Brighton Dispatched With A Little Fuss, NEW SIGNING!! And The Return Of An Arsenal Great.

Rosicky celebrates adding the 3rd with a superb volley.

Morning, folks.

It’s been a while. Lost somewhere in the plethora of false promises from myself was the inclination to blog. As I suspect you’ve already deduced, that desire proved as hollow as the words that jumped from my fingers onto your screen. I love this little site of mine; The Armchair Gooner has always represented an avenue in which I’m my own boss and I can spew out whatever balderdash floating around my head without fear of anyone telling me I can’t. Something of an anti-establishemnt, “f**k you and your authority” type, I am.

For a long time, the desire to write has been absent. Like an estranged sibling or cowardly father, it has deserted me with little or no reason – perhaps hiding in a dingy bar swigging back ale in the hope of forgetting responsibilities.

Yet here I am, referring to myself as “The Return Of An Arsenal Great”. I realise fully that’s a touch arrogant, perhaps even bordering on spectacular over-assumption of importance. Along with my aforementioned troubles with those that reside above me in positions of power, I tend to be quite narcissistic. I say ‘tend’… It’s full-blown and unabashedly so.

In short, I’ve resurfaced because that inclination has returned (I know I’m not an Arsenal great, by the way).

So without further ado, Arsenal stuff. Enough of this blathering.

Yesterday’s game at Brighton had all the hallmarks of a classic FA Cup tie. In places. For the first 45 minutes, two goals from Walcott and Ozil put us into a deserved and seemingly unassailable lead. During that period Brighton looked a touch tame and we cantered through, playing some good football without ever really having to engage full thrusters.

The second half was an altogether different kettle of the proverbial fish. Fully aware of their floundering in the first period, Brighton came out with the intent of making a game of it and thanks in no small measure to those worrying bouts of Arsenal complacency in defence, the hosts were able to bag a couple of goals. However, 3-2 might strike the casual observer as game in which things were tight. It did not me.

Perception is a funny thing in football. Had we not been so defensively sound at Man City the previous week, I probably would have spent large periods of the game expecting a glorious capitulation. Usually as balls arch toward our penalty area in tricky away fixtures, I find myself profusely sweating or awash with jitters as my stomach unleashes the kind of gurgling noises that wouldn’t be out of places in the deepest fires of Hell.

Yesterday, no such conditions occurred and I sat calmly expecting Arsenal to see out the game, a scenario that played out precisely as I thought it would.

Given the previous day’s results…..

Before I go any further, I feel now is the opportune moment to laugh at Chelsea and Jose Mourinho. 2-0 up at half time against the mighty Bradford City, only to lose 4-2….


It couldn’t have happened to a bigger bunch of  c*nts.


Given the shocks thrown up over the weekend, the path to Wembley looks to be opening up for us. Whilst there are still undeniably good teams left in the competition, I’d fancy us to dispatch them if we can continue the recent show of good form.

Elsewhere today, it would appear we have a new face on the way. Speaking yesterday, Arsene broke from his usually coy traditions and all but confirmed the signing of Villareal’s Gabriel Paulista – a centre back I have to admit I know little about, but others seem to liken him to Martin Keown. As is so often the case with additions at Arsenal, his credentials have already been brought into dispute before he’s even been official announced.

Some so-called ‘experts’ seem to feel he lacks flair and doesn’t posses the range of passing required to play for Arsenal, both odd aspersions to cast over a player who’ll be deployed in an area of the pitch where neither attribute is essential. Martin Keown, Tony Adams, Steve Bould, Sol Campbell, Per Mertesacker; all players you could argue are lacking in flair and a range of passing, all superb centre halves. If Paulista can prove to be anywhere near as good as those players, he’ll be an excellent addition to the squad.

That’ll be all for today, folks. The comments await you and your thoughts, located in an oh-so handy section beneath these words. I shall be back tomorrow with more.

Until then, and as always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.


5 thoughts on “Brighton Dispatched With A Little Fuss, NEW SIGNING!! And The Return Of An Arsenal Great.”

  1. Raul,
    It is not over yet. Manure and the mugsmashers may still be eliminated when they replay.
    Otherwise, I did suspect that your disguise was Arsenal’s Rosicky, That is now confirmed.

  2. Hi James.
    I really don’t understand what is lack of flair and range of passing that people talking about. My opinion, passing the ball to forward teammate from the back ( it won’t take 100 yard range though!) is the easy part of defender’s duty. Clear tackle and ball interception is more complicated. Paulista (ok, from youtube) is good at it. He looks faster and calm than Koscielny (once, he off ball Bale by racing with him) and seems so strong for a very tall thin guy. His defensive awareness remind me of Ramos without goals. Can’t wait to see his debut.

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