‘Arsenal’ – A Film By Ridley Scott/James Cameron And The Importance Of Being Giroud

Morning, Xenomorphs.

The human mind is a funny old thing. I had a dream I can only assume was birthed by eating cheese and having watched the Alien Covenant trailer a few times. It’s pretty fresh in the head right now. Well, as fresh as it can be…

I won’t go to much into the details of the plot as I can’t remember, but it did involve Arsenal playing a home fixture against Liverpool which I had attended and somehow later segued into an amalgamation of Alien and Aliens. I can only remember fragments of what actually occurred during the dream and whilst the two didn’t meet in my unconscious mind, it did get me to thinking when I woke up this morning. So, for no reason other than my amusement, here’s which Arsenal players I think would fit into the characters from Alien and Aliens.

  • Alexis Sanchez – Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver)
  • Laurent Koscielny – Corporal Dwayne Hicks (Michael Biehn)
  • Per Mertesacker – Captain Dallas (Tom Skerritt)
  • Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain – Private Vasquez (Jennette Goldstein)
  • Theo Walcott – Newt (Carrie Henn)
  • Olivier Giroud – Private Drake (Mark Rolston)
  • Aaron Ramsey – Kane (John Hurt)
  • Francis Coquelin – Parker (Yaphet Kotto)
  • Mesut Ozil – Private Hudson (Bill Paxton)
  • Arsene Wenger – Ash (Ian Holm)
  • Shkodran Mustafi – Bishop (Lance Henriksen)

Moving on to actual news and not my extraneous foolishness, it would appear a new contract for handsome bastard and scorer of recent vital goals, Olivier Giroud (Private Drake) is on the way. Laurent Koscielny (Corporal Hicks) had these words to say regarding Giroud, his attitude and the importance of a squad of players:

“He stayed focused with the team. We are not 11 or 18 players, we are 25 players.

All the players who play for Arsenal have a big part to play during the season because of injuries and suspensions, and everyone needs to be ready to fight for this club.

Olivier started and he tried to give his best on the pitch. He fought and it’s good for him to score the winning goal. It was so important because last week we lost two games in seven days and we wanted to get back to winning three points”

Whilst I think it’s commendable that Giroud focuses on the team first, something his performances on the pitch have always shown, I can’t help feeling it’s a bit of an odd time to be mentioning new contracts. Giroud may have an exemplary attitude, but he’s no different to any striker and I would imagine he wants to be on the pitch weak-in, week-out scoring goals and contributing to the team. The victory against West Brom was his first start in the Premiership this season and that’s a lot of time spent waiting on the bench.

Things can change rapidly in football. Giroud obviously is fullyaware he has a great deal of worth at Arsenal. There may be folks who state he isn’t good enough, but those folks need only look at his record. He’s always been good enough to play for Arsenal. He’s an important player and I hope he does pen a new deal that’ll keep him here for a few more years. Whether that be as the main striker of the hero from the bench remains to be seen.

That’s all for today folks. Please feel free to post a comment with your thoughts on today’s post and whatever else you might feel like sharing. I’ll be back soon with more. Until that time, I’d like to mostly thank you for reading, you beautiful bastards.


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