Arsenal “Very Active”, Strikers Wanted, Hooray For Deadline Day…

Poor old Yaya…

Morning, folks.

Not to put too fine a point on it; yesterday was a cack filled extravaganza. It was bloody awful. There is no point hiding from it or trying to brush it under the rug. On the day, Arsenal simply didn’t perform as well, or anywhere near, as good as we all know they are capable.

I watched the game in fits and burst thanks to the unpredictability of my BT connection but saw 80% of what occurred. Needless to say, the result was far from ideal. Leicester, for all the credit they deserve, are a team we should comfortably dispatch. If anything, we can consider ourselves very fortunate to have left with a point. The team again looked sluggish and lacking cohesion.

Most of the post-match chitter-chatter centred around Yaya Sanogo’s ineffectual performance in a team brimming with ineffectual performances. Often I feel it’s harsh to be so damning of Yaya. Yes – it’s difficult to put forward a case for his inclusion in the starting XI, that I don’t dispute. But he does his best when he’s out there, gets involved and occasionally has a positive impact on games. It’s worth remembering it’s not his fault he gets picked.

And it’s today or bust in which we can recruit that shiny new striker to wash all our troubles down the drain. Add a bustling, physically imposing sh*thouse of a DM and we’d be all set to cruise unopposed to unbridled glory. The transfer window deadline is akin to trying to do a full week’s shop at Tesco 10 minutes before it closes; all the good stuff has gone already (Mesut Ozil being the exception to this rule) and you’re left with a manic rush to find something you want. It’s far from ideal, and undeniably frustrating when you see the likes of Chelsea appear to conduct their deals with simplicity and ease.

What will happen today is anyone’s guess. We could pull something truly wonderful from the hat as we did last year, or sign no one at all. At this stage, either of those possibilities would not surprise me in the slightest. Of course, should the latter of those two scenarios come to fruition, cyberspace and all its incumbents might finally implode.

With the slightest hint of adversity, Twitter reacts like someone has just thrown a live tw*t grenade into a pr*ck house. Debate, opinions, even a little good old fashioned controversy have their place in the world of football. It would surely be achingly tedious without them. Hatred has no place. Hatred invariably rears its hideous visage the moment Arsenal so much as falter, and in such instances I truly wonder why some people bother to follow a football team as it appears they only do so to have an avenue in which to shout, spew and blather vitriolic nonsense.

Some of the bile I’ve seen directed towards Sanogo since the game has been jaw-droppingly awful – things I’d never give the light of day on here by mentioning the what and the whom. For all the faults and reasons for concern, we still remain unbeaten and in relatively good shape. At this very early stage of the season, only Chelsea are setting a quick pace and they will surely stumble at some point. Worrying is an act I reserve for a little further down the line.

My advice, delicious reader, is to log onto your respective news outlets at 10;59pm (GMT) and not a moment before. Doing so will ensure you don’t waste an entire day hanging on the outcome of something that is most likely going to disappoint. We may very well recruit a couple of players, I’d even go as far as saying I’m quietly confident. What I shan’t do is allow any of the opprobrium to infect my little corner of cyberspace at all.

There is too much of that at present.

That’s all for today, folks. What remains for me to do is point you towards the comments and ask your thoughts on the game. Please note, I will not feature your comments at all if they look anything like this:


All I ask is for the expression of your opinions to be respectful of others. What those opinions are is entirely up to you. Plus, it’d be nice to not have to wade through endless dross when I’m doing the moderation.

I’ll be back with more news tomorrow. As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

8 thoughts on “Arsenal “Very Active”, Strikers Wanted, Hooray For Deadline Day…”

  1. wenger messep up the squad wasting 40mil on ozil last season. we needed a striker and defensive midfielder. our squad is unbalanced. wilsthire,ramsey,ozil,cazorla,rosicky quality but play in the same position. there is no strength in midfield , pace on the wings and finish up front.
    wenger has completely lost the plot in competing for the league and champs league. 1 lucky fa cup with when the top teams failed.

    1. When Ozil was bought last year I think on transfer deadline day, everyone was whooping it up and praising Wenger for a master stroke. They failed to see the big picture which was Wenger had no plan going into the transfer as usual. He would take any technically skilled player available (he believes they can play anywhere) at what he thought the price should be, forget market price, and as usual he failed to sign anyone. It was a really explosive atmosphere at the Emirates by the end of that season. The CEO had already come out publicly that there was money for Wenger to spend because he knew there was going to be some shit happening if the needed players were not bought and he wasn’t going to get blamed for it and he was pointing the finger directly at Wenger. As incredibly stubborn as Wenger is, he knew it was going to be suicidal if nothing happened that day especially on the last year of his contract. He bought Ozil and the starved fanbase went nuts. It was like giving filet mignon to a pack of starved mob with the knives out who are used to eating crumbs. Do you think Wenger would have paid 40 mil for any player at the beginning or middle of the transfer period? As far as the team being unbalanced, it is based on the premise that Wenger does not believe in buying specialists. This is why we have skilled central midfielders masquerading as strikers, wingers and DMs.

  2. I agree with lance. we have too many creative players and not enough of the destroyer type:guys who can stop the other side from playing. This runs contrary to Wenger’s vision of how football shd be played.His philosophy is I let you play your game and you let me play my passing game.
    Little does he realise teams play to win .Until he can alter his passing game and no shooting ,rest assured the gunners will run into a brickwall and then its time to fire him.

  3. Wenger active? May be at home or managing the cash for his bosses we wont even qualify for knockout stages in cl and will struggle in the pl will get thrashed by big bullys and will be going home with a point every time we meet so called hard teams the likes that get thrashed 6 by big teams

  4. We wouldv’re definetly won yesterdays game if we had a good striker. Even with Walcott coming back, a mid priced stiker would be welcome. And a defensive player, be it a DM or a CB. I’m in lesson right now but I keep checking my phone every 10 minutes for updates on Bacca and Carvalho!

  5. Am I glad this is the last day. No more silliness about Arsenal plotting to buy this and that player.No more silly bids for good players. No more reading about Wenger stating that we do not need a striker. No more hoping that the rumours about players and clubs accepting offers. No more reading about players in London to have medical. No more living on false hopes and no more being left in the dark and not being told the real truth.

    1. Yep, let’s go straight to getting our ass whupped by Chelsea, Man City and Liverpool, scraping up draws with mid table teams and beating the bottom feeders, getting knocked out of the champion league and sliding into 4th (hopefully).

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