Arsenal 4-1 Crystal Palace: Better Performance And Terrible Reactions.

Evening, folks.

Okay – I overslept this morning and very nearly put a large ink blot onto what has otherwise been a faultless copybook of daily blogging in recent weeks. Nearly… Fret ye not, delicious reader, for I am hither. I know there’s only around 2-3 people who actually read this site, so for you guys, I apologise for the lateness of this post and hope to continue with my hipster anonymity.

So, without further ado, lets get into talking about yesterday’s much-improved victory and 3 points.

You know what the most important part of the previous sentence is? The words “victory” and “3 points”. We won and we played well. Okay – our opponents weren’t the greatest team the world has ever seen, but we performed in a manner greatly different from the recent showers of sh*t, scored 4 goals in a burst of 22 minutes and it was a  mercifully comfortable afternoon. There’s isn’t much more you can ask. At times our approach play wonderful as some of the touches between Wilshere, Lacazette and Ozil were a joy to watch. I watched the game via a link with no sound and enjoyed it, mostly because it was a welcome break from all the pessimism.

I know things aren’t perfect at the moment. We’re about to lose (arguably) our best player to Manchester United (again) and we’re a country mile away from challenging for the league title. I know Arsene Wenger has probably outstayed his welcome and a fresh approach and way of thinking is needed to permeate throughout the club. I am fully aware of those things, yet I find it so difficult to get angry about it all. I mean, It’s annoying, but it doesn’t fill me with incandescent rage and the urge to spew that rage across YouTube channels because I’m more concerned with being noticed than I am Arsenal Football Club.

Yesterday we won. That isn’t a time for posting videos about how certain players can “f*ck off” or how certain clubs are better than ours. I’m not going to mention the particular group responsible for doing this because I don’t see the point giving their targeted bullish*t the oxygen is needs. I don’t know any of the people involved – I have met the main guy momentarily – and I wouldn’t think to insult any of them in a personal manner. However, I do very strongly disagree with what they do and their reasons for doing so.

They know that positivity and joy won’t get them attention. They know that their fame comes from controversy and rival fans poking fun at them. It’s obviously a platform intended to heighten reactions into a level of animosity and vitriol that draws people in. To be honest, they have a successful business model. But it is a diseased, feculent model. They are essentially the ‘Britain First’ of Arsenal supporters. Or like Jake Gyllenhaal’s character in Nightcrawler who makes his money chasing after accidents and train wrecks to film the footage of someone else’s misery.

To post videos with such rampant bitterness and negativity after winning 4-1 seems such a joyless, sad approach to me. I prefer to try and enjoy the good times. I can understand getting angry in the face of some of the crap we’ve served up as the season has progressed. But after a thumping, resounding victory? Nope, that’s just stupid.

A good team performance and win sets us up nicely heading into the 2nd leg of the Carabao Cup semi-final against Chelsea on Wednesday evening. Hopefully, by the time that game comes around, the never-ending saga of Alexis Sanchez will have reached an amicable conclusion and we can bid him a fond farewell. There won’t be any tears shed here.

At this stage I’d far rather we focused our efforts on bring in Aubameyang and well as Mikhitaryan and, maybe, try and have a word with Mesut Ozil about staying. If we’re to want to be successful in the future, we have to at least try. As the months of his contract pass and he becomes a free agent in June/July, the chances of him staying diminish. Personally, if he still hasn’t signed by March, I don’t think he will at all, but the rumours circulating are positive, so who knows?

We moved ahead into uncertain times. By this time next week, our squad and attacking options could look very different indeed. Those with more knowledge than I expect the Sanchez/Mkhitaryan deals to be official by was early as tomorrow… Let’s be honest here, they know f*ck all, just the same as I do – It could be tomorrow, or Tuesday, or Wednesday or the 31st of Never. We just have to wait.

That’s all for today, folks.

I think I’ll discuss our potential new-look team in tomorrow’s post along with another smorgasbord of delights and informative nuggets of hilarity…

Until that time, and as always: thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

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