Arsenal Splash £100m, Sagna, Arsene And The Summer

They offered how much?

Howdy, peeps.

I hope this latest instalment of mine finds you well, nourished and enjoying life.  The weekend still lies on my memory. One thing I’ve often found as a Arsenal fan is that my general mood and enjoyment of daily activities is greatly diminished when the team lose. When they win, the opposite comes into play. Coupled with the joys of spring time, winning a NLD finds me the picture of ebullience today. I’m probably bloody irritating to be around, such is my chipper and spirited mood.

A lot of the talk in newsworld surrounds the summer. When all the hullabaloo dies down about the NLD – especially a certain Mickey Hazard’s hilarious comments accusing Sczsesny of attempting to start a riot by taking a picture on the field at White Hart Lane – things get back to a degree of normality. As the stories being blown out of rational proportion die out, they speculative ones emerge. Such is the nature of news, and Mickey Hazard, who, let’s be honest here, has always been a bit of a cry-baby.

Over the summer, it appears we might have quite the chunk of cash to splurge – love that word – on shiny new players. £100m to be exact, which is a figure calculated by people who have some insight into the funds at the Club’s disposal and care to analyse such things. As much as I don’t dispute knowing the intricacies of Arsenal’s finances is important, I can’t muster an interest. Numerically, I’m both easily baffled and easily bored.

There’s a list of wild-eyed dross as long as my arm regarding who we will sign when that time comes around, but at this point all that talk is fairly pointless. Even during a season where we still have much to play for, and for reasons beyond my comprehension, certain people just want to talk about transfers. Transfers, transfers, transfers. Why? Because headlines regarding recruitment attract hits and sell advertisements. I could comfortably treble my daily hit count just by putting a headline like;

“Arsenal explode cash-love into the face of £50m Brazilian thunder-striker in huge deal to shake rivals to their very foundations” 

I could do that, but I won’t. Why? Because that’s how the feculent hit-hunters exist and I won’t play that game. Well… I might bend those rules here and there. You could argue my title today is aimed towards bringing a little traffic. What you’ll never read is me creating stories from thin air or purposefully posting inflammatory tripe. I’m an idiot folks, but an honest one.

Not sure where I’m going with this…

Oh yeah – the summer.

What I consider most important, if we’re to talk of such things, is the contracts of certain people currently at the Club. It’s easy to forget Arsene is yet to commit to the club given all that’s occurring on the field. Some seem to think he’ll wait to see how the season pans out before committing himself, but I’m not sure I agree with that.

I don’t see Arsene moving. He has created a legacy at Arsenal and he’d have to begin from scratch elsewhere in an environment he may not be afforded as much control as Arsenal. I understand there are contrasting opinions about his future. Some want him here, others don’t and when you put bias and anger to one side, both arguments have their merits.

I hope he does sign on, becuase I find it tough to believe we’d be better off without him. The same applies to Bacary Sagna who appears more likely to leave in the summer as the days pass. That’s a pity. He’s been a magnificent player for Arsenal and shows no signs of a drop in form having put in countless excellent displays this season. It’ll be a monstrously large irritation if he takes that good form to Liverpool and Manchester City as some rumour suggests.

And I think that’ll do for today, folks. I’m going to leave you with a subtle hint at the comments in the hope you’ll dash to post a few remarks about all the daily news, the silly Spurs outrage, the potential transfer ‘warchest’ and those whose futures remain unclear. Let me know what you think.

One last thing; people from all walks of life read this blog. Everybody is welcome, and I’d appreciate if a few ‘jokes’ that might be taken as racist aren’t posted in the comments. I love a laugh as much of the next person but certain things are easily misconstrued. Be nice, folks. It’s always the best way to go. If you must try to insult someone, I’m an excellent target. I have silly hair are I sound like a startled agriculturalist. Fire the abuse towards me.

Tomorrow I’ll return with more. Until then, and as always, thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

18 thoughts on “Arsenal Splash £100m, Sagna, Arsene And The Summer”

  1. how would you spend the £100m?

    I’d go for Super Mario, Draxler, Ginter, Corchia and a goalkeeper no-one has heard of. If we sell Giroud, add Manzukic.

    1. I’d go for Martinez, Draxler (exchange him with Poldi if necessary_sorry Luke we love you) , Pogba, Kouyate(CB), and Abate(RB). Add a goalie from the academy, and sell Giroud.

  2. Hi James.
    About Shezo attempted to start a riot, spuds fan will forget about it. According to Daniel Levy weird obsession to shop on Arsenal’s junk yard, Shezo could be play for them in the future. But only when he’s free agent and reach 40 years old! LOL..
    Feel sorry for Sagna, you can’t blame a man with a plan of his retirement day do you? I think around 80K per week will be Arsenal maximum offer. If he’s choose to play for rivals for bigger money, than let it role.
    Ah, on Arsene we trust. If we can “start from the scratch” that’ll be good. Erase that’s empty day, and leave only the glorious.
    Correct me, 17 years of reign, much loves and hatred. I feel we’ve been married with this old men for 20 years, dude. I saw what he could do in the past, and I trust him to do it here now and on the future.
    That’s all James, sorry to all fellow gooner who got hurt by my Adebayor’s joke, I was too exiciting and I promise it won’t happen again.
    Have a nice day, you all beautiful bastards.

  3. I’d wait to see the results of the Chelsea referendum to become part of Russia; the Liverpool referendum to become part of the US; the Manchester City referendum to become part of Abu Dhabi and the Manchester United referendum to become a particle of the big bang before I bought any new players.

    We have Sonogo and Cambell for next season already.

  4. Stokes you twat…lol. My 100mil spending spree? Jasper Schmeichel, Carvalho, Ginter, Cabella, Remy, Lukaku/Ba. And there’ll be a lot of change. Moreover, I’ll keep Podolski and change our pattern to the good old 4-4-2.

  5. as long as we sell giroud, i’m ok.
    he’s a symbol of our lack of ambition, inaction, failure in transfer windows
    (having a striker[martinez] and winger[draxler] would be great too)

  6. Sagna should be resigned at all cost. He is can also back up at centre back. Will cost more to find someone new who will be uproven than to keep Bacary. If Kieron could play right back we could maybe lure Luke Shaw. He is one exciting prospect>.

  7. I’d like to see draxler,mandzukic,a talented goalie to check scezeny,and a replacement for sagna incase he leaves.Podolski can stay as back up for mandzukic and sell Giroud straight.

  8. if we do not win the fa cup then wenger has to go.
    sagna shud stay i hope he does.
    players that need to leave : arteta,flamini,bendtner,jenkinson
    we need to buy: striker,defensive midfielder,right back,goalkeeper

  9. OK one thing that does piss me off a little bit is all of these people saying sell Giroud. The man is class, how many more solid performances do you need before you guys can understand that. I’d argue that the man has the best link up play in the league, if not the world. How many other players could have pulled off those two sublime one-two’s against Norwich, or partnered up with Rosicky against Sunderland like that. He has skill, and fits brilliantly into the system with 3 attacking midfielders. So far in this season he has notched up 12 goals and 7 assist, which is no Ronaldo or Messi, but when you look at the number of chances he has created (28) it marks him as a very unique striker. He also provides us with a physical presence up front that we are somewhat lacking otherwise. Now don’t get me wrong, i do agree that someone like Mandzukic would be a great signing, but selling the big man would be silly. I feel like he brings out the best in our star studded midfield, and with the injection of pace we we’ll get when Walcott returns, the unit will be pretty much complete.

  10. I will buy no player and invest that money…that how it should be work….haha..

    1 CF
    1 CB
    1 FB
    1 GK
    This position should be fill up..

  11. transfer thoughts are really far off from my mind at the moment. i’m more concerned about how to beat chelski this weekened. i think there’s a slight dilemma here- should we really go in blood and thunder to win or should we be really cautious and be satisfied with a draw? a draw isn’t good enough for either team, but i suspect mourinho might take a safety first approach resulting in a tight game. there’s been suggestion that chamberlain injured himself in the spuds game, really bad news if true. hopefully he’ll be fit for chelski. we’re fast running out of bodies and rotation options are dwindling at a time when we really need everyone in the squad.

  12. I’m with you Nijjy. We’re not even in the final month of the season yet – lets focus on winning something with who we have first! It’s not like the club will be doing anything until after the World Cup anyway..

    I can see Chelsea playing very much how we did against Tottenham. Solid defence and counters. Maybe though, Wenger has figured its not worth trying to play our all action possession dominance game against Mourinho, instead letting them be a little more confident and come out of their half. It could make for a very interesting tactical game – albeit one that’s boring as fuck if it turns into a stalemate.

  13. well were ever or who ever we spend it on it should be on players who are the equal of starting 11,quality with quality
    sagna to stay would be nice , arteta,jenks, ki,bedtner,pod,giroud,jiroud defender, all must go.we are a good side but need to be a great one, replacements, pogba, or song,a surez style player up front,shaw for left bak and push gibbs on left mid pending who they play, ginter,draxler,thoughts/

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