Abou Diaby: the less-than-indestrucible man and Guess the Stadium!

A sight we may never see again.

Morning, folks.

Through absolutely no fault of his own, Abou Diaby hasn’t featured for Arsenal this season. I  know some like to brand him a “sponger”, or use him as an example of how cash could be better assigned. Me, I just feel sorry for the guy. He has all the talent you could wish for; tall, athletic, two-footed, technically sound, vision and speed. Often I ponder how good he could have been had he not encountered this cretin on that fateful day in Sunderland.

Yet, things have gone from bad to worse for him with injuries. Since that day, the ailments have mounted up and he’s never been able to sustain fitness for long enough to cement a place in the starting line-up. The reason I bring this topic up is due to a wealth of rumours on Twitter yesterday stating Abou is set to be ruled out for the rest of this season.

That means he’ll miss an entire season – more when you consider he hasn’t played a competitive match since March of 2013. The question; what is the correct course of action Arsene should take? Well, I don’t think there is one that should be labelled such. I can absolutely agree with folks who think there must come a point in Diaby’s career when all parties consider whether or not it is worth continuing.  It would be a terrible shame to see such a gifted footballer lose a career brimming with promise when there is still a shred of hope on the horizon. As things stand, it doesn’t appear to be panning out well for him. Almost every year I find myself blogging about giving him one more chance because I believe his potential is worth that.

However, I do feel an element of admiration for Arsene refusing to give up on him. Even if certain players have shown him no loyalty in similar siuations **cough cough, Robin van Persie**  our manger appears to wish to give Diaby every chance possible to break through his troubles and have access to the best medical treatment. Call that naive or foolhardy if you will, I prefer to see it as a good thing.

For Abou Diaby, the up-coming summer months could really be the end of his footballing career. There’s a possibilty Arsenal might see the £50k-per-week he’s allegedly salaried as a waste and decide to cut their losses. From a purely business perspective, I wouldn’t blame anyone at the Club if they made that call. I hope he can prove them, and the thousands of others, wrong and eventually contribute significantly at Arsenal.

In other news, yesterday I criminally overlooked the outrage caused by our FA Cup fixture with Coventry being switched to a Friday evening kick-off. From a traditional point of view, playing a Cup match at that time on that day is utterly stupid. It’s purely a move made by BT Sport to enhance viewing figures with little or no thought for the fans wishing to travel to the game. I could go on, but the whole sorry situation has been covered far better than I could by Andrew on Arseblog. I suggest you have a read of that if you haven’t already.

Lastly today, I wanted to share this game with you. It’s called ‘Guess The Stadium’, and it’s a very good way to test your knowledge of grounds not just in England, but across Europe. Have a go. It’s a lot trickier than you think.

Click here to have a go.

That’s all for today, folks. Why not post your scores in the comments and drop me a line with your thoughts for the day. I look forward to having a read of a few. I shall return with more tomorrow. Until then, and as always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

6 thoughts on “Abou Diaby: the less-than-indestrucible man and Guess the Stadium!”

  1. I personally think after his next rehabilitation he leaves the France squad well alone, at least for the foreseeable future anyway. Every time in the last 2 seasons he comes back from injury he gets picked for the French national side immediately and comes back with a knock which leads to a more seriousness injury. The simple reason being that his body simply cannot play more than once a week let alone potentially 5 times in 2 weeks on international breaks.

    For his sake he has to say no, let arsenal decide on how many games he plays and for how long. Use him once every seven days or more, with the champions league in mind. Only then his body can become accustomed to prelonged physical activity again.

    Take this example if you want to build muscle and not do serious damage, you build the weight slowly over a set period of time. if you can only lift 90k you don’t try to lift 200k to get quicker results.

    Abu learn your lessons mate your body’s talking to you and your not listening start now before it’s too late. What a shame it would be to lose this talent when so many donkeys are still plying there trade.

  2. its not for viewing purpose, because at that time it will be early morning/midnight in most of SE asia, which would be the market they try to cater to TV wise. If its for local viewing inside the UK , i think the timeslot wouldve been 5:30 kick off. Now everyone gets screwed because of BT sport.

  3. Considering the Home kit and Diaby playing… I’ll say its either The Emirates or maybe Anfield where Abou was too hot to handle for the Liverpool mids…

  4. Could someone please remind if Diaby did anything good for us when he played. I can only remember the headed own goal under no pressure which handed the Mancs a 2-1 win over us and his below than average performances. Guy used to dribble pass the odd player then stuff up the final pass.

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