Arsene Wenger set to splash the cash in January. It’s all speculation, but will it happen?

Spend some f**king money?

Evening folks.

Arsenal aren’t in the best of shape at the present, are they? Wether it be yet another moribund performance on Tuesday evening, supporter unrest, or Premier League tips favouring our absence from Champions League football next season (barring a miraculous triumph in that competition) the world of the Gooner is far from illuminated with joy.

The answer would appear deliciously simple; open up the chequebook, throw a monstrous amount of money at new recruits, and all the problems will disappear. In reality, is it that simple? Nope, not by a long stretch.

I’ve thought about it quite a bit recently, all this chitter-chatter. It seems you can’t so much as browse the internet these days without coming across at least one story of an ex-player and how he thinks the Club should splurge all their money. Fans are just the same – me included.

When you actually give it a few moments of rational thought, you realise there’s nothing from our manager’s past that shows he’ll ever do something that drastic, as such a thing would be admitting defeat.

There’s not much I could say to back up  the idea of opting against transfers in January. Like many of you, I could name a few areas in which I believe Arsenal are screaming out for reinforcements. We could use a different option up front  (not bloody Gervinho) and a bit of healthy competition for Szczsney wouldn’t go amiss. To me, those things are glaringly obvious. To our manager, a man who knows immeasurably more than I could ever claim, we have, as he quite regularly claims, “the best squad of players he’s assembled”.

Arsene Wenger is not a man for knee-jerk reaction or bloated excursions into the transfer market. He’s a thinker; a calculated man who believes in resolution from within and purchasing at a value he deems appropriate. The louder the collective masses scream for world-beaters to enter the club on the back of ridiculous fees, the stronger his resolve is to search out those deals that make us all exclaim, “Jesus, that was an inspired signing”.

Perhaps it’s simply vanity on his part – as if going the same route as your Chelseas or your Manchester Citys is a dirty pursuit beneath a man of his stature. There are many ways you could view it, but the truth remians; if we have a budget of £70m to use in January, our manger is unlikely to use it. We may very well see incomings, we’ll probably see Thierry Henry back to give us something to smile about.

What we won’t see is anything drastic. Perhaps that’s a good things, perhaps it is not. As the pressure mounts, as the supporters turn on a man once above reproach, the more likely drastic action is the only course left for the Club. Arsenal without Arsene Wenger is no longer unthinkable. I’d be devastated if he left, but sometimes in life things fall apart after having once been magnificent. Sometimes change is needed.

Thats all for today, folks. Apologies for my recent absence – I’m working the big hours over December, but I’ll be blogging as much as is humanly possible. Take a moment to leave me a comment.

I shall return. Thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

9 thoughts on “Arsene Wenger set to splash the cash in January. It’s all speculation, but will it happen?”

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  2. dear mr armchair,

    i personally think that a proper defensive midfielder and a top striker would be enough to guarantee us a top 4 finish. we have never replaced vieira and we have therefore won nothing. fellaini and huntelaar would be perfect for now. we cant win the league now but 3rd or 4th isn’t beyond our capabilities.

  3. Its not so much about the manager not splashing cash podolski giroud and cazorla cost a tidy sum and so did arteta mertesacker gervinho chamberlain jenkinson santos the summer before. them main problem is that we balanced the books by selling cesc nasri song rvp vela and one or two others. I would just like to see him sell the players we dont need and keep the ones we do that will be a good start. however i am getting the feeling that the next two out the door are walcott and sagna while i have heard a strong rumour that denilson and bendtner are coming back in january along with henry!

    1. Awesome article man, man it’s just frustrating. Buy tiote or capoue or mvilla or diame!! Of west ham he looks a very solid veira esque player. We need steel so badly we get bullied by other teams. We need that beast who can work with Wilshere to let other teams know we won’t be bullied and if u try anything ur gonna get hurt. Also for the love of god, if I see gervinho play upfront one more time I’m gonna year my hair out. He is complete and utter BOLLOCKS as a striker.

  4. Bid for M’VILLA been watching him on YouTube player we need in front of back four and being at the AFC will straighten him out! In striker dept maybe bid for Darren Bent or recall NB, Afobe or Campbell or just spend 50 mil on Neymar? ACG we do not need a other keeper Mannone is fine and we have great prospects! It’s the 10 players in front of the GK that is slacking especially closing down shooters! Peace dude! Shout to the youth today in the Next Gen well done!!

  5. Yes we never replaced Viera but in Abou Diaby. We need another one to cover in his absence. I bet cazorla on the wing could be very useful while Rosicky-wilshere-Arteta mop up the midfield. But not a great fan of Arteta as he slows down the tempo more often. Maybe Verm need to take this mantle because defensively as centerback he is not so solid. Case-study, OLympiakos. He must play to his call-sign, Verminator – destroying all offensive efforts by the opponents!

    Old man will turn it around but he is already slighted. .We need to get behind him. But sometimes his formations are mind-boggling. He will go on his accord and its fair to grant him that!

    We need to up our wage caps because great players will stay. They are indeed entertainers, so who is to blame? Just dont let the deadwoods stay any longer to reduce wage costs but attract really good first teamers. Ramsey, Gerv, COq, Chamakh are squad players at best. Arteta too has not got the legs for the whole season.

    More of the black scaf movement pls

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