“Arsenal are not title contenders”

Nope. No chance…

Evening, folks.

Yesterday was a hugely enjoyable game. Well, it was the second time I watched it. The first viewing consisted of a maelstrom of nerves in my stomach and a over abundance of fidgeting. Watching the big games brings out my superstitious side. For reason I can’t quite explain, I find it incredibly difficult to watch the opening 10 minutes of the second half. Perhaps there’s a horrible moment from Arsenal’s history that occurred during that time that has becoming embedded in my subconscious. For whatever reason, such a silly habit caused me to miss Ramsey’s goal as it happened. I’ve watched it back some 45 times since, but feel cheated to have caused myself to miss the moment of euphoria that accompanies seeing such a thing.

I was delighted with the team performance yesterday. Across the pitch the players looked up for it, focused and fresh. Liverpool may have initially threatened during the early exchanges, but once we went ahead, our ball retention was superb and we played as a unit. Arteta and Koscielny were my stand-out contributors – both marshalling the defence superbly;y and keep a very talented strike force in Suarez and Sturridge quiet. Ramsey will rightfully be the focus for all the discussions, but to single out one players seems unfiar. We won as a team.

In the aftermath of the game, it seems the more Arsenal perform in the league, the more people seem determined to write us off. I’m not going to make ballsy statements regarding us winning the title. At this stage, to do so would be a bit foolish. But I won’t say we can’t win it. Football’s beauty is it’s unpredictablity. You can never know what’s around the corner, and even the greatest certainties don’t always turn out that way.

As things stand, we are 5 points clear at the top of the league and playing some very good stuff. We have a bundle of good players to return to the squad from inury. To write Arsenal off just because you may not like them, or because you know it will sell papers and attract hits is plain idiotic. I’m not saying we will win the title. Not at all. However, I am certainly saying we can win the title if our form continues as it is and we continue to pick up the results.

There’s a great deal to be done before any silverware is in the cabinet.

That’s all for today, folks. I’m trying to post as often as possible, but my other exploits tend to hamper me slightly. Not to fear, as I am still here (that was shameful). Use the comments below to jot down a few of your thoghts. What are your views on the game and Arsenal’s ability to compete for the title? Let me know.

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards..

12 thoughts on ““Arsenal are not title contenders””

  1. Hatred and bigotry are difficult to fight. Best to just do things right. Let the haters hate, the bigots wilt under the weight of their own bile.

  2. Reinforce up front – and right back … another DM. And sorry to say but Liverpool are not contenders, and Suarez is not the answer .. or Lewandowsy(sorry about the spelling)… … To write us off because Man Utd won 3-1 ( so called slow starters, my arse they just scarp dirty to start…. always did…. lot of games to go yet…. Sami Khadija (yes spelling again), a little known forward at Harveeran…. just for starters……(yes spelling again).. Ronaldo even…(bit more well known, him) that would bust the budget…lol

  3. I thought we played beautifully except for a couple small mishaps. Sensible article, to early to make proclamations although I believe anything is possible with this team.

  4. We definitely are strong enough but we need to drop one of the cups I think. I don’t know but league cup is out the way to give us a breather of sorts.
    Heads down ass up time the papers can do one.

  5. We were flying high like now in Flamini’s last season until Eduardo was butchered by Taylor. This was February I think if I remember correctly. I have a feeling in my water we are continuing where we left off at that point, like it’s unfinished business. We sold Diarra that January just before Eduardo’s injury which made us unexpectedly light, especially with other players likd RVP dropping like flies too. I think we missed the title by about 3pts that season. I think if the right man is bought in January, Arsenal will lift the trophy, especially if we get lucky with injuries, particularly Flamini. We can can take on anybody with him on the pitch.

  6. Definitely to early to talk about title but certainly looked good, wait and see how we do against united. Need another striker to support Giroud and a central defender in January to give more depth and then you never know depending on other injuries of course.

  7. Funny thing, man city, man utd, Liverpool, all have conceaded more goals then us and only city has score more. But I don’t hear anything about their weak defence but always about Arsenal. Arsenal this, that yet… Think they should concentrate on someone else for a change. How come Moyes left Everton and their in top half, he join united and mid-table… That by its self should be their talking point

  8. We are definitely going to win the league.
    You just knew it when alan hansen said we wouldnt with that lemon sucky face of his.
    May 2014, Islington, Parade.

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