Learning from defeat, big money buys, bouncing back, and peculiar search engine terms.

“Shit! That was a bit wide…”

Morning folks.

Once you have a few moments to collect your thoughts away from the burning disappointment inside you, you soon realise that the shambolic shower of shite we put on against Norwich – and it was – isn’t the end of the world. They’ll be plenty of other teams who drop points in games they perhaps shouldn’t. Saturday’s result wasn’t exactly pretty, but it’s far from disastrous.

It’s done now, and is of little importance. What is of paramount concern is the reaction of our players. If you look back over the years, poor defeats can have a knock-on affect with Arsenal. For example, look at the team’s form after the Carling Cup Final loss, or the 4-4 at St James’ Park (I know… It wasn’t a defeat, but it sure felt like one). We play Schalke on Wednesday, and they’re a very good team. I think it’s a good game to have, becuase a good performance and victory can send the ol’ confidence levels shooting back up.

A lot of talk has surrounded January acquisitions. There were some interesting points made in yesterday’s comments and on my Facebook Page concerning the areas fans think we are found lacking. The supposed lack of physically imposing players in our midfield is a good point, but I personally think we are not missing too much. I think the problem is psychological; we don’t posses a winning mentality that sees you through games when you’re playing poorly. The players we brought in are excellent. Cazorla is world class, Podoloski is a breath of fresh air, and whilst Giroud has had his detractors, and a slow enough start to give them ammunition, I still think he’ll turn out to be a quality player for Arsenal.

Spending a fortune on new faces won’t guarantee success. What we perhaps need is a new keeper to challenge Szczsney, and another striker – preferably one different from Chamakh and Giroud. If you believe what you read, we could very well be welcoming Atletico Madrid’s, Adrian Lopez to the club when the bitter chills of early 2013 are upon us.

When you consider we still have the likes of Rosicky, Szczsney, Sagna, Wilshere and Diaby to come back into the team, without injury we have a very strong and competitive squad.  If we can cut out the maddening performances and get over whatever maladies prevent us from turning up, we might just be in with a shout of proving people wrong.

Lastly today, I thought I would share with you some of the more bizarre search terms used by people to find this delicious little blog of mine. Have a look below, and if you’re responsible for any of them, feel free to come clean.

I totally agree with the first one.

20121021-083031 PM.jpg
You strange people…

That’s all for today, folks. I hope you’ll take a moment to empty your respective brains all over the comments section. I await a few of your opinions and thoughts.

I shall return tomorrow. Thanks for reading, you scrumptious individuals.

5 thoughts on “Learning from defeat, big money buys, bouncing back, and peculiar search engine terms.”

  1. All i can say is arsenal are not suppose to be dropping points against a smaller team,every player at arsenal needs to step up its performance in every match we play.the season is still young but arsenal need to step their very well.

  2. if arsenal continue like then, come January, will be a disaster for the team and we may probably not qualify for the champion league next season.

    another thing, let stop overestimating our players when their best is yet to come.

  3. I think the knock on effect you’re referring to needs to come from ole Arsene giving someone an ass whooping in the locker room. That scene would put a winning fire in anyone.

    Gervinho bitch? Hilarious and could be John Terry’s search because I sense a hint of racism.

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