Arsenal might just be going big with the transfers…

Pro-Suarez and anti-Suarez Gooners took to the streets…

Morning, folks.

Right. It appears this one isn’t going away.

Last night it was widely alleged Arsenal will be upping their bid for Luis Suarez to the thunderous tune of £40m. In another one of those articles with zero basis to it, it should be said.

If you’re an Arsenal fan, chances are you either really want Choppers to sign, or you’d sooner spend hours on end in a bathtub filled with dead rats and strong cheese than witness a creature so deplorable wear the colours of North London’s finest. There appears very little in the way of middle ground.

Yet as much as I refused to believe it to be true to begin with, I grow increasingly sure that there is a big chance it might actually happen. If we offer that amount of money to Liverpool for a player they know they will struggle to keep, I think they’d be extremely foolish not to take it.

If we do get him, I’m not sure exactly how I will feel. Recruiting big name players is something we all hope to witness, but I can’t helping feeling it’s in everyone’s best interests to leave this one alone. Gonzalo Higuain is still my first choice by some distance.

The Argentine may lack a bit of the razzmatazz , but his stats are impressive, he’s a worker, a natural finisher and, most importantly, he comes with none of the baggage. I struggle to see how a man as financially prudent as Arsene doesn’t see a deal with Real Madrid as the safer investment.

In truth the whole concept has me bewildered. There are moments I start to warm to the idea – I can’t lie. When you consider just how good a player Suarez is, it’s easy to allow yourself a moment of excitement. He’d score goals at Arsenal, and we haven’t had a forward that carries as much threat since Thierry (I’m purposely choosing to ignore a certain Dutchman, before you say anything).

With those moments comes the inevitable return to his disposition. He is an awful, awful human being. I can forgive many of the excesses in players from our past (Merson, Adams) as weaknesses of character. Suarez’s flaws aren’t so easy to look past. At his worst, he has been truly loathsome.

I guess all we can do is wait and see, and discuss the matter when there is something substantial to report. There is no smoke without fire, as the saying goes, but all we have is smoke at present. Until that fire is discovered, there is little point in getting worked up about anything.

The whole thing could be an elaborate ruse constructed to take eyes off the target we are really after. Arsenal have pulled surprises from out of nowhere before. There’s a chance they will do so again.

There’s a months to go until the new season kicks off. I get the feeling we’ll know a great deal more about our incomings within the next two weeks. Strap yourselves in, folks. Things are going to get interesting soon enough.

That’s all for today. The comments eagerly await your thoughts. Try to be nice to one another…

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

16 thoughts on “Arsenal might just be going big with the transfers…”

  1. Whatever people think about Suarez he is one of the top 5 players in world. If Arsene could control his behavior he´d score 35 in prem for Arsenal. Only Messi would be a better signing.

    1. It’s not what we THINK, bcos….. let’s see… he’s bitten 2 playrs b4, denied an African country a World Cup semi-final, denied Oldham Town a chance of a replay against Liverpool at Anfield AND ‘The Muncher’ will probably refuse to shake Sagna’s hand and then bite him bcos he’s a black French full-back!!!!!!!!

  2. i think you are wrong where suarez is concerned,look at what he has achieved at liverpool with his baggage. for a team well without suarez they were sinking,he has been as effective as gareth bale at spurs. and if we pay that amount for him he will put in the work to reward arsenal for that faith we have all the elements to succeed. pay the 40-million,then get defensive midfielder from sevilla geodfrey,ashley williams a defender and julio cesar. and lets get on with the league. otherwise it’s fourth place again which i doubt because spurs are strengthening. they rumored to be getting beneteke,suarez is better than higuan and i tell he has already proven himself in the premier league. we pay that amount and put an iron clad clause in his contract

  3. Arsene in his right senses should and must NOT contemplate signing Suarez. The guy is simply awful, very very awful. He is a payer no doubt with some quality but we all need some discipline to succeed in life, dont we? He is simply not a discipline guy. He is sure to cause confusion among the payers. Arsene, do not sign Suarez. I can trust you at least on this one

  4. If he could stay out of trouble, Suarez would be an amazing signing. He’s a nasty git no doubt but soon as he started banging in goals for Arsenal I can’t see anyone complaining. Proven top class premisership striker over Higuinan any day of the week. We want to win the league not personality contests.

  5. Suarez is a great player….but an absolute c*** !!
    I would cream myself if he does 30 goals a season for us while liking myself less as a human being!!!
    If we truly have 40m for a striker though, give it to Real ffs. …we get classy striker Higuain, they get to go buy monkey boy from the tossers up the road….2 birds one stone

  6. I think you’re right James, this has elaborate ruse written all over it. I have a slight leaning toward the AKB camp, nothing I have seen him do over the last few years suggests that he will pay 40m for a player that comes with so much baggage. If this is a ploy to force Real’s hand then I hope it doesn’t blow up in our face.

    It would be ironic IF we did sign Suarez, after all these years of longing for the big signing half of us will be left disappointed. I liken it to finally getting the chance to f*ck the hot chick in the apartment next door after years of lusting only to find that she has balls.

    Continuing down the IF path, I don’t think the fact that Suarez will miss the first 6 games is such a big problem. After 6 games we will be sitting nicely near the top of the table with or without big signings. He would play his first game in October and run into nice form for some tough games in November and December. For all the reasons I hope we don’t sign him, this one ranks pretty low.

    1. Still feel 6 games is a lot 2 miss, but he could still play in europe. And what if Giroud scores 8 goals in 6, do we drop him? I did laugh at the comparision though

  7. There is a new angle that no one seems to be looking at: none of these players want to come to Arsenal as a first choice. This is what Wenger has done to the reputation of Arsenal.

    Fellaini would rather go to Man U and Suarez would rather go to Real. Even if we overpay for Suarez and meet Fellani’s buyout clause how long before they want to leave. I can understand Fellaini wanting to play for his old coach but Suarez just wants to get out of Liverpool and the second any of the “big” club comes sniffing around, Suarez will bite someone just to create a reason for being sold.

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