City Pull Out Of Sanchez Deal And Answering Your Questions.

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It’ll be a quick one today because I’ve got to go into work this morning – such are the perils of working within the catering industry.

Firstly, it looks like Manchester City have decided to call Arsenal’s bluff and are not prepared to meet the £35m valuation for Alexis to move in January. This has Manchester United and Chelsea lurking in the shadows and both Conte and Mourinho has publicly declared their admiration for the player without go as far as to admit interest.

As is the case with most Arsenal transfers, it’s starting to get a little f*cking boring now. It’s obvious to all and sundry that the player no longer has any interest in staying at Arsenal. When listening to Arsene speak about the subject, I get the impression he’s resigned to losing Sanchez, but still holds hope Mesut Ozil will sign another contract. So, playing hardball with the price considering the duration of the contract seems churlish to me. Alexis could quite easily walk for nothing in a few months and have his pick of the teams across England and Europe. If he is that adamant he doesn’t want to play for Arsenal then make a compromise – with or without a replacement. It might sound silly, because there’s no debating he’s a wonderful player and we’re a better team with him in the side playing well, but I don’t see how he can be anything other than a disruptive influence at the moment. I would like to see him go as soon as possible.

That’s about all of the news. Knowing very well it would be quiet today – it invariably is the day before a game – I thought I’d put the call out to Twitter and get some questions from people I interact with to answer. As you might imagine, it’s a mixed bunch of queries, but I’d expect nothing less.

So, here’s a few:


Pros: There are plenty of things you wouldn’t have to see for a period of time, Donald Trump’s hideous Cheeto face, for example.

Cons: It f*cking hurts.

I think Ainsley-Maitland Niles is a good option for our midfield and I think’ he’ll retain Coquelin’s position in the squad. The question of whether or not Ramsey and Wilshere can play together is a tough one. I’ve always thought that they have the potential to be a dynamic pairing, but both have similar attacking instincts and the best partnerships are often then ones in which the two are opposites and compliment each other’s shortcomings. Regarding the VAR used in the semi-final with Chelsea; I think it’s early days yet and all the kinks will (hopefully) iron themselves out with more use. Great abbreviation usage, by the way!

I could ask using my special Dennis Bergkamp hotline, but I’d hazard a guess it’s because that account isn’t real.

I think we’ve always managed to move on. Some players that leave, (Vieira, Henry, van Persie) are at such a level that it’s impossible to replace them like-for-like. I’ve always thought that the best way to look at departing stars is not to assume we’re just going bring in another version of the same thing. It’s impossible. But the squad will always produce another superstar. It’s inevitable. When Alexis leaves, there will be someone to take his place and we’ve got to hope they are capable of being a success.

That’s all for today, folks. I shall return with a game preview tomorrow.

Until then, and as always: thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

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