Arsenal’s starting XI for the game against Liverpool (match preview)

Hello, deliriously Goonery people of this ‘ere blog of mine.

The format of today’s post won’t be as pretty and picture-orientated. At present, I’m rapidly keying into my iPhone and neglecting the many things I should really be doing at work. That’s dedication for you – I’m only too happy to avoid meaningful contribution to my gainful employment in favour of talking to you splendid people.

The game today in an important one. I was in the scorching climes of Malta when we triumphed 2-0 at Anfield in a result that, at the time, genuinely filled me with hope for what we could accomplish this season. In the weeks and months after that day, Arsenal have faltered and flattered to device. There’s no doubting the talent of our current squad, but unfortunately our only consistency is the ability to be unpredictable.

Against Liverpool today, a performance similar to the one that saw West Ham obliterated in a blaze of attacking football should see us emerge comfortably with the three points. Aside from their buck-toothed racist up front – admittedly, he is quite brilliant – our Scouse opponents have little threat. If we play like we can, we’ll win.

Trouble is, you never know what to expect from Arsenal. For every jaw-agape moment of brilliance, an idiotic defensive lapse lurks just around the corner. We could destroy Liverpool, or we could stutter and stumble about the pitch and lose without a significant attempt on target.

The team news is as it was in the last game, with the exception of Vermaelen returning from injury. Those rested against Brighton should return to the line-up.

My guess at the starting XI would be:

Szczsney; Sagna, Gibbs, Mertesacker, Vermaelen; Diaby, Cazorla, Wilshere, Walcott, Podolski; Giroud.

As for the eventual outcome? Well, I don’t think we’ll see another 4-4, I’m going for a decent 2-1 win for Arsenal.

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Thanks for reading today, you beautiful bastards. My apologies for the rushed post. Use the comments below to tell me your thoughts on the game and the team.

I shall return with a review tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “Arsenal’s starting XI for the game against Liverpool (match preview)”

  1. I wish we had a better defense. Then I could trust our team to win the match easily.
    It is going to be tough……or it will be too easy…,,, we will only know after the game kicks off in a few hours.

  2. Ramsey will replace Diaby in that line-up. The boss said he wants Diaby to take it slow and Ramsey has been playing better than usual. COYG!!

  3. We are lacking a leader, aggressive ball winning holding midfielder(Felaini or Diame) the midgets we do have don’t give the defence enough protection, the defefence is not the problem(Santos excluded), for this reason i think 3-2 to the boys, i don’t think David Villa is going to save the season it would just bring higher expectations which will in turn create more dissappointment, don’t misunderstand me all of the midfielders are very talented but it IS NOT WORKING!!!

    1. @Reno, you just spelt it the way it is. The problem is not the defence but the right personnel with the qualities and physic to sit in front of the defence and give the back four the protection they yearn for. My pridiction is 2:1 or 3:1.

      1. Tonight the defence was awful, i’d forgotten how bad Sagna was in the first half at Chelsea, Santos should not be allowed to put the dinosaur costume on never mind the shirt he’s a joke, i was close with the score though, Giroud is looking the part!!!

  4. the kobs plays in an open field with physical condition and long passes.very easy to the gunners to keep the ball and maintain their passes closely to deny the kobs getting and throwin it to suarez and sturridge.AW could put theo as only forward and toughen his mildfield with 5 men i.e 4-5-1.

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