Alex Iwobi Is The Devil Incarnate…

Morning, folks.

Before we get into things to today, it’s worth me making something absolutely clear… The title is a joke. I don’t consider Alex Iwobi to actually be the devil incarnate, nor even a little bit satanic. I doubt he sits at home around a stone mural worshipping the desolate one. I’m just joking – it’s a purposely hyperbolic headline meant to mock the manner in which his late-night antics have been blown out of proportion. I know some of you can be Touchy McTouchypants from Touchyville Arizona, but it’s really not meant to be taken as serious. Not even a little bit. I’m just kidding. Not serious at all. Joke. 

Moving on...

By now, you’ll have heard about an article in which The Sun comments upon Iwobi going out for the night 48 hours before the game and proceeds to twist it into a story that sounds like Iwobi is dancing around a pile of heroin 4 hours before the defeat at Forest kicked-off. I’m not going to link to the story because I won’t be responsible for that sickening trash-rag receiving a single hit on account of this site.

But I will give you the general gist of the headline, which is was this:

Arsenal forward Iwobi frolics across the room at drug-fuelled party HOURS before FA Cup exist to Forest

For starters, he was in Nottingham the night before the game in the team’s hotel – the party took place 48 hours before kick off in London. The article goes on to claim partygoers were doing laughing gas and smoking weed, but has absolutely no evidence to suggest Iwobi did any of that, or anyone else who was there for that matter – they claim a “source” could “smell weed” but that just paper-code for bullish*t. It truly is a terrible piece written by two weak-minded little hatchet merchants with no means of getting readers/clicks other than to cast aspersion upon others. The Sun is a despicable publication known for it’s inflammatory, fabricated drivel.

Arsene Wenger answered a few questions on the subject yesterday:

“If that is true he will be fined. It is impossible to go out 48 hours before the game, and it’s unacceptable.

I will, of course, have to see him to see if that is right or not.”

During the interview, someone did suggest that Iwobi was out a 3am on the same day as the game, to which Arsene replied:

“It was not the night before the game, it was 48 hours before the game.

The night before we were in a hotel, but it’s not acceptable and I will have to speak to him about that.

First of all you have to be cautious with all the news always coming out. When you read what is reported it is like he has taken drugs.

He is not involved in that at all, he has been out at a birthday party. How long has he stayed? That is very important, after I will decide what happens”

That is the correct stance. If its is true, then Iwobi should be fined and kept away from the 1st team for a while. But it’s also worth remembering he’s still just a kid and what he actually did most likely wasn’t anywhere near as bad as that which was printed. I’d trust that the Club will make the correct choice. There’s enough bad blood and vitriol at the moment. There’s no need to allow this to go any further.

Elsewhere, nothing much is happening. Arsenal have been linked to a few players I’ve never heard of and it’s looking all the more likely Johnny Evans will go Man City and not Arsenal. It’s hard to really blame him for making that decision.

That’s all for now, folks. There’s a quick preview of the game tonight headed your way later so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Until then, and as always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

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