Arsene Wenger And The Madness Of Repeating The Same Actions…

Morning, folks.

The yucky taste in my mouth from the defeat at City still lingers in my mouth. Like aniseed. Like liquorice. Like bad salsa. Like the reveal of Ben Kingsley’s character halfway through Iron Man 3. Like many bad tasting things.

It’s actually not purely the defeat. Losses occur, such the nature of professional sport. What irks is the manner in which it occurred, Yes – as many stated over the past few days; there is a case for both goals having been incorrectly ruled onside. But I find that something of a secondary concern. I can’t really see how we deserved anything from the 2nd half when the performance was so poor that it invited those situations. Both goals may very well have been poor refereeing decisions, but both goals could have been prevented simply by defending properly. There’s an extent to which defeats can be attributed to sub-standard officiating and others when it feels an easy excuse to mask greater deficiencies. Losing at City falls into the latter category.

But even poor defending and a bad day at the office doesn’t really matter. It happens. It’ll happen to each and every league club across all the divisions before the season is over. The frequency with with Arsenal appear to get themselves within touching distance of a league challenge, only to seemingly buckle under even the slightest pressure – that’s what causes such indignation. It adds fuel to idiots who appear to huddle around their YouTube channels waiting for bad things to happen. I do not agree with those people and the hatred they peddle in the name of becoming notorious or famous.

However, once you get past the varying degrees of reaction, whether they be bad or good, you understand that we’re all reacting to the same thing. and it’s hard to deny during times like this, there does appear to be something not quite right. We’ve all seen this movie before, and it’s sequels. We know what’s going to happen. We sense that something isn’t quite as it should be within the team.

Of course, it’s pretty obvious once the fog of defeat subsides, I’m only feeling this way because we lost. Had we taken 6 points from the previous two fixtures, I’d happy as a pig in the proverbial pile of sh*t. Such is the fickle nature of us football fans. But given the circumstances and that sense of pessimism they bring, my mind wanders to the maddening frequency of it all. Why does this keep happening? Is it simply a vagary of perception or emotion ruling the rational mind? Perhaps. Or is there something not quite right. Does familiarity breed contempt? Does something need to be changed for the greater good? *echo’s “greater good” in Hot Fuzz style*

Perhaps we do need a change, something to shake things up. Don’t expect an answer from this blog as I’ve no idea what that could be. Some call for Arsene to be bundled into a spacecraft and fired into the sun at the first sign of trouble, I’m not one of those. I want to see a change in the way things progress, but I want nothing more than to see Arsene administer that change. There is no man better to take us forward. Well, that might not be true. My burning love for Arsene and all his accomplishments might be clouding judgement slightly.

The simple truth is I’ve no f*cking clue what I want to see occur in the future, only that it not be the same, predictable defeats when things just appear to be turning a corner. No more unceremonious exists from cup competitions or a title challenge that all but disappears before it’s even begun. No more churlish bickering and insipid insults exchanged between people supposed to be supporting the same team. I’m tired of all of that.

But hey, the weekend brings another fixture and all of this can change over the course of 90 minutes should results elsewhere be favourable. Nothing is won yet and there a mighty distance to travel until that happens. We can still come together and turn it all around. Will that happen? Probably not. We could all muster a guess where this season will go because, as I said, we’ve seen this movie before.

That’s all for today, folks. I’ll be back soon with more offering and such. Until that time, why not comment below and shower your thoughts across the internet for the world to see – or the 10 people that visit here every day. As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

13 thoughts on “Arsene Wenger And The Madness Of Repeating The Same Actions…”

  1. The change needs to come from the players themselves. I’m tired of Wenger being the scape goat whenever things aren’t going our way. He put his best team out there, the same team that did so well over previous games and they totally disappointed him. Playing like they weren’t prepared for the game. I’m not going to call names but it’s really sad that key members of the team can’t step up when it’s really needed.

  2. We do need a change…Not sure if its a manager change or just a strategy change. Our style of build up play is way too slow and only becomes effective during a fast breakaway from our own defence. Our defence suffers for 2 reasons…Our full backs seem to put more emphasis on attacking than they do defending & our holding midfield players are not protecting the defence like they should be. Add to that the fact that if we only have a couple of shots on goal during 90 minutes, then we need to make them count, or create more goal attempts per match.

  3. We played badly in the second half because
    1. Chaka lost his passing boots and was unable to pass the ball to a teamate
    2. Ozil had an off day and offered very little.
    3.Alexis was crocked after 30minutes play and never figured in the second half
    None of this fits the rabid anti Wenger profile for some but as the saying goes expecting Wenger to change and only finding out he is exactley the same is the next thing to insanity.
    The simple facts are some of our fans will moan and groan at the players ,manager and staff ad infanitum,if you try to rationanlise with them your breath is wasted they see a headline before a fact and any degree of analisis is beyond them.

  4. I think players need to stick to the script and stop being so fancy . for instance, Alexis should play less through balls and remember that he’s the point man. Yet you often see him drop deep and play searchihg balls. The ppl he’s trying to pick out cant finish shite. What this means is that our best finisher is nowhere near the box, and our best play maker’s position has been occupied leaving ozil in no man’s land. I really feel for ozil cos that’s why he hasnt gotten many assists since Sanchez moved to 9. Alexis is hugging the ball and space. it looks good when he’s turning and dribbling in the middle but it offers little end product if he’s not in the position to finish and has killed our creativity by displacing ozil. Then of course the wings are dead. We’ve got the worst wingers in the top 4 of any European league. Check it. Sign draxler/James /reus and things will change. Wenger has invested too much faith in ox, iwobi, theo and they’re letting us all down.

      1. JRS they’ve contributed a lot by Arsenal standards but if we ever hope to be considered a serious team let alone one of the best teams in the world then we must stop with the mediocrity. The truth is those 3 don’t strike fear into opposition defenses cos for all the potential they promise, they’re not close to being world class. Perez has shown a lot whenever he’s played. He’s not as fancy nor is he English but he gets the job done. He scores and provides assists. Why not give him a try? Better still, why not crack out the old dusty check book and get Draxler or Reus or James R? I should point out that if/when Wenger decides to leave we’ll thank him for all he’s done but the next manager might throw out these players completely thus rendering Wenger’s legacy dead and frankly a waste of our time. I think that’s what is most frustrating about these Wenger years; he’s had the power to win more but his naive belief in some of these guys has made him and the club the joke of the party.

  5. Groundhog day will be an ever present until AW does the decent thing. No doubting his immense impact on AFC, but he is too old and his ideas seem a little stale. He has nothing to prove, but I would hate for him to go under a cloud. We need a young, hungry and arrogant manager who puffs his chest, loves his players and snarls at the opposition. We have a great squad, we just need fresh ideas. Wenger is a legend and should be remembered and respected for his complete transformation of Arsenal, but time for change is now.

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