Another Awful Arsenal Performance… UNLEASH THE SPACE CATS.

“Steve, give me the Uzi”

Morning, folks.


Just when I was certain a corner had been turned, we pull a startling handbrake turn and steer the good ship Arsenal back toward Sh*t Street. For 45 first half minutes I didn’t see an appalling performance that left me dumbstruck. No, I saw something I’ve seen far, far too often.


I’ve no idea where to go with this entry. Obviously I’m considerably disheartened and upset to lose, and to lose at a place a feculent as the Britannia Stadium, but I’m also extremely tired of how familiar it’s all become.  When Arsenal lose, our fanbase turns nasty. And I mean NASTY. You need but glimpse across social media to see irrational folk firing obscenities, threats and peculiar exclamations simply becuase others might have the audacity to disagree. Even after the game it was rumoured that there was brawling between our own supporters – presumably those of the polar opposite persuasion.

I attended the United game with Daniel Cowan and we saw some of the vitriol ourselves – one man in particular was preening around outside the ground bellowing “Wenger out!” in the hope someone would pipe up to argue with him. The air of unease and fury was palpable and it’s probably the first time I’ve felt genuinely uncomfortable leaving a football match.

And that, folks, is what I’m tired of the most. The fortunes of the team aren’t exactly wonderful, but they are some distance from dreadful when held in comparison with those less fortunate. The anger, the fighting, the rage, the petulance; that’s what I’m sick and tired of. It’s just so utterly pointless.

Arsene is a man I’ll love with out question until the day I’m released from my mortal coil. The happiness and accomplishments he’s brought to our Club are second to none. His place in the history of Arsenal is rightfully secured. However, I’m far from his staunchest advocate at present. Whilst some distance from the fu*king ridiculous acronyms/initialisms that are so frequently used, I find myself veering toward the opinion of change.

I possess that opinion more for personal reasons than I do football.

Nothing lasts forever, and even the once mighty can fall into a shadow of their former selves. Arsene isn’t a young man with a point to prove anymore. He’s entering the final years of his managerial career and appears unlikely to drastically change his ways. Perhaps that’s something that we desperately need – change.

I struggle to think of a suitable replacement out there in the world of football. However, that doesn’t mean they aren’t out there. 18 years ago we took an enormous chance on a unknown Frenchman that paid the kind of dividends none of us would have dared to dream possible. Change of any variety doesn’t guarantee success. The pertinent question isn’t wether or not we should change, it’s wether or not we feel now is the time to take the chance. Arsene will leave us at some point. Personally I’d like for a great, great man to do so without a tainted legacy.

It’s all to bloody miserable, isn’t it. You wanna know what I do to cheer myself up when the proverbial chips are down? I enjoy Space Cats. Kitten Kats up to their Kitten Kat antics, but with a twist – SPACE! Amidst all the pomp and posturing yesterday I decided to share the Kitten Kat love instead of wallowing in the mistaken self-impotance of others.

Wanna give it a try? Of course you do. Here’s a cat propelling itself through space and attacking planets with its laser eyes.


Feel instantly better? I know that I do. The glorious Space Kitty Kats account on Twitter is now my go-to webpage if I’m feeling a little blue. It never fails to raise a smile.

But that’s entirely irrelevant.

The team face a tricky test away at Galatasaray this coming Tuesday, and game I shall be watching in London with Daniel and Jok. At this stage, given the likelihood of rested players, I’m hardly looking forward to it. A good performance and victory will be brushed aside and a defeat will only stoke the fires of apoplexy further- no pun intended.

As a team and supporters we need to regroup and get behind the team. Whilst not averse to change, I shall back Arsene Wenger as the manager as that’s kinda my job – to support. Banners, protests and shows of rage contribute nothing but to worsen things at a time the team need us behind them. Idealistic as that may sound, it’s what I believe.

So, I shall bid you farewell for today. There a comments section below waiting eagerly to be filled with your thoughts. Let’s be having them. I’ll be back soon with more guff.

Until then, and as always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

5 thoughts on “Another Awful Arsenal Performance… UNLEASH THE SPACE CATS.”

  1. With what we saw yesterday am expecting more misery why? because all the pl players of other teams are no nonsense players our players don’t warm the bench because we have a small aquad which the manager thinks are preveleged to play it’s his own undoing pennywise arrogance old eged mind.yes Stoke it’s tim for a fresh young forward thinking manager who can shout abusive command to the player not soft spoken old man pity it’s turning this way

  2. I think wenger blaming weak,soft defenders is very hypocritical after all it was he who sold TV4,sent Jenkinson out on loan then refused to buy quality replacements.Everyone knows we deed to strengthen our mid-field with a beast who will not be bullied like our lightweight current players are.We lost that game yesterday before we went onto the pitch because we were terrified of the physical game that Stoke play.It’s a pity that all the great work that Arsene has done is tarnished.He made us a team to be feared now we are team our rivals love to play because we are so predictable the way we play.We are now the PL whipping boys,we cant even be sure we will win against ths so called smaller teams. Ihave been a fan for over 55years and a loyal supporter of Arsene but now i think he should have stepped down after winning the F A cup with his reputation in tact.Does anyone else agree?

  3. Hi James.
    We never get used to those feelings are we? Even if you have seen it far far too often.
    From a more simple, maybe short, minded man like me, I think Arsene has loosing “brain connection” with his team on the pitch. The hand doesn’t move as what the brain has command, just like an idle hand tries to strangle you rather than feed you up. Maybe that’s the common sense to any football managers to pack their bag for their own good. But Arsene isn’t one of them. His unlimited curiosity (combine with those money greed boards) want to prove at least one more time to be EPL winner. But, Arsenal destiny’s (to call something that you can’t control or manage) seems to work against him.
    I’m not one of those haters, hell I don’t wanna be. I really hope he can, some how, manage us to pick the title for one last time in rest of his contract. And then we start from the scratch like every clubs does. No one can guarantee for success, but for chances and patient for success? Common? we are Arsenal! We’ve those plenty more than any other football clubs in this world.

  4. Shit, just realized a football team I support, just lost,how as that happened? I always thought this supporting thing was all plain sailing, you just turned up, won every game and every title year after year,whats gone wrong??
    Oh I know reality kicked in !!!

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