5 crucially important things I learned over the weekend.

Rival fans sent a message to the Spurs board before they thought about sacking AVB.

Morning all.

It’s bloody cold. Here in glorious Bristol, the weather has taken a turn for the brisk and chilly. My humble abode is an old town house that doesn’t have double glazing. Should the wind strike my lovely home at the correct angle, it’s like residing in Superman’s fortress of solitude.


Even Big Ted is complaining, and he’s usually well insulated by his dungarees. Big Ted is my bear, in case you’re wondering. Yes – I’m a grown man. Yes – I still have my teddy bear from birth. Deal with it.

There’s not much Arsenal to discuss today. Such is the nature of Monday morning, most of the news regarding tomorrow’s game with Marseille will emerge later in the day once this post has aired. I’ll cover all of that jive on the day’s post, but until then I figured I should come up with something. I’ve a little spare time before attending to further writing chores, so I’ll do a little list. Here’s 5 things I learned over the weekend:

1 – It’s hilarious when Tottenham get spanked. Dropping in excess of £100m on new players doesn’t bring you succeess. By all accounts, it barley brings you a goal from open play these days.

2 – Wes Brown’s sending off highlights just how much the game needs to look at helping the referees. Some of their mistakes are down to incompetence and apparent blindness, that I don’t deny. However, with the game played at such a frightening speed, could any of us claim to see all the things they miss in real time? It’s easy to criticise behind a plethora of slow-motions replays. Officiating a Premiership fixture is certainly not something I’d want to do.

3 – As an attacking force, Arsenal can perform far greater than they currently are. This is not a complaint, it is not pessimism. It’s excitement. When our forwards hit 5th gear things are going to get really interesting.

4 – This is the best Twitter background I’ve ever seen. (Thanks to Christian @CSJDKK1)

 5 – Arsenal are top of the league. Granted, that isn’t exactly something I’ve discovered over the weekend, but it’s certainly worth a mention. There is a long way to go in the Premiership campaign. We should enjoy it for as long as it lasts. Season’s are filled with remarkable moments and those occasions of blinding frustration. The reason I don’t dissect each and every moment when I blog is becuase I see doing so as silly. React accordingly; be happy, be miserable, be upset. Go through the emotions and move on. There’s little or no point dwelling on anything. People will tell you to be rational, to engage brain before emotion. Don’t. Doing so takes away the best part of being a fan; getting emotionally involved.

That’s al for today, folks. Not really sure what I’m talking about today – if anything – but I’ll leave it open to your interpretation. Perhaps you can make some sense of it…

Drop me a comment, tell me a story, engage with others. That’s what this blog is all about. Well… that and an avenue in which I can talk nonsense without any fear of being edited.

As always: thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

10 thoughts on “5 crucially important things I learned over the weekend.”

  1. I’ve also been considering point 3. At some point it’s all going to click and someone is going to get a real hiding. Soon would be nice, but March 15th would be worth waiting for.

    (As an owner of an old house, I can recommend secondary double glazing as a cost effective solution. I know this tip is not much good in November, but you can get a real bargain if you buy in June)

  2. I never leave comments, but this is just so you know I was here. What you say about emotion is great – and very true. I love it! Thank you James

  3. All over the world referees make mistakes, but what we are witnessing in the EPL is more than ‘human error’. FIFA must know that EPL referees are worse than Nigerian referees. I don’t wanna see them in Brazil next year.

  4. Arsenal’s potential midfield is: Flamini Arteta WIlshere Ramsey Diaby Rosisky Ozil Cazorla Podolski Walcott Oxlade-Chamberlain. That’s 11 senior players competing for 5 positions. That leaves absolutely no room for players like Gnabry and Ryo, or youngsters like Hayden, Zelalem and Eisfield. I think it’s fair to say that with everybody fit, arsenal have the best midfield in the premier league? It’s a shame we’re put of the capital one cup, that would provide Wenger a good opportunity to rotate.

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