Xhaka Busted By the Cops And Other Bits.

Morning, folks.

Granit Xhaka has been very naughty. I’m not talking the kind of naughty that’s usually associated with children stealing a Twix from the cupboard at home, or, like, a sexy spanking. Nope, he’s been the kind of naughty where the boys in blue get involved.

I should make it clear that he wasn’t arrested. I just thought the title sounded funny. “Busted by the cops” makes it sound like Detective Mitch Kowolski, who’s lost 2 marriages to the badge, has been tracking Xhaka for years. Kowolski is a burnt out, rugged, on-the-edge cop who dedicates every waking hour to bringing justice to career criminals. After a lengthy shoot out at Heathrow, which culminated in Xhaka diving through the air with 2 gold-plated Colt .45s and killing his long suffering black partner, Kowolski opted not to gain bloody vengeance on Xhaka after his partner’s sacrifice gave him the upper hand. “I’m taking you in, you’re going to jail” growled Kowolski before pointing his gun away from Xhaka’s head.

It was nothing like that.

It’s alleged he made some racist remarks towards a worker at the airport, and he was questioned at the police station under caution – he went voluntarily. The official statement from the Metropolitan Police reads:

“Police were called at 19:29hrs on Monday, 23 January following an allegation that a member of staff had been racially abused at Heathrow Airport, Terminal Five.

The allegation was made by a third party. Officers attended and spoke with a man in his 20s.

He was not arrested. He voluntarily attended a west London police station where he was interviewed under caution. Enquires continue”

This is one of those stories I do hope isn’t true, or, at the very least, is something of a misunderstanding or a gross exaggeration. Granit Xhaka isn’t exactly doing himself many favours at the moment. We have long wished for a combative midfielder with a fiery temperament to strike fear into our opponents, and that does often go hand-in-hand with disciplinary troubles. I remember a certain Patrick Vieira went through similar issues with red cards just as he was establishing himself as a force in our midfield.

I’m not comparing the two players by any stretch of the imagination. They’re chalk and cheese as far as playing styles and physical attributes are concerned. I’m simply saying Vieira got through those issues and came out the other side a genuine legend of Arsenal and a wonderful captain. Whatever Xhaka may or may not have done, it’s worth keeping that in mind. It’s far too early to be labelling him a liability or wanting Arsene to boot him out on his arse.

As a player – red cards aside – I’ve been extremely impressed with Xhaka. He’s got a fabulously varied range of passing and he’s not afraid to mix it up if needs must. He’s certainly a touch hot-headed, but I’d argue both his red cards weren’t quite as bad as they have been portrayed, and I’ve seen plenty of occasions in which others have gotten away with similar challenges. Perhaps fortune hasn’t smiled upon these early months of his Arsenal career.

That said, if it turns out he has been hollering racial slurs about a packed airport, then he has some serious growing up to do, and that needs to happen sooner rather than later. This is The Arsenal, we’re not Chelsea and that kind of public stupidity needs to be stamped out immediately. Arsene isn’t afraid to dispatch players out of the Club swiftly if they are a disruptive influence.

The truth is, folks, none of us can truly know at this stage what occurred. Having done a little searching of Twitter  – I know… not exactly the oracle of truth – I’ve found what he allegedly said:

Undoubtedly, if that’s what he said, it’s bloody stupid. But racist, given that it’s aimed at someone of the same ethnicity? I guess it’s racist whatever way you look at it, but I don’t really know in these politically incorrect times we live. I’m going to play it safe and leave it at that. Irrespective of your thoughts on whether it is an ethic slur, it’s a idiotic thing to be doing in an airport.

What with Arsene in hot water with the FA, and now this, it would appear the Arsenal of old isn’t as far removed from today’s as some would have you think. All we need now is for Theo Walcott to spend an evening hoovering beak of a hooker and crash a Fiat Uno into his local Tesco Express and we’ll have travelled back 20 years to the good old days. Although, I can’t picture Nacho Monreal and Laurent Koscielny spear-heading this generation’s Tuesday Club.

That’s all for today, folks. I’ll leave the comments section below open for all your thoughts and views. Hit me up with some of your opinions on Xhaka and how he’s done thus far at Arsenal. I’ll be back soon with more.

Until then, and as always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

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