£500k-per-week Alexis And The World Has Gone Mad…

“How much?!”

Morning, folks.

Christmas is mayhem. If you’re a Chef or anyone who works within the hospilatity sector you’ll know only too well how much validity that statement carries.

Let me paint a picture for you. Currently I’m sat at my desk having completed a 15 hour shift. During those long, interminable hours we served food to somewhere in the region of 200 people. I ache from head to toe and I’m carrying a hint of delrium – that sleep deprived state in which almost everything is either hilarious to the point of incapacitating laughter or so irritating that you fear today may just be the day you finally snap and lay waste to an entire room full of customers.

And reading that, you may think this is a complaint. Far from it. I love what I do, and the madness that circles it only serves to enable that love further. It is a gloriously fickle and unpredictable profession; stressful, infuriating, rewarding, all-encompassing, but never, ever dull.

Oddly enough, all of what I have written above has relevance to today’s entry (I’m writing the night before and scheduling the post for this morning, to avoid confusion) as it brings me towards the subject of money and career. As you might have heard, there are a few silly reports going around Manuel Pellegrini is looking to smash pretty much every record regarding salary to take Alexis Sanchez to China – a league where I can’t imagine any professional footballer in his prime years with goals and ambitions would want to play.

China has no allure in terms of prestige and potential accomplishment. It has only money as a means of enticing players, but has that in abundance. Should Alexis wish to pack his bags and head across the globe, he’d be looking at his monthly salary tripling quite comfortably. £500k-per-week is insane money. Crazy. Ludicrous. Bonkers. But, honestly, bloody hard to turn down.

Think about it for a second. Think about the job you do and ask yourself if you’d take another job elsewhere that wouldn’t be anywhere near as hard, but would pay you 3 times what you currently earn. The only downside being it would, in all honesty, be a huge step down in terms of your career. An almost laughable one, in fact. Would you be tempted to do it?

I thought about that myself in terms of my own career. I do okay for myself without ever having to worry about anything spectacular. So, would I accept 3 times my current salary to take a huge step backwards? I honestly find that very tough to answer. I like the position I’m in now where the responsibilities lie with me. It has rewards beyond simply the financial, but pressures that accompany such things also. To step backwards from that does not appeal in the slightest to me, but tripling my salary would certainly open up many more avenues in terms of my personal life.

I guess the answer comes down to what is important to you most of all. For me it’s happiness and a sense of purpose. No amount of money can give you that. And that, my friends, is pretty much the reason I have in my mind why Alexis wouldn’t leave for China whilst in his prime years. Our Chilean friend wants to win things. There are plenty of doom merchants who’ll say he won’t accomplish that at Arsenal, but he’s a great deal more of a chance winning something of note here than he does in China. £500-per-week can buy you pretty much everything you want. But not prestige and success.

That’s all for today, folks. More work beckons for yours truly, so I’m off. I shall endeavour to return soon to discuss the City game on Sunday. Until that time, drop a comment below and, as always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

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