BALLS: Theo Walcott faces 6 months on the sidelines.

See you next season, Theo. Get well soon.

Evening, boys ‘n’ girls.

I don’t usually dedicate posts to news as it happens, but this one felt like something in need of reporting. I’m sure you’ve all heard the bloody awful news of the injury to Theo Walcott’s knee that will see him out for the rest of the season and quite probably the World Cup in Brazil.

It’s a ruptured anterior cruciate ligament to his left knee sustained during Saturday’s 2-0 win over Spurs, and it’s a terrible shame. Having just regained a starting place in the team and getting regularly amongst the goals, Theo’s season has been cut short just when it started to show signs of great promise. From an Arsenal perspective – I’m not all that concerned about England – it means we carry on our push for the title without a player capable of scoring very important goals. With the recent emergence of Serge Gnabry as an option, plus the imminent return from injury of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, it isn’t all doom and gloom, but it is certainly a huge blow.

Considering Bendtner and Giroud both remain injured, Theo’s injury will surely mean Arsene Wenger looks toward reinforcing now that the January transfer window is open. Speculation has been flowing steadily since the start of the year. Expect it to become a tidal-wave of mendacity and falsification in the next few weeks.

I have faith in Arsene Wenger, and I don’t doubt for a second he will move to bring in another option in the forward positions. Seasons can turn on moments like this. Robert Pires and Eduardo have both fallen victim to season-ending injuries at similar times during Arsenal’s past thrusts towards glory. Once the final outcome was positive, once it wasn’t. Let’s hope today’s news acts as galvanising force and the players push onwards with added determination.

That’s all from me. The comments await your thoughts below. How badly do you think Theo will be missed? Is there a player you see as an ideal replacement we could realistically sign in the next few weeks? Let me know your opinions.

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

12 thoughts on “BALLS: Theo Walcott faces 6 months on the sidelines.”

  1. Well it was a given we needed a striker, that was before injuries to giroud andbendtner now this.perhaps at 4.5m for both berbatov and kalou that could be the quick fix. Both are title winners and both are desperate to come so let’s get it done. We could then also loan out ryo and sanogo. I would also bring in amother dm to replace frimpong sending him on loan too.

  2. Thought you might appreciate a comment as the feedback to all your hard work has been so poor? Only 5 responses, I’ll do you a favour and make it six. Maybe if you allowed people to post their opinions freely it may provoke some debate. Your lot we’re rejoicing when Bale got injured for us, it’s banter, if you can’t take it don’t give it!

          1. I have never and never will “wish harm” on any player, regardless of who he is or he plays for. I just found it amusing that it happened to him when it did, as did most if not all of my fellow Spurs fans.
            I am an avid reader of The Boy Hotspur who has an average of 300 responses to each blog. He welcomes supporters from other clubs to debate a topic. He does NOT change their comment to try and ridicule them as you have tried with my first comment or by publishing their email address.

  3. first of all, my thoughts go out to theo. what a crushing blow it must be for him- third time unlucky for the world cup. get well soon mate.

    from arsenal’s perspective, theo would be a huge miss. he’s a unique player in the sense that there is always a goal-scoring threat in him even when he sometimes drifts in and out of games and doesn’t add much to build-up play. in fact he must be one of the highest scoring wingers/wide attackers in the league.

    secondly, he has this knack of coming to life and to his best in the so-called big games, of which tottenham is just one example. specially in games where opponents do not ‘park the bus’, his pace and intelligent running opens up defences.

    his absence will be cushioned somewhat with gnabry and chamberlain who’s back soon. both are exciting, talented players but the downside is that both do not possess the same goal-scoring threat that theo has. hopefully they will add goals to their games sooner rather than later as both are capable of doing so.

    as for the january transfer market, i think it’s going to be one of the most inactive in recent times because of a myriad of reasons such as players unwilling to move due to the world cup or because they’re cup-tied. for whatever reason, january is always a more difficult market in any case.

    but wenger must find a solution and buying a striker has become a must now. hopefully, he’ll give us a pleasant surprise and arsenal a huge boost in terms of the title race.

  4. @Mikey: It seems to me you’re all for banter until it’s directed at you. You came on here making snide remarks, you got a reaction. You didn’t like that reaction. Boo-hoo. And I only re-published your E-Mail address. You made it public when you commented.

    If ‘The Boy Hotspur’ has a site that’s as wonderful as you say, and so rich with commenters (I assume this was an attempt to belittle my site. Well done. I’m distraught. I can barley type through the tears) then I suggest you go back there and stay there.

    I make everyone from anywhere welcome on here should they wish to be constructive and contribute. You didn’t do that. You laughed at a player’s misfortune – something I wouldn’t ever consider going onto a Spurs site and doing.

    Most importantly, I couldn’t give a f**k if anything I’ve done has upset you.

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