Zim zimma – who got £20m for Benzema?

“£20m in January? Okay, mate…”


First of all, I hope you all enjoyed (if you listened) the Goonersphere Podcast. Daniel and I have been putting a lot of effort into our broadcasts, and we’re slowly but surely getting a few regulars.

Seeing as this is one of those posts that I pen during a few free moments of time, I shall endeavour to keep it short and succinct. With things Arsenal related being fairly tedious and non-existent at present because of those pesky internationals, most of the stories are conjured by the minds of hit-hungry individuals hell-bent of reeling in the susceptible.

You could argue I’ve done the same, mind you. I guess that’s kind of a grabby headline, isn’t it? Nahhh, it’s too silly…


Today we’re being linked with a January move for Karim Benzema, who it is alleged Real Madrid will allow to leave during the window for the paltry sum of 20 million Earth pounds.  The Spanish giants want to offload their current No9 to fund a ballsy move for Luis Suarez.

Now, folks, readers, delicious individuals; you might be all a fluster at such exciting news. Perhaps you’re already frolicking around in gleeful abandon whilst daring to dream of Benzema thundering the goals in thanks to the assists of our boggly-eyed wizard. Maybe, just maybe, you omitted a joyous yelp as you read the above words.


It’s poppycock. Liverpool, unless they temporarily loose their minds and decide allowing their top striker to leave in January again is a good idea, won’t sell Suarez until the following summer. Even then I wouldn’t say it’s a certainty.

Most importantly, I don;’t think we need Benzema at all. He’s a good player, he’d score goals at Arsenal. However, I see him as a similar player to Giroud, and it’s debatable whether there is that much gap in quality between the two. At this stage, my favour would stand firmly with Olivier. His work rate and contribution to the team has been exceptional this season, and too bring in a similar player, a striker of his ilk, strikes me as a touch unfair to him.

If we are to aim to purchase a striker in the summer, then someone capable of acting as a foil to Giroud would be ideal for me. Suarez, as much as I dislike him, would be a blinding purchase. He’d offer us so many different options and a wider variety of formations we could deploy. Whilst that transfer now seems about as likely Scarlet Johansson and I melting into each others hearts after a night in glorious Bristol, it’s an accurate template of the manner in which we should attempt to do it – regarding the type of player to go for, that is…

And that’s all for tonight. what do you think of the story? Believable? Hogwash? Let me know in the comments section, and thanks for reading/listening, you beautiful bastards.


7 thoughts on “Zim zimma – who got £20m for Benzema?”

  1. I am Beautiful and i’m a Bastard; I would love too see us go for Aguero he looks a little under whelmed at the mo him or Suarez Snm. Evening all

  2. I saw him play for Real Madrid against Elche a couple of weeks ago
    and he is not good enough. we need a mobile goal scorer , there are better strikers more suited to Arsenal out there.

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