Arsene’s new contract, and rambling nonsense.

Things could escalate quickly when AKBs met with WOBs…

Morning folks.

I currently have a nasty stomach bug. Like any grown man worth his salt, I intend to use every avenue available to complain about it until I get some sympathy. Soldier on bravely? That’s not the gentleman’s way!

Truth be told; I’m writing this to you a haggard, pale figure far removed from my previously glorious self. If you can image the state you’d be in having left a room in which you’d been forced to watch Gervinho’s miss against Bradford on loop,  suffered repeated blows to the head and refused the sweet relief of sleep for 3 days, then you can picture the sorry sight behind the keyboard at present.

But that’s enough moaning. You good folks come here for nuggets of Arsenal information, and not to be regaled with insipid tales of my personal life. Although, Daniel Cowan and the Goonersphere folks regularly plead with me to include some jarring recollections of my spicier carnal adventures, the vicarious swines… That’s another story entirely.

Moving on.

The main news I’ve come across that isn’t just another regurgitated transfer rumour is reports of Arsene Wenger soon being offered a brand new 3 year contract. I can imagine that revalation will be received two ways:

  1. AKBs the world over will unite in harmonious song, sacrificing their elderly relatives and collectable match-day programmes to ornamental statues of Arsene they’ve made of cheese. They will dance the night away around a campfire, entirely naked and howling at each other. 
  2. WOBs will get so angry,  the phrase “8 years without a trophy” will be spat with such fire and brimstone that anything within a 12 metre radius will crumble to ash. Their general penmanship and grammatical prudence will be affected irrevocably, leaving the only sentence they are able to produce:  “arsene is da bad man of d arsenal and must be died today or else no trophy for d life of man. die wenga die wenga

I think my medication might be kicking in a little.

In all seriousness, I’ve always stated I stand firmly between those two ridiculous extremes of opinion. I do not hail Arsene as an infallible apotheosis of modern man, no more than I think he is responsible for every single bad thing that occurs to Arsenal. He is a great, great man who’s accomplishments for Arsenal see his place in the Club’s history rightfully guaranteed.

But he is not beyond reproach, and mistakes have been made on numerous occasions he, and he alone, is responsible for. I believe in Arsene, and I see no better man to lead us forward. With the correct resources at his disposal, he can bring glory to Arsenal. It’s just the occasional bouts of stubbornness and vanity that cloud his judgement. Like all of us; no one is perfect.

If he signs on for a further 3 years, I’ll be delighted. Our policies in the transfer market look top be changing for the better, and things look brighter than they have for a while during this time of year.

And with that babble out of the way, I’ll end matters here. Seriously – what the f**k am I talking about today?  I think it’s best if I hand things over to you, the wonderful peruser:

Do you want Arsene Wenger to sign a new contract?

Let me know your thoughts on the matter in the splendidly placed comments section. And be civil; I don’t want to mediate a full-blown AKB vs WOB skirmish. There’s too much naughty language in those for my liking. I’m a very sensitive individual.

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

16 thoughts on “Arsene’s new contract, and rambling nonsense.”

  1. No one knows arsenal better than wenger and I feel he’s the only one than can take us out of the situation we are in…..since he put us there. Lol! So go on Mr AW! SIGN THA THING!

  2. it’ll be really interesting to see how this plays out. In the past when AW has seemingly dragged on signing a contract it’s annoyed me … that type of thinking seemed to transfer to the players. Was that coincidence? the other factor is who else might want him .. PSG most recently, Real Madrid used to get linked in the past. I always wondered whether the protestations the AFC had tons of cash available to spend was / is really a signal to the AW suitors that he’s reluctant to shell out. A sort of declaration that he would nt cope with their MO for player acquisitions … big money signings non. whether he goes or stays, and I really hope he stays, i want it done quick.

  3. D tin u nid is alcohol …lots of it….nd ur fuckin page needs rebrandin….it is bcomin too old school for my likin…….and yes d question…….barack obama wud hav been more preferrable at helm, he wud kill osama”kreonke” just two yrs afta comin in

  4. I think as many of u may agree,akb’s and wob’s debacle has cooled down abit since ivan had his conference bout us wanting to be on the same level as bayern.many of us can start to look at the new season with a bit of optimism(very slight) with big names being flown about.the hig,rooney,saurez etc… While we might be able to get “the hig” any1 who believes the rooney tales need to cut it out not gna happen. I feel the problem lies deeper than the players we put on the pitch and the tactics,or even the board..clichy made an interesting comment a few seasons ago about how suprised he was that the city players tackled during training,I mean how absurd is that.we need to be surrounding the players with people that know that winning isn’t everything,its the only thing(think manchester untd and barca in the guardiola era)should we make a few marquee signings then great but that is not the root of the problem

  5. For what he’s doing now am gonna stop to watch soccar because it hates to see the team that u really love and die for it just go down each and every season. So I don’t want him to have a new contract plz

    1. MpokoshoJM ,

      You are just typical of the nonsense spouted on these blogs. FIrstly, it’s football, not soccer, which I assume you meant to type. And secondly, by all means moan that our team isnt as good as it was, berate the signings, worry about the team – but if you are going to stop watching because we don’t win, then check the league table, and transfer your allegiance to the team at the top.

  6. Hi good piece once you get into the main bit. I am like you I sit firmly between the two camps. What I have seen though is a man who still has desire. Think if I remember match right was either Bradford or villa it was being shown on Espn at one point the camera show wengerbon touch line throwing up his hand at some time you hear him say for fuck sake just pass the ball in response to the numerous poor passes. Now the word fuck was in there the exact wording may be incorrect due to time and no playback of that moment. But this shows how much Wenger still wants to win. My problem is at some point in time he has to be replaced not for any other reason than age. Ferguson retired but does the same apply to Wenger.when is the right time to replace him and with whom. However, for now he is right person to go forward. People forget we have been to finals in those trophy less years and just failed at final hurdle so we have been close just not close enough. For now the man deserves a chance to change our fortunes around.

  7. My arse is parked in the exact same place as your good self James yes Wenger has made mistakes but look where we are now we have the Emirates nearly paid for, we are properly the most cash rich club in world football, we have just signed the biggest shirt sponsorship in Premier League history and we are on the verge of signing a genuine world class player in Gonzalo Higuain …….
    I know we’ve not won a trophy in a while but there is no gain without pain and the pain is behind us now, the board are finally loosening the purse strings so our time is coming
    Wenger has won the Premier League before he knows what it takes so he is the man to take us forward in my humble opinion and besides who if he was sacked is out there to take his place… ?

    BUT saying that he must deliver the time is now there can be no more excuses no more Bradford’s

  8. Arsene is a top tier manager without doubt and the only man I would like to see in his place is Klopp. But saying that, I would make that change in a heartbeat. He’s young, dynamic, charismatic, great at picking out a player and damn inspiring. He took a sleeping giant languishing in mid table to back to back league winners, champions league finalists and one of the finest teams in Europe.
    I am unsure that Arsene is truly capable of doing that for us. I do think we will have new faces come Thursday but I will be disappointed if there isn’t. We have an opportunity this summer to steal a march and make ground on the big three. We have an excellent squad, that have learnt to win while playing badly (at last!) and the common consensus is that 3 or 4 truly excellent players is what is needed to bridge the gap.

    My biggest issue with our club is that it is easy to perceive that they aren’t trying as hard as they can to be successful and with Kroenke’s mouth piece saying we have more money than we know what to do with, there is no excuse to get these great players in.

    Its widely believed that Arsene has control of all transfer matters and If this doesn’t happen THIS SUMMER, I will firmly be in the WOB. Not because I think he is poor, but only because there is a perfect replacement for him. If I was on the board id be giving Arsene 1 more year on his contract and busting my balls to get Klopp here before someone else gets hold of him when he’s finished with BvB. I’m sure he could get by on 7.5-8m a year.

    Arsene was a breath of fresh air 15 years ago after the GG 1-0 to the ars-e-nal days but that air is getting stale and for me its time for a younger man of todays generation of managers to blaze a new trail at Arsenal.

    My tender thoughts splurged to you James, and your readers, Thanks for the outlet!

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