£40m for Suarez with a £1 charge to let him know we’ve bid.

Dick Law points the way.

Morning folks.

You must have heard; it’s practically impossible to be an Arsenal fan and miss the extent to which news of our £40m (plus a pound) bid for Luis Suarez has been plastered across every news outlet out there.

The addition of the solitary pound onto the rounded figure of £4om was to ensure a clause in Suarez’s contract is met – not a buy-out clause, mind you.  The extra 100 pennies activates a caveat that means Liverpool are duty bound to inform the player of our interest and that a firm offer has been made. I would assume those are two things our Uruguayan friend is already well aware of. A lot of betting outlets seem keen to suspened money being placed on Suarez leaving, and if doing such a thing is you bag, then you can always claim your UK Football betting coupon.

When it comes to the deal itself, I’ve stated before that I am against it, and that opinion is yet to change. There are some things you absolutely have to stick to your guns on.

I understand when it comes to viewing the possibility of Suarez at Arsenal purely on footballing terms, it’s easy to see it as a good thing. Few could debate Suarez’s ability. My problem is that ability does not come without the abhorrence of character, and the fact some seem so ready to overlook that now the concept of his move materialising grows in it’s potential.

Football fans are a fickle bunch. I’m one of them. There are wildly contrasting opinions within our supporters, and I consider myself to be neither of them and both of them. I’m a human being. I change my mind regularly. Sometimes I blindly support certain decisions, others I’m firmly against them. In my mind, we’re all a little bit AKB, and a little bit WOB.

Yet, there are some things it’s essential to remain firm on. Suarez has all the football ability in the world, but he is undeniably a nasty piece of work with disciplinary troubles apparent for the world to see. Ask yourself this; John Terry is an excellent centre-back – would you be ready to welcome him with open arms if it was rumoured Arsenal were looking at signing him? I didn’t think so…

I find it baffling that some are already making excuses for a man who’s behaviour in inexcusable. At £40m, the price is too steep when there are better options out there. Gonzalo Higuain may lack a little of the panache, but his goal scoring record is better, and he comes with zero baggage. For me, he’s the player we should be going after. If that fails, then there are options out there, especially now it seems we aren’t afraid to flex our financial muscles.

If a deal for Suarez is completed, I won’t complain. I won’t use the internet to slight a player that’s within our ranks, as that behaviour to me is counter productive. I’ll support the team just the same as I always would. What I won’t do is defend him, or feel especially at ease cheering him. I won’t ignore his past transgressions because of the Arsenal shirt he wears, and I won’t defend any future ones unless I genuinely feels he is treated unjustly.

With Liverpool set to reject yesterday’s bid, this deal is set to rumble on until the final day of the window. I’d hope Arsenal see the light and turn their attentions to someone else.

That’s not all for today folks. A little later on I will be publishing a guest post from Dyllan Munro – a new Arsenal blogger who’s kindly given me his views on our defensive situation. Keep an eye out for it.

Until then, the comments below are waiting for your opinions. For or against the deal, let me know.

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

40 thoughts on “£40m for Suarez with a £1 charge to let him know we’ve bid.”

  1. Your a knobhead,how’s that for a comment 😉 Henry has twitted ” What have they been smoking at the emirates ” basically tells use to F*CK OFF KN*BHEADS,where not like use.Selling are best players to other premier league clubs 😉

    1. What’s with the ridiculous spelling?

      I mean, how to come on and give people from Liverpool a good name! For info purposes, it’s not ‘use’ it’s ‘you’. ‘Use’ is a different word completely.

      For example, I ‘use’ this post to take the piss out of your understanding of the English language.

      Also, please remember that you sold Torres, Meireles AND Gerrard to Chelsea. Gerrard may have changed his mind at the last minute because of your low life fans making threats to his life, but the club had actually agreed to sell him. So I think you are a selling club 🙂

      Also, at some point you (not use) have to come to terms with the fact that you (not use) are currently not fighting in the same part of the league as the big four. Even Spurs are better than you (not use) these days…and Everton for that matter!

  2. I would never accept Suarez at AFC no matter how good he is, he was racist and there is no room for racism in any walk of life a disgusting human being who I could never support being at our great football club.

  3. Learn how to spell you moron. I think you need to get yourself back to school rather than concern yourself with things you have no ability to articulate.

  4. Can you suggest other strikers out there that are available and would hit the ground running that wenger can sign since you do not support the signing of Suarez and all his baggage?

      1. I agree with this, but I think Wenger likes players who can play anywhere across the front three and I think Higuain is deadly as the front man, but wouldn’t play so well wide.

        As we already have Giroud, I think Wenger wants to mix it up a bit.

        Also, if we ever need to revert to having 2 upfront, if we’re chasing a game Giroud/Suarez is probably a better combo that Giroud/Higuain.

        Of course a partnership between Higuain/Suarez would be even better, but let’s not get too carried away!

        1. This is the best reason I have seen so far for signing Suarez over Higuain.

          We are not going to sign either though because Higuain will be fed up with waiting for us and move to Napoli and once teams realize that Suarez will be sold the bidding frenzy will begin (which is exactly what Liverpool wants) and we will be prized out.

  5. First, let me say I am a Liverpool fan. Im not here to start a fight, but I wondered if you had considered the possibility that the offer for Suarez is merely a smokescreen?
    1. Wenger has never previously spent big, and I wonder if Arsenal expected the bid to be rejected and it was merely to give the impression that Arsenal have cash to spend. It could also be a conspiracy (tho less likely), to show Real Madrid that no such £40m clause exists and that if they want their man, they will have to cough up.
    2. Suarez has stated the English press as a major part of the reason he wants to leave. If Liverpool were to accept a bid, then Im pretty sure Man City & Chelsea would enter the race as well. Could/Would Arsenal really compete.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Andy.

      I don’t think Arsene would make a bid to keep up appearances with the fans. If we have made a bid, then there’s no reason for me to think it’s for any other reason than we want the player.

      Man City have already signed the strikers they want, and Chelsea are keener on Rooney.

  6. “undeniably a nasty piece of work ”

    I would say very deniably actually. He called Evra something akin to “you silly little black boy” when Evra was goading him with some absolutely disgusting things, saying what he was going to do to his sister.

    If Evra was white and Suarez called him a white piece of trash, would this have had anywhere near the same reaction? If we are honest with ourselves, the answer is no.

    The self righteous English love to mock and knock johnny foreigner to make themselves look good and, in my books, the public character assassination and mass self-denying outrage is the only racist thing that has transpired in this disgraceful and appalling mock outrage we have had to witness.

    As for his bite, it was a little peck and left absolutely no marks on him. How many times has someone like Fellaini deliberately elbowed people and nothing is mentioned. Given the choice what would you rather be on the receiving end of, an elbow to the face or a light bight that leaves no mark?

  7. Suarez for £40M is ridiculous – I wouldn’t want AFC to spend that much on this particular player – there are indeed others that wouldn’t command this inflated price and are at least comparable in footballing terms.
    How much of the new season has Suarez still got to sit out until his ban is over too?

  8. Despite him clearly being an arsehole, I’ve had enough of strikers that lack bite in front of goal (pun very much intended….). I’d take him over Higuain any day.

  9. why would suarez think of going to a team that win nothing,yes they have top four and thats it a couple of games in cl and fans that ripped him then change there mind there a joke.

    1. @Ken.

      You’re going to be very popular with that remark. Why would Suarez want to stay at a club that has even less potential to win anything, and can’t compete for the Champions League places?

  10. Thing is though Ken, if we had a couple more decent players, we have every chance of winning something. Liverpool are constantly flirting with mid-table obscurity these days so they aren’t exactly a dream club to be at.

  11. rocky, stop using other people’s pun, please

    Paul, very good analysis of the English mentality towards foreigners

    Luis, come here, son !

  12. Paul – I get where you are goming from, but you cannot possibly EVER defend a bite…. peck or no peck. Elbows are part and parcel of the game. your teeth should never come into the equation. It was a ridiculous thing to do, and he did it to try and hurt Ivanovic. That being said, however…. I would still love to see him playing for us.

  13. Sorry Karim…. Not ever on this site, so not aware of the copyrighted pun I used….. I will dissist immediately.

  14. No offence bro, it wasn’t mine anyway

    I’m just fed up with that one pun, think I saw it a million times already

  15. None taken mate, its ok! I guessed it would have been used before, but this is only the second time I have posted on here (generally only post on Highbury House) and not seen the pun yet!

  16. Generally post on Le Grove, but I love to have a general view as well, especially when Geoff and his fellow doomers are in charge…

    Good work Raul by the way

  17. Agreed Karim – Never posted on there but been on there for a read quite a few times. Can’t get on with it. Just the same diatribe every time.

    1. Not fair to Le Grove. Geoff is the one with the diatribe. Pedro is the one with the balanced views. I don’t blame Geoff either, he’s just had enough of being lied to every year. Some people take betrayal easier than others.

  18. For footballing reasons, Suarez is pure class. We would seriously challenge for the title with a player like that. I also think Wenger prefers him to Higuain because of his ability to play wide, and he’s less similar to Giroud. However, apart from the football, Suarez is a cunt. He’ll already miss 6 games, he may take all the attention away from the football, and could be detrimental to the dressing room. Wenger needs to look for another option I think.

  19. I would hate Saurez to join our great club. A disgrace is what he is. I would honestly like if we could sign Higuan, but that doesnt look like its going to happen. There just arent any qaulity strikers on the market at the moment. If there is one little player at Man U I would love to see at AFC it would be Hernandez, hes behind in the pecking order since the arrival of RVP, so why not try and tap a bit there.

    1. That would make Walcott blow a fuse.

      He wants to play as a striker and he and Podolski would probably play the position if the number one or two striker (if we do buy one more) are out.

      Bringing Hernandez in will tell him he’s not being looked at even as a backup striker anymore. I think part of the reason he signed his new contract was because he was promised he would be used as a striker.

      He can probably live with us signing a marquee striker but a backup is another issue.

  20. @James Raul and all those who say they don’t want Suarez because of “garbage”. You’re all daft c***s and very unreasonable. Which one amongst you is a saint? Twats! Youse are trying to play God when you also have your own faults and errors. Just because you are not in the limelight doesn’t make youse any better, infact y’all are probably worse than Suárez… Be logical and get rid of the sentiments! We NEED Suárez! It’s not rocket science to know that he got into all that trouble because of his passion for the game, and boy do Arsenal need such a player! Thats why he feels hated by the British media because where he comes from, such issues are minor and understood to have been done out of passion. Fuck the garbage talk and support Suárez’s coming… Good Lord, since when did gooners become so unreasonable and senseless…? SMH

    1. @tammy

      You’re right. I’m actually a lot worse than Suarez. Only yesterday I was gnawing on ethnic minorities in Tesco – afterwards I’d run around in circles gleefully slurring their race. Occasionally, I like to throw myself down the escalators there, too. I do a little role at the bottom in the hope if I fake injury enough, the management will offer an out-of-court settlement.

      I’m also a daft c**t, and unquestionably a tw*t. Thank the lord you came along, with all your fantastic wisdom, to show us the error of our ways. Most people might think you’re a gibbering moron, but not me – you’re a champion commenter, a sophisticated and sage-like individual, and I will never forget the day I was graced with your presence.

      Thank you.

    2. “such issues are minor ”

      Kicking someone because they are black is a minor issue?

      If I kicked you in the face because you are a woman, would that be considered a minor issue where you are from?

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