Arsenal’s Draxler Bid, Flamini’s Big Ambitions and Getting Annoyed.


Morning, folks.

I’m posting this late because I have no will power whatsoever. It’s a damning insight into my personality that I have to play a game I despise simply becuase I can’t settle on having such an appalling score. The sensible thing to do would be to delete Flappy Bird and get on with my life like a normal human being, but as my highest score still remains a pathetic 15, so I must persevere.  I’m about to bring about armageddon if that gormless looking f**king bird crashes into another pipe and plummets sadly to the floor.

Apologies. Moving on…

There’s been some discussion of our bid for Draxler during January. Allegedly, we made one, and it was a little short of Schalke’s valuation. The main part of that story that intrigues is Bayern Munich’s advances for the player – it’s said they asked him to hold on until the summer when their bumper contract offers will come knocking. Pity, but it certainly looks as if we might miss out on him, and it’s an even bigger pity for German football if one team will continually buy all the talent from the others. The Bundesliga has some wonderful players, fans and fantastic stadiums. It would be a shame to see a loss in competition.

Elsewhere today, The Flame has been calling for large ambitions with the aforementioned German super-club heading our way tomorrow.

“We know it won’t be an easy game because Bayern are a very strong team, but we are Arsenal, we have big ambitions,

“If we want to qualify, we have to get a good result against Bayern.

“What I will say about this season is that I see a great commitment, I see everyone working very hard on the pitch and helping each other.”

He’s absolutely right. The sternest test of our ability and resolve will take to the Emirates turf in opposition tomorrow night. They’re a frightening prospect filled to the brim with physicality, pace and technical ability. Arsenal will need to rise to the occasion and remain solid throughout both fixtures to progress. Nothing less than an exceptional performance will see us go through.

And I believe we can do it.

That’s all for today, folks. I’m heading into work for the day. I shall bring you a deliciously thorough match preview the following morning to make up for today’s meagre effort.

The comments await. Drop me a line on Draxler and your early thoughts on the Bayern game. As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

One thought on “Arsenal’s Draxler Bid, Flamini’s Big Ambitions and Getting Annoyed.”

  1. 53 is my highest, it has taken many marijuana ciggies and screaming obscenities into a cushion, b*starding bird. Anywho, i actually really believe Draxler will be an arsenal player this summer, call it intuition, i just feel if he so desparately wanted the move this january, his desire wud be even greater then, and precisely the point you’ve made, about Bayern soaking up german talent like a dirty tyrannical mop, might further incentivise him to seek pastures new. Im hesitantly optimistic about our chances tomorrow night, we’ve beat them before, we can do it again. Pod-hulk-ski has to start!

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