Arsenal and Man United joined by Ongame Network.

Ready to have your mind blown a bit?  The other day I realized something about one of the Arsenal’s business partners that I think that some faithful fans have missed out on.  Some of you may remember that last year the team signed a deal with Betsson in order to be an official gaming partner with the club.

What this means is that Betsson was in charge of anything gambling related when it came to the Arsenal.  When you go to the stadium to watch the game, the terminals there that you use to be on the games are powered by Betsson.  In addition, the company also put together an Arsenal themed website called that players can play poker, bet on sports and even win their way to the WSOP in Las Vegas.

I was checking out the site and noticed that the site was part of the Ongame Network.  That was cool considering that the network has sites such as RedKings and  At that point it hit me. is a site that was shut down and its players sent to bwin.

Some further digging uncovered something that I hadn’t even thought of.  The Ongame Network is owned by none other than bwin.Party.  That’s right folks, the same company that is a primary sponsor of Manchester United.

So in an indirect way, the Arsenal and Manchester United are joined together by the same company, even if it is in a minor way.  With that said, the Ongame Network is currently on the trading block as bwin.Party doesn’t consider the network important enough to keep with their company.  No problem there.  After Ongame leaves bwin, maybe they will kick their butts just like the Arsenal will against Manchester United during the Premier League.

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