Arsenal can sign David Villa, transfer news, Swansea, and cheerio Chamakh!

First Andy Carroll, now Chamakh; West Ham fans were understandably delighted…

Evening folks. So much for 9am every day…(I have been unwell, so give me a break)

By now you’ll have all heard the news. Shisha enthusiast, hair-gel advocate, and much-maligned striker, Marouane Chamakh has joined West Ham on loan for the next six months. The transfer was a formality in the end.

Devastation, woe, heartache; these are a but a few of the emotions that swept over me when the news was confirmed. For many years I’ve admired Chamakh, both as a footballer and a trailblazer of hairstyles. Many evenings I’ve spent trawling through his extensive highlights on YouTube, yelping in awe at his mercurial talents.

Now all that is gone. Another hero, another legend walks away from Arsenal, and we’re all a little sadder inside because of it. What are we  to do now?

Well, in all seriousness, we could replace him with a wounded donkey, but I’d like to think there are better options on the market. David Villa, for example. Even at 31-years-old, the Spanish international would be a brilliant signing. Not being one to put my faith in speculation and hearsay, I’m taking the reemergence of the rumours with an enormous pinch of salt – I’m practically throwing a bucket of the stuff at them.

However, those stories do persist, and the romantic in me hopes there is just a little shred of truth – especially now some state Arsenal have made a formal approach.

He’d be a brilliant signing, and if Arsenal can use the money owed them by Barcelona for the Fabregas and Song deals as a starting point for negotiations, then we might even have a foot in the door ahead of Villa’s other suitors. The romantic in me will continue to hope, but the realist still sees the whole saga as thoroughly mendacious, and likely to rumble on for weeks regardless.

With Arsene playing his cards characteristically close to his chest, and offering up his usual wildly contradictory statements to the press, calling any of his potential moves is an impossibility. He may not invest at all, or he may bring in 2-3 players. None of us – even those lovely ITK fellows – can truly know what lies ahead, we merely have hope and belief. Some distinctly more than others. I think we’ll bring some players in, and I think even the most embittered of souls is going to be pleasantly surprised.

In the meantime, we have a welcome distraction from league football on Sunday. I love the FA Cup. There is no better cup competition in domestic football across Europe. As a child, I remember fondly the romance and the passion associated with 3rd round day, and whilst that may have diminished over the years, it still remains.

Arsenal travel to Swansea hoping to avenge our recent humiliation. It’ll be a tough test against a good opponent. It also represents a chance for glory. There is no reason why we can’t go all the way to the final. On our day and playing well, we can beat anyone. Let’s start our journey on Sunday.

That’s all for today folks. Let me know your thoughts on the Villa transfer, on Chamakh’s departure, and on the other hot topics of the day – the hilarious bust-up at Man City between Mancini and Balotelli, for example.

I await your views in the comments. I shall return tomorrow.

15 thoughts on “Arsenal can sign David Villa, transfer news, Swansea, and cheerio Chamakh!”

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  2. I foresee that Chamakh will add another look to WHU and will smooth the waves that break on those bleak shores just with his hair gel! Truthfully, it can be a new lease on life for a player who has talent but no confidence and has lost Wenger’s eye….maybe he’ll regain form at WHU?
    Villa is a Wenger type of player but Barca are NOT Wenger-type negotiators so unless AW has changed his philosophy about bringing in overage players, then this could be a difficult and knotty transfer….but with AW one NEVER knows what’s up his French couturier sleeves!.

  3. How much does Barcelona owe arsenal from Song and Fabregas deals? Does it mean, Barcelona did not pay Arsenal yet took Song without paying? Is the sum equivalent to Villa’s value? It looks funny!

  4. Can you imagine wenger or fergy grappling with a got no guts.Players rule!!! Transfers all pie in sky at moment.What about youngsters. What about lads on loan , not being played..I don’t think we need villa.Rant over !!! Like your blogs.

  5. To be sincere,we are not happy with you,the management of arsenal and asene for deceiving us during each transfer window. Now that the transfer window is on whom do you decided to sign? If none please ollow us rest with your rumor every hour and continue to loose matches every week and forget about bringing to emirate in next decade.

  6. We have been trying to build world class strikers and we haven’t won anything so we should try to get Villa because he can give us 2 1/2 solid seasons

  7. Hey on a completely off topic note,i noticed on your twitter feed you asked if anyone had depression.I dont have a twitter account so i want to say, yes i do. Unfortunately i suffer from clinical depression caused by insomnia sounds worse than it is

  8. Chamakh wasn’t a bad player! He wasn’t that great but after the unexplainable disappearance, 6 months or so into his first season, it all went wrong but he never got a consistent run of games with us.

    I am happy he is going because it frees up wage bill space and makes getting a new player in a little more likely, but I think he will do well if he is given the chance to play regularly.

  9. Sp*ds have got Holtby. Why am I not surprised? I feel mid-table mediocrity will be the order of the day until the current management are removed and replaced with people who actually give a flying f*ck about restoring the club to where it belongs.

  10. Hey I would like to see Arsene to live up to all of his comments made in regards to bringing new signings in the January window. He always seems to change his mind at that last minute, procrastinates and then comes home with nothing, meanwhile players have left so we are lacking depth. Oh but we have Diarby, Rosicky, and others returning from injury we will be ok. No we won’t Arsene! If we were ok RVP, Fab, and Song wouldn’t have go elsewhere, we first up need to fix the team issues clearly observed when the team played at St Mary’s. I believe because this team has played together for some time now from a young age and won nothing, they don’t have the mental edge to win trophies.

  11. David Dein would have had Walcott done, Lopez in, Shaw of Southampton in , and yes even a mad buy like Villa which is of a 2 year expensive 30 goals , but someone like Villa could be difference of a FA cup and 4th place while le prof gets a breather ..

  12. The main problem with all our transfers and transfer-stories ever since David Dein left is accepting short-sighted logic about old players, young players, expensive players and cheap players. There are only two important types of players: good ones and bad ones. If Wenger is reluctant to spend 10+ million pounds on Villa, he should be reminded that Bergkamp was 33 in 2002 and 35 in 2004.

    Regarding Chamakh – given that Big Fat Ugly Sam assembled Carroll, Joe Cole and our favourite hair-gel-master, I have only one question: who is going to be Fourth Rider of the Apocalypse?

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