£40m Suarez, £25m Cesc and a whole lot of arguing.

Before the Police were called, Arsenal fans shared their varying thoughts on Luis Suarez…

Afternoon, folks.

Apologies for today’s lateness – my place is having extensive work done, and I was unable to enter the room in which my computer is situated. It’s just a room – not “chambers”, an “office” or a “study”. It’s a room at home with a iMac in it. Pretentiousness cast aside, that’s me…

Now that I’m able to access my command centre, there is quite a bit on the agenda to talk about today. As I’m sure you may have already guessed; the vast majority of what’s being so rabidly conversed are stories of the speculative nature.

When Arsenal sold Cesc Fabregas to Barcelona, a buy-back clause was part of the deal. For a fee reported to be £25m, Arsene Wenger has first refusal should our Catalonian friends wish to allow Cesc to leave.

That oh-so truthful paper The Daily Mail seems to believe we are plotting ourselves into a position to match that fee, and bring Fabregas back to his home – the one sorely lacking in DNA, mind you.

I’ve stated before that I’d welcome Cescy-pants back with open arms, an enormous hug and, perhaps, a little bit of awkward groping as the euphoria of it all gets the better of me. Some may – rightly or wrongly – consider his split from Arsenal as a touch on the acrimonious side, but I do not. He gave us 8 years of exceptional service, and his greatest moments remain untarnished in my recollection.

I do love the idea of him returning, but I am a realist; it’s no more than a pipe-dream, a fantasy constructed by journalists and romantic fans. He doesn’t want to leave Barcelona, and with Alcantara looking set to move to Bayern, they’d be utterly mad to allow another exceptional talent a move away given the respective ages of Xavi and Iniesta.  You can never be 100% certain of anything in life, but I’d say it’s pretty safe to assume there will be no emotional return.

Elsewhere, the Higuain deal is flirting dangerously with drawing to a halt, and Arsenal are said to be looking at an improved bid for Luis Suarez. Depending on which outlet you read, that figure can range between £35m and £50m.

The concept of Suarez at Arsenal, frolicking about the hallowed Emirates turf in gleeful racist abandon has split our fans down the middle. Some are furious that the Club appears to even have considered bringing such an abhorrent character in. Others are putting their forgiving hats on and saying we should concern ourselves only with the footballing attributes of the player.

I’m not one to park my opinions firmly in either camp. Opinion change, situations change, and we’re all human beings; we’re all a little bit full of shit. That said, as good as he is – and he is exceptional – I think clearer heads must prevail.

Bringing in a player on such a high fee is unprecedented for Arsenal. Suarez has too much baggage, and with a 6 game domestic ban still to serve, not to mention his bitey antics when he feels it’s time to move on, the ends simply don’t justify the means.

But, hey – what do I know? I’m just an idiot in Bristol sat behind a keyboard giving you his opinion. If Arsene Wenger genuinely feels his addition would greatly benefit the club, I’d support it. I don’t think I’d be at all comfortable with the idea, but my faith in those that know considerably more than I would remain.

That’s all for today, folks. What are your views on the two stories? Do you hold hope of a Fabregas return? Does the Suarez rumour have you arguing bloody murder with fans of the same allegiance? Let me know some of your thoughts on the comments.

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

28 thoughts on “£40m Suarez, £25m Cesc and a whole lot of arguing.”

      1. I agree wozza, he aint worth 25m, he is worth at least £50m.

        In fact, if Bale is worth £80m, Suarez must be worth around £100m.

  1. I heard late last night Higuain is a done deal, 4 years, £23.5m
    My source is good but surprised no press have announced it
    I double checked, and was told Gazidis sealed it last night 100%

  2. As sad as it is, I’d be overjoyed with Rooney or Suarez.
    That said, I hate them both with a passion.
    I think it shows just how far we have fallen; how desperate we are for success, that we’d be happy with POS like those two wearing the badge.

    Is this what we have come to? I remember when our players became one of us, heroes and role-models to the young ‘uns.

    We have become used to (if not comfortable with), the mercenary natures of players, but are we in danger of becoming mercenary in nature as fans?
    In our desire for silverware, are we becoming accepting of having anyone who can do a job represent us, no matter how deplorable as human beings they may be?

    1. Utter rubbish! being linked with the same players being chased by madrid is no sign of decline it’s a statement of intent, are you not the same people who mourned at the lack of ambition just last season? be reasonable!!

  3. I agree on the possibility of cesc returning to ashgrove. Although, if he does return, to me, he is a completely new player. He has to prove himself before he can get my support again. The moment a player leaves arsenal, he is no one, to me at least. Start from zero.

    as for suarez, in the name of herbert chapman’s fat arse, give me £40m and i can assure you even my dog can bring in someone far better, technically, than edward “suarez” cullen. Lewandowski? Fred? Dzeko? Aguero? Soldado?

    1. None of those guys are better than Suarez. If you don’t know that you don’t know football.

      Having said that I don’t want the biting racist in an Arsenal shirt. I hope we get our man Higuain or even Jovetic and we must sign Fellani.

  4. All i really look forward to is the Higuain, Rooney and Fellainy deals. But, as for the “Rat atule” man, wishful thinking than rubbish.

  5. The waiting list for season tickets will get a lot shorter very quickly if we allow filth like Suarez to wear the Arsenal shirt. I for one would end a 42 year love affair with Arsenal should that happen. I suspect I’d not be the only one.

    1. You won’t be signing Suarez anyway, but, if he did, then you will still be getting a season ticket and you’ll be loving every minute of it.

      Well, if you even have a season ticket, that is!

  6. Can wenger buy single player wit dat huge amount, wenger dat can not buy williams, Fellaini, Rooney nd oders just bcs of high cost will nw buy Suares of E40m. Arsenal will remain trophiless until wenger is sacked bcs his football philosophy has faded, he is not a good coach, Mourinho is waitin for him to disgrace him.

  7. I would not be surprised if we haven’t signed anyone by the beginning of the new season. And does anyone know if this so called £70 mil is just for transfer fee or is it for wages as well?

  8. Disclaimer:Liverpool fan.

    Suarez is a good guy. He’s not the smartest pea in the pod but he plays with passion and is supremely gifted as a footballer. Hes not a racist. He rarely dives and he is a genuinely nice guy. He’s actually a really likeable guy if you give him a chance and he will improve your team if you get him.

    If you think he is some awful cheat that will do anything to gain an advantage-go watch any Copa Libertadores match and you will see the type of game he was brought up playing. It’s a little wild, they get in the refs face and they embellish a bit but they play with passion rarely seen in the Premier League. Suarez has shed a major portion of these attributes from his game but the passion remains.

    Not much I can say about the bite…a moment of madness after he gave up a penalty. He certainly didn’t do it to engineer a move away. He was about to win the golden boot if he had played the last 4 games of the season…and possibly one of the player of the year awards. He was clearly distraught afterwards. It was a moment from his past bubbling to the surface.

    All this being said I don’t seriously think Arsenal will buy Suarez for 3 times your record signing but I guess stranger things have happened. I still think he goes to Madrid and Higuain to Arsenal..

    Good luck.

  9. “The concept of Suarez at Arsenal, frolicking about the hallowed Emirates turf in gleeful racist abandon has split our fans down the middle.”


  10. If we don’t sign any big names we aren’t going to make the champions league. The spuds are already snapping at our heels, and they’ve already strengthened. We were told that being in the CL would make us more attractive to big names. So why are they going to the spuds at knockdown prices?

  11. Anyone thinking that Suarez blaming the English media is an excuse to just to leave is simply put, a jackass.


    An excerpt from this article sums up Suarez’s claim perfectly:

    “On 15th October 2011…Hours later, Liverpool’s Uruguayan striker, Luis Suarez, was accused of using racist language towards United’s Patrice Evra…Little over a month later, Suarez was charged by the FA for racist conduct.”

    “Despite the fact that Terry’s incident only took place 8 days after Luis Suarez’s, the Englishman did not need to face up to his charge in 2011. In fact, the hearing was postponed until the end of the Euro’s, so Terry could go and represent his country in some football matches, which clearly takes priority over a criminal charge.”

    Remember also that Suarez was accused, charged, and convicted all over the testimony of Patrice Evra. John Terry was caught on video.

    As a fan of Arsenal, I would piss laughter and crap happiness if Luis Suarez came to the Grove. As a fellow Hispanic, I hope he gets the hell out of England and goes to Spain.

  12. Suarez wouldn’t score a goal against Spuds in North London Derby simply due to the fact he wouldn’t be able to play the first one at the Emirates (and he would probably bite someone for being too black before March which would be an incident Arsene Wenger didn’t see). It’s simple – Suarez is a racist cunt and I don’t want our club – the one that has Thierry Henry, a victim of racist attacks while wearing our shirt, as the best player of all times.

    Cesc won’t come back and we won’t sign Higuain since Ancelotti wants to keep him. Prepare for matches in which Olivier Giroud will be unavailable to play with Nicklas Bendtner in starting line-up and Marouane Chamakh as his substitution that will finish off our opponents.

  13. Luiz Suarez is a very best player.Personality doesn’t matter because we are created very differenty.Stop concentrating on his characters and think if it is possible that Arsenal can actually afford him because Arsenal is just a money making club and management doesn’t care about winning trophies.I am very frustrated coz Wenger usually talk of several big players but he signed fake one like Oliver Giroud.We need a swift striker like Suarez or Higuain.

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