Clearing out the ‘trash’ at Arsenal to make way for new signings.

Squillaci and Denilson; neatly bagged and ready to go.

Afternoon, darlings. You all look lovely today.

A lot has been made in recent weeks about potential incomings. In order for those we covet to arrive, there must be a few heading in the opposite direction. The “deadwood” as they are affectionately referred – I say ‘affectionately’ with a huge dollop of sarcasm. The names I’m about to mention have some of the more touchy Arsenal fans frothing at the mouth with rage and spitting like a cornered cat.

What I thought I’d do with today’s post before I sit down and watch Italy Vs Spain – I’m cheering for Italy as they’re my sweepstake team – is take a quick look at those that should be shown the exit door. Shown that door politely, of course. Not booted through it and riddled with gunfire when on the other side.

I think the main names that have to go are Squillaci and Chamakh. The former is about as secure a defensive option as unleashing a poorly trained dog into the back four. We pay Squillaci a fairly high wage – an alleged £60k-per-week – and he simply isn’t good enough for Premiership football. He terrifies me when on the field of play. The man oozes calamity.

The latter of the two, Morocco’s answer to Cheech and Chong , did have a promising start to his Arsenal career, and underneath all those hair products I still believe there lies a good striker. Since Robin’s hit such form, it just hasn’t happened for him. Part of me does feel a degree of sympathy, as a run of games might have given him a chance to play himself into a bit of form. That said, when he has had an opportunity, he has mostly been massively ineffectual. Mostly… (If you’ve seen Aliens, you’ll know why I absolutely have to put another ‘mostly’ into a sentence if I’ve used it once).

Along with those two rascals, it’s a safe bet Denilson, Vela and Bendtner will be shipped out on a permanent basis. Denilson I was never a huge fan of – his stats might be impressive, but he only ever seemed to pass backwards. Vela is only good for chipping the opposition keeper if we are 3-0 up, and Bendtner’s huge ego and moderate talent don’t make for a good mix. We will not miss any of them.

The main name people disagree on is Diaby. I like Diaby, I think he could be a exceptional player.  It is not the least bit fair to hold any of his injury troubles against him. There’s an idiot working in a call centre named Dan Smith to blame for that. However, there must come a point when we can no longer continue to pay a player handsomely if they’re not going to play. Diaby has had countless seasons where I’ve hoped he’ll come good, but it just hasn’t happened for him. If 2012/2013 goes the same way as the others, it’s going to come to the point were we must cut our losses.

I hope that doesn’t come to fruition, though. He has ability, athleticism and on his day he can but right up there with the best of them. A fully fit Abou Diaby would be a great asset to Arsenal.

That’s all for today, folks. I’d like to hear a few our your views on the subject, so don’t be shy when it comes to commenting. Once you’re done there, you can follow me on Twitter @_ArmchairGooner

20 thoughts on “Clearing out the ‘trash’ at Arsenal to make way for new signings.”

  1. I think we should be looking at putting Diaby on a pay-as-you-play basis contract like the two Manchester clubs did for players like Owen and Hargreaves. Like everyone else, I think Diaby would be good if he was ever fit enough to play but the problem is that he’s not suffering and recovering from a long term injury, it’s lots of small continuous injuries – when he recovers from one, he gets injured somewhere else!

    If he has another season like last, I think next summer we’ll have to let him go. It’d be a shame but otherwise we’re just wasting money.

    1. His injuries date back to the physical assault he suffered from a young nobody from Sunderland. Then one injury leads to another.

  2. I think denilson is more better than ramsey de way he play n also his pass,it give an accurate pass, i like him than ramsey an it more better dan dat selfish player cal ramsey.

    1. No way man. Ramsey has played 1 full season after having his leg broken by that oaf from Stoke. He works tirelessy, get’s himself in good positions and can score. Form is temporary, class is permanent. If anything Ramsey has just been trying too hard. We all know how that can end up.

      Denilson is a joke. He hasn’t progressed. There’s a big difference.

  3. There is no “trash” at the Emirates, only professional footballers plying their trade as best they can. Some have prospered, others have not. The latter will be transferred to other Clubs where, hopefully, they will fit in and continue their careers.
    Whoever remains at the Emirates and is selected to play, is entitled to 100% support at all times. In this way, the team as a whole will give of their best.

    1. I agree with you Nicky. A little strong to call some of our players TRASH. They all deserve the support of all the Arsenal fans. Good luck to all those that leave the club

    2. Here here, if all gooners supported the players instead of moaning all the time then we would probably get a lot more out of the players. All players need love and support especially through the tough times and as fans we should give it as long as they put in the effort and give 100%. There seems to be more fans not giving 100% than there are players these days and far too much moaning, we are supporters so lets support. If our fans don’t like the players, the manager, the board, the way the club is run then perhaps they should go and glory hunt by supporting Man City or Chelsea, I’m just sick of the constant moaning

      1. No, you’re just playing to the arrogance of other arsenal fans. Squillaci was a solid player until he joined arsenal. For whatever reason, he seemed to lose the ability to time his headers, and never really establised a partnership with any of the other CBs. There’s a solid defender in there somewhere, but I guess Arsenal wasn’t a good fit.
        Denilson was a victim of his own arrogance/complacency, imo. He is a very talented player, but only seems inclined to show it against Barcelona or Man Utd. “Trash” can’t play well against Barcelona.
        There is no “trash” at Arsenal, and to speak of these individuals in that way is pretty atrocious. Arshavin played like trash for Arsenal 90% of the time, but showed the other night what a quality player he can be. Another victim of his own arrogance/complacency imo, thinking that games against Stoke and the like are not worth the effort, but it doesn’t make him trash.

  4. Out: Squillaci, Fabianski, Djourou, Denilson, Bendtner, Vela, more or less all +21 players in the reserves
    Jury out: Arshavin, Lansbury, Mannone,
    “Promoted”: Miyaichi, Campbell, Wellington, Yennaris, Miquel, Eisfeld, +++?

  5. Djourou Arshavin Almunia shd join the list and i always feeliaby shd try his feet elsewhere,frimpong Miyachi shd still go on loan

  6. Squid has to go… Almost no point saying it. I feel the same with chamakh, but as you said when this guy gets a chance he squanders it, I have never seen a striker so afraid to shoot. He looks lost and would rather pass then score.mi would be fine letting him go … What is more, we might be able to swap him for a better striker or at any rate make money out of the situation.

    Diaby must go… He is 26 years old, so by no means young anymore. He is an utter liability, reckless, dangerous and I cannot say with certainty as I do not know him, but I think he is a moron. The own goals, the sending offs, injuring our own players, wasting possession, trying to do it all himself etc etc sell him now and save us all more calamitous moments.

    Den, vela and bender must go… Hope bender has a blinder of a tournament so we can get more for him but his behavior this last year cannot be tolerated at arsenal and he sad he doesn’t want to be here, so get lost.

  7. Wants to leave: Bendtner, Vela, Djourou, Mannone, Denilson. = 15m ish
    Not good enough: Arshavin, Squllachi, Chamackh, Park, Almunia. = 13m ish
    Gone already: Benayoun.
    Buy: M’villa, Giroud, CENTRE BACK! = 40m ish
    Loan out: Gnarby, Miyaichi, Cambell, Henderson.
    Promote: Eisfeld,
    To sum up 5 of our players have showed their desire to leave so let them! With a squad size of 25 players 5 others will have to be sold to make space for new signings 2 or 3 probably. We have a massive squad with some average players. Selling the chaff and bringing in the flair will vastly improve Arsenal F.C!

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