Ancelotti Lined Up To Replace Wenger, Malcom The Brazilian Saviour, Draxler In London And More…

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So, we currently have a lot of rumours and nothing that’s concrete. Most of what I read is a bit silly at the moment. Like an enormous stew or casserole comprising of silly ingredients. Or a gumbo, perhaps? Or a nice jambalaya? Perhaps a delicious, silly and enriching broth or soup?

One of the more ‘meh’ stories is Carlo Ancelotti being lined up to replace Arsene Wenger if he decides to leave in the summer – I’d say there is little or no chance that a man as stubborn as Arsene will leave Arsenal without a significant push in the direction of the exit. Let’s say for the sake of discussion that he does leave in May, is Ancelotti the right man for the job? There’s certainly no doubting the pedigree of a man who has one domestic trophies across all of the major leagues in Europe and at some of the biggest clubs (and Chelsea). He’d certainly be steadying pair of hands in what would, in all likelihood, be a jarring period of transition for Arsenal.

For that reason, I’d understand the merits of making such an appointment. However, there is a part of me that is uninspired by the notion. In this current atmosphere of supporter unrest, unease and feeling of slipping behind others, a pioneering managerial change would, at least, give all of us something to unite behind. Okay, that last part isn’t altogether true now I think about it. Some Arsenal fans are so blind in their allegiance to Arsene Wenger that whomever his eventual replacement might be, he’s going to be held in comparison and at times probably unfairly so.

I’d like our next manager be ahead of the trends; someone who carves a new path and sets standards instead of following standards set by others. In one of life’s little ironies; I think we need an appointment exactly like the one we made in 1996. No one knew who Arsene Wenger was, but he changed English football and bought us the most successful period in Arsenal’s history. He may be past his best; he may be flirting dangerously with leaving a taint on that legacy, but he remains the benchmark for the kind of appointment we should be looking to make.

Elsewhere, David Ornstein has spoken:

For those of you unfamiliar, David Ornstein is one of the few sports correspondants whose information is considered as credible. So, it’s a fairly safe bet that a large percentage of the above is truthful. It’s not exactly startlingly new information or revolutionary, but it does serve to confirm we are looking to replace before we sell, and that’s the correct manner in which to proceed. Alexis wants to leave, so let him. It’ll hurt a little watching him score goals in another Premiership team, but we’ve lost better players and survived, and I don’t tend to have much time for sulking, want-away players – f*ck ’em.

Malcom, the Brazilian forward at Bordeaux, I must confess I know very little about. To be perfectly honest with you; I’d not heard of him up until a few days ago and the majority of the information you find online is the obligatory YouTube compilation – it does make him look pretty handy, it’s just a shame they all have to be accompanied by ear-shredding ‘pumping trance’. From what I can gather, he’s extremely quick, a good dribbler with a low centre of gravity and whilst predominantly a left-footer, his right foot isn’t just for standing on. He looks a quality player, but it’s hard to get the greater picture when I haven’t watched him play for 90 minutes or followed his career.

Should we get him from Bordeaux, I’d suggest he might find it hard to instantly impact upon the Premiership which is a great deal tougher that Ligue1, and he’s only 20-years-old. Placing the burden of replacing Alexis on his shoulders and expecting immediate results would be an extremely unfair thing to do. I’d like us to get him and Julian Draxler.

Draxler was in London last night at an NBA game with Mustafi, Bellerin, Giroud and Kolasinac, who, it’s wildly assumed, were acting as negotiators for Arsenal. No one can know what exactly they talked about, but I’d hazard a guess it’s nothing but a group of friends going to watch a basketball game together – Ilkay Gundogun was there as well. I can’t say I’m not a little bit curious and the stories have piqued my interest because Draxler is a wonderful player and I’d love him at Arsenal. But, I can’t go getting my hopes up. That’ll probably mean bloody Liverpool get him…

Right, that’s all for today folks. I’ll leave you with a polite nudge towards the comments section situated below. Get involved! I want to hear your thoughts on all of the above, and if you know more than me about Malcom, then feel free to share the wealth of your knowledge.

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