Arsenal Away Kit And Catching Up With The Goonersphere Podcast.

There it is, folks – in all its glorious wonder.

Assuming that picture does indeed contain a glimpse of the new away shirt, I’m quite taken by it. Enamoured, even. Yes – I really like it, I’ve just decided. Of course, you can never be sure of legitimacy these days. For all I know, that tweet contains a cheap knock-up and the real garment lays waiting for us in a secret, guarded location – the kind of location that has a surrounding moat filled with killer trout and laser beams that atomise anyone snooping around.

I guess now is a good time to apologise for my recent absence from blogging. There is a reason, you wonderful creatures – I’ve been busy with podcasts and such silliness. So, as I shall be returning tomorrow to have a look at the news, I’ll leave you with the fruit of my labours.

The most recent full length Goonersphere podcast – an end of season ‘alternative’ look at things where Daniel Cowan and I are joined by our nefarious pals Jokman and Kris Carpenter

Also, as a new initiative, Daniel and I have decided to occasionally release a ‘bitesize’ version of the podcast where we rattle through what ever news may have tickled our fancy.  It’s called Goonersphere Licked

That’s all for today, folks. There’s a handy comments section below in which you can discuss the new away shirt and give me a little feedback regarding the podcasts. Don’t be shy, tell me what you think.

As always; thanks for reading and listening, you beautiful bastards.

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