Aaron Ramsey to get a new contract, Gervinho, and more apocalyptic fallout.

The boss got wind of Gervinho’s decision to open a Twitter account.

Morning folks.

If there is one conglomeration of language I’d imagine capable of sending keyboard warriors into complete meltdown, those words would be, “Aaron Ramsey signs new 5-year contract at Arsenal”. In an exclusive posted on Arseblog News, it would appear that very thing is likely to happen. Along with Jack Wilshere (I doubt there will be many complaints), Aaron is set to commit his long term future to Arsenal.

Cue mayhem. Cue a Twitter explosion of fury. Cue the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Cue a plethora of idiotic remarks from the kind of dickheads you’d expect to create a forum like this.

I’ve always been one of the few who still believes in Aaron Ramsey. Along with Gervinho and Chamakh, he is singled out as the reason for all our failings, where the poor displays of popular players like Thomas Vermaelen seems to go unmentioned. I can’t put forward a case to defend his form in recent months, as, at times, he has been appalling. But what I can’t abide is the bullshit that surrounds every mistake he makes – something that’s taken way too far. Creating stats to show how Arsenal can’t win with him in the team is beyond stupid. Does anyone really think one player alone can be blamed for the collective performance of a team?

The kid has talent. We all saw it before his injury, and we all missed it when we were creating banners and getting behind the “Do it for Aaron” mantra. These days, some folks would have you believe he’s responsible for everything bad. It’s just fucking ridiculous.

With no game until Monday, the past couple of post-Bradford days have not been pretty. Arsenal are the subject on which everyone has an opinion, and everyone knows best. Some folks have made sensible arguments, others – yes, Stewart Robson, I mean you – have put forward opinions so stupid and laced with bitterness that I’ve felt the urge to punch through whatever broadcasting device they’re appearing on.

Things are bad. Things are so abject that the thought of losing a man responsible for creating our finest hours is no longer unthinkable, but a distinct possibility. I’ll leave you today with a question: If Arsene was to step down, who would you replace him with?

Think seriously about your answers. Could Pep Guardiola work with the same constraints? Who could we realistically get to take charge? Do you truly believe there is anyone more dedicated to Arsenal than Le Prof? Change always appears the easiest fix when the chips are down. Often that is not the case. As the saying goes, “Be careful what you wish for. You might just get it”.

I look forward to hearing you views in the comments.

Thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

21 thoughts on “Aaron Ramsey to get a new contract, Gervinho, and more apocalyptic fallout.”

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  2. Noooooooooo! Focus should be on Walcott? I’m getting tired of the BS surrounding the AFC just want to enjoy the football(soccer)! Oh back to AR we have plenty of reserves that are 5x better Eisfield,Aneke and Gnabry. Love to see Ramsey sent on loan to prove himself? ACG what strikers would like to see the club pursue? Peace

  3. It is a great question and I would to know who could do better under the same constraints as Wenger? Pep, dunno. I have my doubts but Ramsey has been playing in a position he simply can’t play. Realistically, IMHO I think we still need an out and out defensive mid, Arteta puts forth effort and talent, but another played out of position. Either time or a heart attack will tell.

  4. Ramzi is a good player BUT he has to learn to play the arsenal way, he keeps the ball too long and selfish in the box. So he is very frustrating and he never recognised this problem eventhough he is been told about it. what he doesnt know that he will be a much better player if he accepted them and worked on fixing his shortcomings. keep the ball too long and losing that momentum is so annoying & to be more of a team player and less selfish infront of the goal. if he doesnt do it then he wont make it at arsenal.
    Gervinho is the worst player, i think even Chamack is better, i always felt that Gervinho is not good enough because he doesnt add value to the team and he can make the team worse, so he should not play at all, i thought against Bradford he will shine against League 2 team but he still struggled. he just runs with no final product and doesnt defent and doesnt assist, he is a waste of space, if i was the owner i will sell him and if no one wants him sell him for free,

  5. Can’t belive Ramsey has a new 5 year contract he is the worst player at arsenal! That’s why we don’t win cups with players like him R.I.P arsenal fc

    1. quick to forget!!!! though Ramsey had some bad performance of late but has also score some remarkable goals for arsenal against man united, Marseille f.c. montepillar etc just to mention a few. i think he need a break.

  6. they should sell or loan ramsey, he’s very slow and renewing his contract is bullshit he still didnt prove himself yet and ppl say its because of his injury well that was 3 years ago, get over it he sucks not arsenal material, Walcott is the main focus i think he’s in his prime and if is placed as a striker i believe he can get more than 20 goals per season and yet wenger plays gervinho as a striker instead of walcott and podolski. gervinho must be sold i dont see what wenger sees in him, he selfish and blind, finishing is poor, passing awful and wenger he is not the next thierry henry, there will always be 1 and only 1 thierry henry in the world.

  7. Load of nonsense. It’s this Who would we replace him with bullshit that’s holding us back. We’ve won nothing for 8 years. The guys paid 7.5 million a year, trust me we will have no problems finding a replacement for that budget. I’d take David Moyes in a blink of the eye, at least he would instill some passion and organisation, the current team excudes zero positive qualities. Fearing change is the biggest mistake.

  8. What does wenger see in gerviniho?? How is he even a premier league player?? I would much rather play on the youngsters like eisfied than Ramsey, he’s young, full of flair and a threat infront of goal! Ramsey never looks confident and lacks alot of pace which this team used to rely on! Wenger should be focusing on walcotts signature than ramseys!

  9. A team who fields poor or average players will always struggle to win a match. There too many poor players @ AFC now. Send Ramsy on loan, sell Gerv sell Chamakh. Peace

  10. I’m a AW fans, always believe in Arsene, in Arsene I trust, but after saw the performance againt bradford, with all respect sir Arsene, i think you can’t lift the mood of the squad anymore, really, please move as Director of Football at arsenal, and we could try to search your replacement, i know there is only few genius that can match your geniuses, but we can try to search… 🙂

  11. The question at this point shouldn’t be who can do better than Arsene but can anyone do significantly worse. Arsenal haven’t won anything since 2005 and the first half of this season has been the worst for about 20 years. I don’t care about coming 4th when the squad isn’t good enough to win a European trophy and isn’t spending the revenue on improving the squad. Arsene definitely doesn’t know best. Martin O’Neil was also an excellent manager once, I wouldn’t want him managing Arsenal now though. Every dog has his day and when his days are long gone he should retire gracefully.

  12. Wenger is surely committed to arsenal but he isn’t able to deliver. We are trying to BUILD A TEAM for more than 5 years and we are getting worse year by year. I’m surprised Le Prof cannot see the blunders of Gervinho. The guy is not capable of a single good dribble or a pass in the attacking third. He misses millions of chances every game. We must surely forget to win a trophy if guys like Gervinho and Santos are part of the squad. Wenger is not even able to get rid off Squillaci, Djouru, Chamakh etc. That’s where he is damaging the club. And there are managers who have built teams with minimum amount of money. David Moyes and Jurgen Klopp are examples. Change is not always a solution, but sticking to a same plan even after failure of years is foolishness.

  13. what an idiotic article. Constraints? as a fan should you worry about that or should you worry about the Titles, the trophies. I Bet it is Stan Kroenke who is writing this article. What an idiot…. Change is what is needed, Wenger clearly does not have a plan B, and done get me started on the players – gervinho, santos, ramsey, djourou, squillaci, chamakh, denilson, diably …… Doesnt this say it all? Yes Wenger had his time, now its gone, he does not have the technique to comete in the premier league, SAF…. Arguement ends. 26 years…. never below 2nd in Premier League, 2 uefa and many more….. When is that gonna happen?? Tell me … Ohh wait answer to that is the Cash there is in the bank….

  14. quite frankly ramsey might be getting to much stick but still doesnt excuse the fact that he’s played bullshit this season but i wouldnt say its fully he’s fault, wenger is training him to be a right winger when he’s much suited for a middle position so wenger should play him there; i will not go easy on gervinho though; for a winger he’s a poor excues more so a striker, wenger shld forget transforming him into a striker, he can never be henry or rvp; podolski….i had hopes that he would break out for arsenal this season but most times he’s just ball watching its disappointing but i’ll cut him some slack being his first season in epl and all, verm is just the worst; these days i prefer seeing kos and per in centre back, he’s lost the spark he had when he came in and he needs to regain it asap especially now that he’s our captain. Arteta is played out of position; we need to change our formation and walcott must be resigned asap.
    my solutions: formation 4-4-2 or 4-1-3-2
    offload: chamahk, squillaci,gervinho, ashavin and djourou (for his careers sake)
    loan: oxlade, ramsey and coquelin
    bring back: denilson
    bring in: begovic (competition for szszney), yann m’vila, james rodriguez for the left wing, yanga mbiwa, willian for the right wing and cavani (by far the most important signing)
    with this team we will be able to recover from our trophy drought and get back to winning ways. i certainly believe that eisfeld, gnabry and meade are the future arsenal but they shldnt be rushed.

  15. I am so disappointed in your post. AW came to AFC as a green. He managed a french club without much success and went to Japan before coming to England. We have been champions (England & Europe)before his arrival and Arsenal have made the name long long before.

    So you don’t need to ask who will take over from him. I was a big fan of AW and his achievements but that shouldn’t be the end. When a man has opportunities to surpass his achievements and refuses to take it, then he is considered a failure.

    He is allowing under-achievers drag him down and his achievements. I don’t wish him to leave but he should change his stubborn attitude and policies towards running of Arsenal and giving the FANS heart aches and the BOARD money to share regularly.

  16. At some point, Wenger should keep his job just because he is the one that created this mess at the first place. He plays Ramsey, Gervinho and Podolski out of position, he failed to bring proper defensive midfielder that strikes fear into opponents (I mean like physical fear that only strong 1,90 m tall guy with an image of ex-convict may cause) and he failed to sign a world-class striker to replace Van Piece Of Shit.

    Guardiola is usually mentioned but I would like to see him at Arsenal because he did something that this Arsenal could use a lot. He made Barcelona players think and that is something he has usually pointed out. I think our players rarely think on the field (that would oppose Gervinho’s headless-chicken-routine). Pep made changes that made Barcelona strong again (let’s not forget Barcelona didn’t exactly dominate in neither Europe nor Spain before Guardiola due to Ronaldinho’s decline) though his main idea was Messi-centric. For instance, he sold Brazilian clan Ronaldinho, Deco and Edmilson in order to keep Messi’s head clean. He did the same thing with Ibrahimovi?.

  17. Totally agree with your comment about Stewart Robson the guy is a complete twat he has nothing constructive to say about the team or AW he wasn’t a particularly good player and its not like his opinions are respected but the gutter media like Talk-Sport seem to give him plenty of airtime the moment the team have a bad result, you never hear the Tosser when we have a good result

    With regards to replacing AW, i personally think thats the last thing we should do, not yet anyway we have to give him at least until the end of season and see where we finish

    We finish out of the top 4 and i think it could be time for him to move on but our next 4 games are very winnable we got 12 points from them and everything changes and a top 4 finish is back on

    So at the moment i am still in the “Arsene We Trust” Camp because i just cant see an other manager working for a club that has a board which puts such financial restraints within the job description and can still get results

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