Cheating Spurs, Delayed Hangovers, I’d Like Arsene Wenger To Stay and Other Stuff.

Afternoon, folks.

Yesterday morning I made a foolish boast. I claimed that after an evening of rambunctuous gin consumption, I awoke the next day without a sore head or deep sense of regret. As it turns out, the hangover had only been momentarily suspended and fully hit home around the middle of the afternoon. My god, I felt like someone had rolled me into a bag and then hammered the sh*t out of it.

Yesterday evening, my fiancée and I went out for a meal with some friends and she might as well have been accompanied by a particularly uncommunicative member of the undead. I tired, but I failed miserably. I was grateful to come home to the sweet, warm sanctuary of my bed. Whilst it bed, I decided to watch the highlights of the Liverpool-Spurs game.

I know it seems like a bit of a cliché for an Arsenal fan to say something disparaging about Spurs, but they are undeniably awful cheats. Twice yesterday their theatrics and general shi*thousery won them penalties and, in the end, a decent draw they probably didn’t deserve. With the North London Derby coming up this Saturday, it’s worth our players taking a look at that game.

Both Alli and Kane are repeat offenders and they’ll have no qualms whatsoever about hurling themselves to the floor should the chance to gain the initiative present itself. We’re not known for our defensive prudence and Mustafi in particular is very prone to diving in at the last minute, often with varying results. Our defenders will need to be extremely careful the whole game. The whole team, in fact, will need to be wary of Kane and friends when repelling attacks from our penalty area.

And that’s about it for news, the other part of the headline today, well.. I’m sure that’s going to boil a considerable amount of p*ss, but I should explain exactly what I mean first.

I love Arsene Wenger, but I like to tell people I’m also a realist. I think it’s time for him to move on. Arsenal repeat the same mistakes on a regular basis and whilst our previous outing has given us all hope what what lies ahead, it’s worth remembering that we are still miles away from competing for the league title or, art this stage, even for the Champions League places. I wouldn’t think to dispute any of that with anyone.

But there’s a huge part of me that would love him to stay and end his time with something truly memorable. I know what you’re thinking, that’s not very likely – Hell, it’s about as likely as me taking command of the Starship Enterprise in the next fortnight, but for the sake of a man that’s done great things in the past for Arsenal, I’d love to see him end his tenure on the high note his early work deserves.

The protests, the fan vitriol, the loathsome f*ckwits shouting churlish abuse and all the farrago of nonsense that surrounds Arsenal’s defeats and poor performances is a terrible way to leave. Arsene Wenger gave us the most successful period of Arsenal’s history, and it would be a shame for that to be overshadowed by perceived failure and unkept promises.

As it stands, the optimist inside me sees new signings, an exciting attacking team and genuine hope we’re going to utilise our new head of recruiting to really go for it in the summer. That will be the last year of Arsene Wenger’s contract. If he can salvage something from this season – a cup victory would be nice – then I’d be all for one last roll of the dice. Many of you won’t agree, many of you would prefer he left now and our exciting new team had an exciting new manager.

There’s a part of me that would agree. But the bigger part of me hpes Arsene Wenger’s story with Arsenal has one big surprise left. Things are certainly looking up on the pitch and for the future. I hope this, for once, isn’t the usual misplaced optimism that comes with a bit of good news, but the start of something great. I guess time will tell…

That’s all for today, folks.

I’m really busy tomorrow, but I shall endeavour to pop in with something.

Until that time, and as always: thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

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11 thoughts on “Cheating Spurs, Delayed Hangovers, I’d Like Arsene Wenger To Stay and Other Stuff.”

  1. What a joke, your mob have won leagues by diving, and not just one or two either. You must love Wenger you did not see it either, Arsenal blogs seem to write more about Spurs than you about your own club.

  2. Kane and Alli aren’t divers – any more than any other player. They feel contact, they go down. I don’t suppose you’ll complain if Aubameyang does it on Saturday – no, thought not.

      1. @James, with regards to Allan and George’s comments –
        I’m sure you know this already. But you donot need to justify your thoughts to these pricks. These lot do everything they can to bring down the motivation of others.
        You are doing a great job in articulating your thoughts. Keep going mate.

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