Chuba Akpom’s New Contract And Wrinkly-Faced Wheeler-Dealers.

Talented young player in arbitrary action picture.

Morning, folks.

Today as I gaze longingly into cyberspace I am greeted by a desolate wasteland of news. Without midweek football to provide nuggets of interest, news and intrigue is at a premium. This can cause troubles for the humble blogger…

In order to fill this post, I’m contemplating either discussing whether or not I should give my penis a nickname, or taking a moment to explain precisely why I feel slightly emasculated at recently having had a bubble bath with scented candles that I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of.

Perhaps neither is the correct choice.

(For the record: ‘Kenneth Dinkleton’ was the name I had in mind)

There is one story pertinent to Arsenal (thank f*ck). Our young striker, Chuba Akpom looks set to sign on the dotted line and commit his future to Arsenal – a deal for 4 years. Nothing, at the time of writing, has been confirmed by either Club or the player himself, but would appear to be very likely. Assuming you believe the plethora of reports, that is.

Lukas Podolski and Yaya Sanogo have both gone out on loan and it’s thought the reasoning behind those deals being sanctioned is Arsene’s belief Akpom is ready to break into the first team and worthy of a chance at doing so. I’m inclined to wholeheartedly agree.

From the few instances in which I’ve watched him play, Akpom looks abundantly talented; strong, skilful, imposing and very, very quick. There is still an element of rawness to his game, but when held in comparison to Sanogo he looks positively polished. He also excels in holding the ball up for others around him, showing a maturity and intelligence that belies his years.

Obviously it’s impossible to predict his fortunes in an Arsenal shirt. Many players over the years showed signs of possessing what it takes to succeed only to find themselves unable to prove it with the first team. Henri Lansbury, for example, struck me as a enormously talented player and I thought he’d do great things at the Emirates. Alas, it just didn’t work out that way.

Hopefully, Akpom’s fleeting appearances thus far are merely the start of things to come. Undeniably he has the attributes. Whether the correct blend of application and luck arises when further chances are presented to him remains to be seen.

Elsewhere, the other eye catching story was ‘Arry Redknapp’s peculiar resignation from QPR. Most of us Gooners aren’t enormous fans of the saggy-faced testicle of a man, and I’m no different – not because of his previous allegiances to Spurs, but for his status as a media darling and reputation despite having done pretty much f*ck all in the game over a career that spans 32 years.

His tenure as a top-flight manager shows just one major trophy, an FA Cup with Portsmouth. Yet this is a man frequently championed for the national team and wildly considered ‘top-class’. The reasons behind his departure from Rangers are sketchy. Some claim it’s down to a knee injury, others feel he’s left now purely because he’s had enough.

To tell the truth, I don’t particularly care. Like my penis and my newly-aquired love for bubble baths, he’s being discussed purely to fill up a little space on a day where news is achingly dull.

That’s the perfect note on which to end things on today. Drop me a comment below, Pour out your thoughts on the contract for Akpom and anything else you might feel like sharing. I’ll once again be back tomorrow, hopefully with something a little more interesting to discuss.

Until then, and as always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

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