaming other defenders for his incompetence came next. Clichy I think got the blame. Don’t forget the bitter chelsea prick’s reluctance to put his head in to save a goal like John Terry did … that was with that Fulham guy, Hangeland … and never underestimate how he badgered Toure.

    I don’t want Cesc back as a Captain if Vermaelen leaves, I want Wilshere as Captain.

    I think with Cesc, we would have the players to emulate the Spain formation in the Euro’12 where they had no striker, instead they used a 6 man midfield. This is the main reason I would like him back.

    We would have along that line … Cazorla, Wilshere, Arteta, Cesc, Rosicky, Walcott

    This would be difficult to defend against, especially with Gibbs supporting and Jenkinson (great crosser).

  5. Would I have the wee ickle crafty spainard back ………. In a fucking heartbeat the guy was fantastic for us
    The thought of him at UTD makes me want to vomit
    I really don’t think I could handle watching him and rubber legs playing for them it really would be the end for me

  6. can we not set up a “bring cesc back’ ”
    blog like Utd desperado’s have for Ronaldo.
    Once Cesc realises we’d forget he left us like a bastard love child – he’ll be skipping all the way back to the Emirates with that impish grin on his fluffy little face……… yehaaaa – bring it on

  7. Cesc is a great player but I don’t hold him in such high esteem, I’d rather he stayed at Barca than come back because let’s be honest its where he thought he belonged. I don’t agree with some gooners who’d say he’s right up there with DB10 because it’s Bergkamp for Christ sake; he’s basically the Messiah of all things arsenal. I only want players at arsenal that would never defect no matter the reason and only leave the club because the higher-ups demanded they be sold so to Fabregas I say good luck with your future endeavours

  8. The guys an absolute genius, we apparently have 1st option on him which I would hope (well wenger loves the guy) we would take! Him and carzola’s would provide untold creativity and goals from midfield would instantly rise! I can c why utd would want him, with scholars retiring he would be a perfect player for them! Pray that move doesn’t happen. His vision, knack for scoring goals, work rate and just pure heart will make him an immense signing for ANY club!
    Barca would be crazy to get rid of him, but I hope they are and he comes ‘home’!

  9. “I would probably believe a Nigerian prince asking for my credit card details via E-mail over its content any day of the week”… What do u mean, i’m a nigerian 2! we are not all crooks…

  10. Personally,i neva luvd cecs fabregas bt bliv me hes a gud n outstandin playin which i ll luv him to com bac to arsenal n i bliv majority of d fans ll welcom him.i ll lik to c him play again for arsenal.n if he choose to play for manU dats ll b so disgustin to me

  11. I would take him back instantly. Not too many world class midfielders out there, and Cesc is certainly that. No doubt about how he feels about the club either. Best transfer we could make. In normal circumstances without the contract clause we wouldn’t have a hope in hell, not even sure we have a hope now, but lets dream for a while.

    What it would mean if that we would have to find a new role for Jack; Cesc is in a different league and would automatically take the CAM role as he’s in a difference league. Not keen on dropping Jack back to CM as I think Ramsey offers more in that position, certainly defensively.

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