A New Contract And Two More Years With Arsene Wenger.

Morning, folks.

So, there’s a few stories stating Arsene will sign a new deal and stay a further two years… Whether or not there’s an legitimacy to these claims remains to be seen. Most reports have emerged from so-called “lesser sources” – meaning not the usual tabloid rags and larger websites.

As far as divisive stories go, this is just about the pinnacle as far as Arsenal fans are concerned. In fact, you could describe it as a civil war. Although, that would be something of a insult to the litany of civil wars dotted throughout history where people lost their lives in battle, not a bunch of idiots swearing at each other on Twitter. Whatever conglomeration of language you choose to describe the story, it’s going to split our wonderful fanbase straight down the middle and the result won’t be pretty.

We live in a digital age where patience died a long time ago. Immediacy and outrage rule the roost these days. Anyone with an internet connection can have an opinion and bumbling morons the world over would rather film themselves at a game being ‘passionate’ than they would  f*cking enjoy it. Any rational opinion regarding Arsene Wenger will be lost in an impenetrable sea of attention seekers and the emotionally unstable.

But, whatever your stance with the man is; it is a pertinent topic. Do I want another 2 years of Arsene Wenger? To be perfectly frank, No.

And the sole reason is I believe it’s time Arsenal tried something new. I love Arsene. There isn’t a man who’s done more for the club than he has. His status as a legend, a pioneer was secured long ago and anyone who thinks otherwise is allowing their judgement to be clouded. You need only compare the Arsenal of today to its counterpart of 20 years ago to see what a difference he has made.

Arsene came out of nowhere when the club signed him. An unknown, a wildcard, a shot in the dark. He came to Arsenal with new methods, bright ideas and he implemented change across almost every footballing avenue available to him. He made waves, he bought us success and the moniker of “boring, boring Arsenal” seems utterly ridiculous these says – as a matter of fact, I’d forgotten it even existed until typing this. He gave us an unbeaten season and some of the best football I’ve had the pleasure to watch. He was an innovator in those days, but somewhere along the line, he seems to have lost that. Maybe football has changed and he just didn’t want to change with it.

And that’s my reason for hoping he steps aside. Because I believe the Club needs a new approach, a new voice and a new perspective. I feel almost grubby and disloyal writing that I’d want Arsene to leave. Nothing would give me greater pleasure than his last season brings with it the League title or Champions League glory. Granted, neither of which would seem particularly likely at present, but Arsene Wenger deserves to go out in the brightest blaze of glory ever witnessed by man. His exit from Arsenal should be like the ending of Terminator 2 where a simple thumbs up reduces grown men to tears.

I’ll leave it at that for today, folks. Doubtless to say, many of you will have opinions of this this matter. Let me know your thoughts in the comments, both for and against. Try not to get too irate about it… After all, someone not agreeing with your opinion is hardly worth getting worked up about in the greater scheme of things.

I’ll be back to preview the weekend’s footballing delights. Until that time, and as always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

4 thoughts on “A New Contract And Two More Years With Arsene Wenger.”

  1. I love Arsene and I’m one of the few who will never say anything bad about him. I have no problem with him stepping aside but my only fear is what happens next? Who comes in? Looking at Liverpool and Man Utd and what they’ve had to go through after loosing top managers, I don’t want to see that happen to my beloved Arsenal. And to be sincere, when I look around I can’t see any availabile manager capable of filling Arsene’s shoes. He’s going to leave one day but in my opinion, now isn’t the time

  2. It is time for Wenger to go.He still plays the same style as always and can’t adapt to change.Look at Conte at Chelsea,he saw he had a problem and with the same players changed the formation and been unbeaten for 12 matches and is the one to beat this season.
    The other problem is we will still have the same Chief Executive and Board who are only interested in making money,football success is secondary.
    Let’s do it now.

  3. Agree with Christian, I have huge respect for AW and won’t stoop to the disgusting comments about him. His legacy and future foundations for our club can barely be quantified. However, I do feel that his ideas have become a little stilted – mainly to do with his age, and therefore subscribe to the new manager ideas. Someone younger and hungrier, with fresh ideas and a swagger of arrogance. AW has built a superb squad this time round, I just feel that a new man would have that little bit extra.

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