Berbatov, Morata, Diego Costa, transfer news and early Spurs talk.

The effect caused by the January Transfer Window could go either way…

Afternoon, folks.

It’s been a funny ol’ couple of days. Now that all the madness of ‘JamGate‘ seems have finally relented, I find myself dealing with an all too familiar sensation in its place; the January Transfer Window and all its associated balderdash. As sure as eggs is eggs; the minute the clock chimed 12am on New Year’s Eve, the fabrications, the mendacious stories and the furious clamouring for news began with a vengeance.

Arsene himself added fuel to the fire with his customary remarks about signing a ‘special’ player should one become available. Those words seen through distorted eyes mean there’s a plethora of options out there and it’s inevitable Arsenal will be signing someone, anyone, as long as they’re remotely well known and able to aid publicity.

So who are we allegedly after? Well, there’s actually quite a few names being mentioned. I’ve commented previously on a few of the ones that immediately strike me as being completely untrue, but I do have a feeling there’s some likehood to a couple of deals, and they’re two propsed transfers at opposing ends of the monetary spectrum (can you have a monetary spectrum?).

First up we have the cheap, stop-gap option of Fulham’s Dimitar Berbatov. Supposedly available for a mere £2m, he represents someone capable of giving us another option for a few months/a year until we can focus our attentions on a long-term solution. Oddly enough, there’s been quite a lot of news on this one, especially when Berbatov’s Facebook page ran a story about him firing Arsenal to the title, and Yayo Sanogo took to social media to welcome him to the club. Here, have a look:

Image blatantly stolen from Le Grove.

However, from my perspective, I can’t really buy into Arsene going after Berbatov. As someone pointed out on Twitter – I forget your name – The ex-Spurs player is essentially a taller version of Andrey Arshavin; capable of the occasional flash of brilliance, but about as lazy as they come.

Secondly, we have the expensive option, and it’s being reported in a few of the less-than-reputable outlets that a whopping bid of £32m has been sent to Atletico Madrid to trigger Diego Costa’s release clause. Costa has managed an impressive 19 goals in 17 appearances in La Liga this season, and I’d be telling you all a bunch of lies if I said I know much more about him other than that. On paper, he sounds like an ideal signing. However, you can never be entirely sure. Diego Forlan, for example, regularly performed well in Spain but simply couldn’t adapt to the Premiership during his time at Man United. Of course, there are examples that show the opposite. Just look at Sergio Aguero.

The name that seems most likely of all to me is Real Madrid’s Alvaro Morata. The potential of a loan deal for the 21-year-old seems to suit all parties oncerned, leaving the summer period for the purchasing of a striker. Currently a few runs down in the pecking order at Real, Morata could see a 6 month loan at Arsenal as means of gaining some much-needed experience.

As is stands, Arsene has stated he wishes to see the condition of both Bendtner and Sanogo before he makes a decision. If either of those two, as well as Olivier Giroud, look likely to miss a significant portions of the coming months, Arsene might see moving into the market as a necessity. However, given we still have Walcott and Podolski able to be deployed centrally, I can’t imagine any deals at all will be made should our injury troubles not be a severe as initially thought.

I guess only time will tell. The current paucity of options does leave us a little light heading into tomorrow’s huge FA Cup game with Spurs. Giroud and Bednter will almost certainly not be available, so Podolski will most likely start in their place. I love Lukas to bits, but I’ve said before he is a far greater threat cutting in from the left. The same applies to Theo. Neither player really has the presence and ability to hold the ball up and bring others into the game, and our play often relies upon that.

Tomorrow could be a tough game with our depleted forces. I’ll be posting a full preview of that in the morning, but until then, here’s a question for you; In an ideal and realistic world, who would you say the best player to come into Arsenal would be? Arsene is known for playing his cards close to his chest, so I tend to pay little attention to his constant dismissal of names. He could be working away on something as I type. We shall see.

That’s all for today, folks. I’ll look forward to reading a few of your thoughts in the comments. As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

21 thoughts on “Berbatov, Morata, Diego Costa, transfer news and early Spurs talk.”

  1. The only thing between us and the title is Manchester City. Would you be satisfied with a second place finish and the FA cup?

    1. @Veer:

      That’s a tough question to answer, especially considering I do believe we have a genuine chance of winning the league. However, I’d love to see us win a trophy, so I wouldn’t be at all unhappy if that’s how the season finished.

  2. I d like us sign at least a striker, even if it is a loan player,if trully we want to win it again for a long period of time.

    1. John can u say that a bit louder,,,,,,,,,,,,,caps locks I suggest maybe as we cant hear u from way up here at top of the league,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, cant wai to sing my fav song at game,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, watssssss the scoreeeeeee adebayorrrrrrrrr waaaaaats the scoreeeeee adebayorrrrrrrrr,,,5,2, this year again I say,,,,,,,, theos gonna get yaaaaaas

  3. I’m happy there are still people who stand by their word but maybe you should stay away from gambling. I have found that ignoring all the transfer gossip is the best way to keep my sanity. Which ever way it goes I’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.

  4. In fairness I think city will win the league we unfortunately still seem to have that mental block where against big teams we play with the handbreak on but I must say if we win our next 4 very winable games we could be 4 points clear going into february id say we have a punchers chance and the game v city at home I think mite be title decider. I DONT THINK CHELSEA have the staying power up front to be honest, I like our chances v bayern calll me crazy but were better than last year and I dont think there as efficent as they were so if we could ride our luck which will be needed and get by bayern I think wed fear no one in europe n maybe im dreaming but we could be in the final again.,,,,,,, really I dont get my hopes up for wenger buying anyone hes capable of suprising us and I believe in the great man himself but he doesnt trust january market, that being said it is world cup year and some players will want to move for a chance to play regular football hopefully we can take advantage of that and get that striker security we sooooo desire,,,,,,,,,,, coyg gooner from the womb till the tomb,gary belfast,,,,,,,,,,,,, p, s, over for spurs game all weekend cant wait to return to my spiritual home (emirates),,,,,,, bring on they who shault not be named

  5. Any thing striker will amount panic buy. But the reason to panic is obvious. A little addition in the form of a loan deal would do. It’s unwise to spend big now on untested striker who may not even find his feet in the EPL before the end of May. Berbatov may come cheap but we need someone with better speed or work rate. If Walcot and Podolski would be uninjured then Arsenal will be okay. Let’s hope so-that’s the best risk to take: believe Giroud will return soon and Podo and Theo will support to a victorious season. After all Arsenal did not project to win the EPL in 2013/2014.

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