Arteta appeals, bigger tests to come and areas of mild concern.

“Out of order? This whole FA appeal hearing is out of order!”

Morning, delicious readers.

It’s a lovely Monday. Here is Bristol we’ve had storms and other such crazy weather conditions. As I type, it sounds as if two teenage tornados are having sex on my roof, and both are particularly enthusiastic participants. At any moment, I fully expect either a whole tree or the house across the street to come crashing through my window.

Yet, with all the madness outside, locked away in the cosy confines of home I still feel compelled to take these moments to peruse the various sources at my disposal. Perhaps I should be erecting some form of impenetrable fortress around my bed out of cereal boxes and cheese, but I’ve neither the time or the inclination. I shall have to hope Mother Nature and I are on good terms.

Notably today,  Mikel Arteta and Arsenal intend to appeal against his ridiculous red card at the weekend. He certainly has grounds for an appeal. Most reputable and intelligent pundits – not you, Michael Owen – would agree it was a poor decision. Mikel had these words to say about it:

“It was a very harsh decision to send me off. Chamakh kicks my fight foot.

“I have seen it on television. It is 40 yards away from goal too.

“It is true that I tried to block him with my hand but then he came with his left foot into my right calf and then we were both on the floor. It was never a tackle from me.”

Summed up perfectly. Of course, even if it may appear obvious to all of us, we shouldn’t forget a group of senile old men with little or no football experience will be reviewing the decision. This is The FA we’re talking about; not an organisation renowned for it’s sensible conclusions. In all likelihood, any case put forward by Arsenal will fall on deaf ears, and the ban will stand. However, it’s good to see we are willing to try – at the very least.

Elsewhere today, I’ve been reading about the bigger tests that face us in the next few weeks. Perhaps we’ve had it a little easy thus far, but I feel on the whole that argument is a little silly. We’ll play all the teams in the league twice just like everyone else. I can’t really say it matters much to me what order they come in.

Chelsea tomorrow night in the COC won’t truly be a mettle-tester, but Liverpool at the weekend will be. They’ve looked very good in patches, and Suarez and Sturridge will be a strong threat.  With so many eager to see us flounder, I hope these fixtures will prove a galvanising factor for the team ,and the will to shut a few gobby pundits and doom merchants up will help us towards some favourable results.

The only small worry for me is the lack of The Flame. He’s been a vital cog of workmanlike efficiency behind the more ostentatious members of the squad. Arteta can play his role, but lacks the nastiness and bite that makes The Flame so effective. His injury couldn’t have come at a worse time.

I think I’ll leave it there today. The comments await you below – tell me what you think of Flamini missing an important couple of weeks. As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

PS – I almost forgot; The Goonersphere Podcast is being recorded this week, and we’re doing a Halloween special. On that show, I’ll be reading out some questions with both a Halloween and Arsenal theme. I still need a few more, so feel free to add one with your comment. The best get read on the show with full credit to the asker.

3 thoughts on “Arteta appeals, bigger tests to come and areas of mild concern.”

  1. this injury comes at a crucial time. the arteta/chamakh episode tells you just how badly he is missed. flamini would not have let gibbs stray so far upfield leaving the man free.
    arteta does a good job but unfortunately is going to be exposed against the bigger teams. ramsey as well cannot hold up the midfield..draws against liverpool / dortmund and united would be very welcome without the flame…

  2. James Rah-oool Stokes, you peach of a blogger. My thanks for all the laughs, chortles, oddly girlish giggles, and amused but slightly uncomfortable nosey air exhalations you have drawn from me ever since stumbling upon your site and podcast. Great work, ever interesting, and much appreciated. Questions then:

    First, with the unfortunate injury to Mathieu (hallowed be His Flame), and the unlikeliness of the FA exhibiting anything resembling common sense regarding Arteta, might Vermaelen be considered for the job of protecting the back four at the weekend? Especially after the incredible return to his steely-eyed best performance he’s sure to put in tomorrow (all digits crossed)? Rather unlikely, but I just can’t help but feel that Ramsey and Jack might be unable to curb their forward inclinations and we’ll end up a bit exposed.

    Second, and of far greater importance, if you and your fellow podcasters pooed Halloween candy instead of poo, who would poo the worst candy? The gumdrops, the stale candy corn, the f*cking disgusting necco wafers that could double as sidewalk chalk? Who would poo the best candy?

    Looking forward to your swashbucklingly dulcet tones on the new cast, cheers!

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