Yilmaz, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Chamakh, Giroud, Yossi, the start of the Euros and stuff.

Sweet Jesus, they're awful...

Morning, folks.

The picture above is of the official mascots for Euro 2012. Yes, I agree – they are unbelievably shit-awful. They look some sort of terrifying by-product of Jedward’s miserable existence. I can’t even bring myself to discuss them any further, and I offer you a full, unreserved apology for putting such a horrific and ill-advised image up in the first place. UEFA, aye? Where do they come up with this shit?

There are quite a few transfer rumours about today. Amongst the usual guff that floats about, there was an interesting story regarding our hunt for another striker. With Chamakh certain to take him and his shisha pipe to another club, the two main targets would appear to be Olivier Giroud and Trabzonspor’s Burak Yilmaz. Yilmaz I’ve seen play a few times, and he’s an idea I like – he is very good in front of goal, and the 33 goals in 34 league games in Turkey is testament to that. I’d have him at Arsenal. in fact; I’d be as bold to say I’d have him over Giroud.

There is an increasing likelihood of Yossi Benayoun will not be returning to Arsenal next season, which is a bit of a shame. Of course, he wouldn’t be a first team regular if he returned. But as a back-up midfield option with a bit of guile? I think we could do a lot worse than him. He impressed me in the second half of the season. Having said that; there are more important positions to fill before we consider signing a player that wouldn’t really be anything more than a welcome luxury.

The Ox has – reportedly, allegedly, or nonsensically – asked for a improved contract. I don’t think we really should be considering offering players improved deals when they only have potential. Alex needs to show more than that. When potential becomes regular performance, then he should be rewarded. Otherwise, a lack of incentive will only breed complacency.

If you facny having a bit of a read on the subject, Daniel Cowan covers it in greater detail over at ‘North London Is Red‘ – go have a look-see. I agree with everything he says.

Today sees the beginning of the Euros. Excited? Eager to see the world’s greatest players in action? I’m not. I’m considerably underwhelmed by the whole thing. Of course, I’ll be keeping an eye on the Arsenal players, and wishing Szczsney all the best for the opener – his Poland side take on the mighty Greece. Perhaps I’m just getting old and cantankerous. As a child, I remember watching tournaments like this, cheering on the England team and genuinely feeling behind my country. These days, I usually think to myself, “F**k off, John Terry. I’m not supporting any team you play for.”

Perhaps I ought show a little more patriotism? Nahhh….

Thanks for reading, you delicious little beautiful bastards. I’ll look forward to hearing from some of you in the comments. Until then, enjoy the feast of football that’s coming to our screens, and follow me on Twitter @_ArmchairGooner


10 thoughts on “Yilmaz, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Chamakh, Giroud, Yossi, the start of the Euros and stuff.”

  1. Burak Yılmaz is better than Podolki, but since we already signed the latter I would now go for Giroud, because we need someone who is good in the air, but isn’t slow. And if RVP leaves (God helps us lol….) I would get both Yilmaz and Giroud.

  2. Do we really need player up front? Cuz walcot ll b moved behind rvp to allow gerv and poldo nt 4getin ox rhyo we need to b disciplined in our position thats all and stop fielding playerz sentimentally (age )

    1. seriously Walcott as a lone striker? thats a scary thought. he would get bashed about all day and turn the ball over too much. His strength is not back to goal holding the ball up…that won’t happen…not yet anyway

  3. make some better then yourself, and stop complaining you fool…some like them……. the official mascots for Euro 2012 are as they are!!

    Could you please tell my local Vicar to stop touching me in my naughty areas? I enjoy it, and I think Jesus will hate me.

  4. is a back up striker anymore important than a back up midfielder?
    last season the back up strikers started a handful of matches between them, where as the back up midfielders played a bloody hatful.

    for me the thing we need to sort out most is the defensive side of our team. 217 chances created, 74 league goals scored but 49 goals conceeded. creativity and scoring is not our problem, defending quite obviously is.
    1. better DM than song
    2. Back up RB so CJ can go on loan
    3. better CB than JD, so that JD & SS can leave
    4. 2 better GKs than fabianski or mannone, so that both can leave
    5. back up CF (target man) so that chamakh and bendtner can leave
    6. better RF than Theo
    7. better CF (versatile) so that park and vela can leave
    8. better AM than rosicky, so that ramsey is not 2nd choice

    that is my priorities in order and my replacements are
    1. mvila
    2. van der weil
    3. yanga-mbwia
    4. gordon & butland
    5. lewandowski
    6. m.suarez
    7. giroud
    8. belhanda

  5. In- Lewandowski, jaeskelainen, mbiwa,van der weil,bigilia,kalou,benayoun,giroud.yennaris(promoted) Out-bendtner, arshavin, vela, chamakh, walcott, jenkinson(loan), djourou,denilson,squillaci, ramsey(loan). Kapishè

    1. you guys don’t ask for much do you…do either of you (last two posts) rate anyone we have apart from RvP…

      1. Vermaelan, Koscielny, Sagna, Wilshere, RVP, Podolski, probably the other half of the team aren’t good enough to challenge for trophies

  6. How many of these players named have we been monitoring for years when they were just starting to show signs of potential but we failed to sign them?
    Hazard, Vertonghen, van der wiel, Marin, Martinez, Kagawa, Lewendowski, Benzema, all been linked with us over the past few years but we do nothing. Oh we did actually we waited to see if the kids we had were good enough (Lansbury, vela, bendtner, denilson) turns out they are not. The fact is that wenger has bought poorly for years! who that wenger has bought in the last 5 years has gone on to be top class(apart from Nasri). I’ll name some players that have flopped: Denilson, chamackh, bendtner, vela, squllachi, djourou, park, diaby, fabianski, almunia. I know everyone will say Fabregas, Nasri, Clichy, agree but we’ve sold them! Got to agree with BC we need playes not only to better the squad but to replace the ones that have not achieved in the last few years, Walcott, Diaby, Vela, Bendtner!

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