Arsenal vs United; a few pre-game thoughts.

8-2 summed up perfectly.

Afternoon folks.

Tomorrow’s post will contain as much teams news and predictions as I can get my grubby little paws on. Today’s is all about some of my early thoughts about the huge game on Saturday.

8-2. Still hurts, doesn’t it? It bloody well should, too. There have been many low points throughout my tenure as a Gooner. That fateful day ranks highly amongst them. Arsene says tomorrow’s fixture isn’t about avenging that scoreline. It is for me. Demons need to be exorcised, and bad moments need to be banished from memory.

We have an opportunity to put things right. United are a skilled and impressive team, but they have weaknesses. Defensively, you could argue they’ve had as much trouble as us, and there will be chances to be had against them.

I consider the most important thing to be making the day about us, and not about a certain ex-player. The media will blow things way out of proportion leading up to the game, and I’ve no doubt the away support will give him the reception he deserves – although, I hope they lay off that tacky and embarrassing “She said no, Robin” song, as that does them no favours at all.

As much as he deserves a bit of stick, he isn’t worth it. He chose to left, and whilst I can’t say we are better off without him, we will certainly survive his absence. Robin may think he’s left for a better chance at trophies, but in doing so he’s destroyed a legacy. He could have been considered in our club’s history alongside the likes of Bergkamp and Adams. Financial gain was more important to him than that. Football remembers its legends with constant reverence. Mercenaries rarely get the same treatment. There’s no weekly six-figure income that can buy you the status of a legend.

He doesn’t deserve our attention anymore. That should be reserved for the guys in red and white – the guys who’ll be playing for Arsenal. There is a result to be had tomorrow. United’s powers, much like ours, are not what they used to be and when you take away the how daunting a trip to Old Trafford sounds, and look at the team; they are extremely beatable.

I believe we can do it. Do you? Let me know in the comments section.

Thanks for reading today, you wonderful creatures. I shall return tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “Arsenal vs United; a few pre-game thoughts.”

  1. Yeah, I do believe there is no team in the world that unbeatable, but that theory is valid when the match is 11 vs 11, but you know, i know, we know, that ‘tea towel club’ is always plays with 12 players, the black-shirt one…. so what can we do, as a supporter is pray, I’m afraid IF we could lead by 1 goal, then, their star-player, the one in black-shirt will show us a red card or a pinalty or everything else…. let’s hope tomorrow will be a fair game… not 12 vs 11 or 12 vs 10 or 12 vs 9…. God Bless Arsenal 🙂

  2. Yes we can beat them if our attacking force possess good concentration and create and take the chances that will come their way as well as a well set up defence without shred of hesitation.

  3. Ever since Arsenal beat Man United some seasons ago, Wenger has not had the opportunity of fielding a strong team against them. Most times, Arsenal play Man United at the peak of Arsenal’s injury crisis. Also. Wenger always played some awkward tactics against United. Most of the matches, he tried to congest the midfield at the expense of attacking. The result was always that too much presure would be put on the defense allowing errors to be commited and goals conceeded. Please this time arround, let Arsenal attack also. Please leave Ramsey out of the starting line up. Use Walcott and Arshavin instead.

    1. Umoh, I think you have it nailed – avoid the prevent defensive approach in which the players are constantly on their heels and above all keep Ramsey out of the starting squad.

  4. As a gunner my heart is full of nervous energy looking forward to tommorrow’s game. If the midfield can dorminate this game with intensity and creativity, Man U may find themslves in a lot of trouble b/cos the Arsenal have got a point (o prove.

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