A debate on potential new strikers and Wenger’s new contract.

Evening folks

Here, for your listening pleasure. is the latest edition of the Goonersphere Podcast. It’s hosted by  Daniel Cowan of northlondonisred.co.uk and me, and this week we are fortunate enough to have these delicious creatures joining us to pervert the airwaves:

Amanda (@GoonerGirl1969) – Gooner Girls Podcast
Eva (@EvaMcL3)

Up for discussion is strikers, transfers, Wenger’s contract, Marshmallows & sisters plus usual features “Listeners Questions”, “Goonersphere Shoutout” and “Goonersphere Prick of the Week”.

This podcast is explicit in nature and is probably not suitable for children, unless you are a really bad parent or a really cool one depending how you look at it.


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