Deals to be announced this week, German bid fails and farewell to fringe players.

As news of Bendtner’s departure broke…

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Right. onwards and upwards.

With the transfer window officially opening yesterday, what was previously a slow trundle of speculation is now a full-on onslaught. If you thought yourself buried in balderdash up to this point, it’s fair to say expectations are going to be surpassed.

With all the razzmatazz and hyperbole has come the proposal of our beloved team completing 2 deals by the end of the week. I wouldn’t put too much stock into that. Arsenal’s ability to quickly complete deals tends to be a point of unrest amongst a great deal of fans, even if very few actually know with any certainty what goes on behind closed doors. The media regularly enjoys linking us to players and claiming we have missed out or “dropped the ball” when those players are transferred elsewhere. There’s every chance we weren’t interested at all.

As far as I’m concerned, the sooner the deals are done the better, but I have no objection to waiting. So long as they are completed within a suitable time frame that enables them to bed into the squad, I couldn’t care less if I’ve a week or two to twiddle my thumbs in expectation. I see no point in rabidly posting bile across the internet because no signings have been made within the first day. That’s just silly. Have a cup of tea and a biscuit. Calm down. Relax.

The players it is alleged will be arriving this week are Julio Cesar and, as you’d expect at this point, Gonzalo Higuain – who I will forever refer to as ‘The Higuana’. I believe there is a great deal of truth to both stories. Will they sign on the dotted line and be unveiled this week? Unlikely, methinks.

Surprisingly, Arsenal have also made a firm offer for Lars Bender. The German midfielder is an excellent player, and one Dortmund will fight tooth and nail to ensure they keep. The initial bid of £19.75m was quickly turned down, and any other secondary offers will be rejected.

Many people with more knowledge than I seem to think this isn’t true. Whilst I have no desire to cast aspersions over those good folks, I see it as exactly the type of deal Arsenal are renowned for; sneaking up on you at the last minute when attention is focused elsewhere. I wouldn’t put it past Arsene unleashing a bolt from the blue and snapping up someone we won’t see coming. Very few of us saw Santi Cazorla’s arrival on the horizon.

If we are unclear on who’s is heading in, then we do at least have a bit of clarity regarding departures. Arshavin has returned to Russia, Djourou is off to Germany for another year on loan, Denilson has scuttled sideways back to Brazil, Squillaci has blundered into oblivion, and it would appear G.O.A.T, Nicklas Bendtner, is going to sign with Eintracht Frankfurt for a world record fee of £4m.

As much as we all like a joke at the expense of Nicklas and his incredible ego, he wasn’t all that bad. He did score a few good goals (Carling Cup against Ipswich), and there was a period when he lead the line well for us. He may not be as awesome and astonishingly gifted as he makes out, but he is far from useless. At that price, it’s not a bad bit of business and he’ll do okay in Germany if he gets a run of games.

And that about wraps it up today. Unless something earth-shattering occurs in the time between me writing this and it going to publication, I think I’ve about covered all that’s gone on. We shall have to wait and see what the week has in store for us.

The comments are below, folks. Use ’em to tell me who you realistically think we will sign first? Who would you put your money on, or do you think there will be a surprise coming that no one has predicted yet? I look forward to reading a few of your thoughts.

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.


No sooner had I finished writing this last night, the news broke of Yaya Sanogo completing his move to Arsenal. With only small registration formalities left to conclude matters, the young Frenchman becomes our first capture of the summer. Arsenal have transferred a player on the day of the window opening. Who’d have thought it?

Arsene Wenger said:

“Sanogo is a good young signing for us. He has shown that he has potential with his recent performances for Auxerre, and also for the France U20 side.

“We are looking forward to Yaya joining us and continuing his promising development.”

It’s even on the official website. From what I’ve heard he has had a few injury troubles and comparisons with Abou Diaby in that respect have been made. Hopefully there won’t be any troubles, and we’ve secured the services of a very promising young striker.

Welcome to Arsenal, Yaya.

25 thoughts on “Deals to be announced this week, German bid fails and farewell to fringe players.”

  1. Lars Bender plays for Bayer Leverkusen, his brother is the one who plays for Dortmund. He’s on a long contract so if they REALLY don’t want to sell him no dice, but compared to Dortmund, Leverkusen are certainly less a certainty that the player will want to stay once he hears Arsenal are knocking at the door.

  2. we have already promising youngstars, we do not need more we only destroy them, when they will play if higuain comes he is 25, at 25 they will become maybe playing time, even Campbell who is better than sanogo, the players will go out on loan, even if they show good performances they will want to leave like vela did and with right, because he never became a real chance like walcott and cesc had, I will forget this if wenger signs higuain but it seems more and more unlikely, tottenham made the deals within days, wenger can not seal the deal a whole month

  3. I specifically think Wenger is gonna sign Julio Cesar first,then Higuain.. But i’d love to see both deals wrapped up at the same time.. We need to win trophies this season.. Wenger should also sign a defender and a defensive midfilder before the transfer window closes

  4. Is this the way of ARSENAL lifting the cup by signing under 20 striker,to its crazy impossible nothing will change if wenger won’t sign big,I think wenger is old enough to step down his possition,plz wenger their’s nothing to be ashamed with to say good byeee, I myself as a die hard of ARSENAL am gonna understand that u hard good time with the club and big things u have done from the time u took over

  5. I’m a bit impressed with the signing of sanogo, but that is not what we the fans are looking for, we want players that can play and compete for silverware this season. I put my money on Huguian, Fellaini, cesar and a right back, may be Richards or williams. F**k to Rooney. I hope Wenger makes this dream come true. In Arsene I trust, in Arsenal I believe.

  6. Any idea what’s happened to Chamack & Santos…surely Arsene can’t be thinking about hanging on to those 2??

  7. Best thing NB ever ever done was coming of the bench to score the winner against the spastics down the road,just after Robbin Keane Missed a pen.

    Other than that NB has been a embarrassment,Wenger is to blame for giving the cunt a new contract.


    Good write up on legrove yesterday

  8. Bedding Bedding Beding. That is the key to Arsenal’s next season. For last few years, its not just that Wenger hasn’t brought in quality…even if he has brought in sub-standard players, he has done it at the fag-end (15 days down the new season. No time for bedding has resulted teh team to take 4 months to gel.

    Wenger will not buy any WC quality players even this time. But, whatever he settles for, let buy and deploy them NOW!!!!

  9. Yep, it`s official, with the signing of Sanogo our Mr Wenger has started his rebuilding of the Carling Cup squad!
    Same old cut price Arsenal, year in, year out, we must be suckers.

  10. I’m glad everyone has already pointed out the Bender situation, 3rd article I’ve seen making the same mistake….anyways the signing of young Sanago is decent signing but only when you consider he was on the FREE, I reckon had we paid for him there might be a bit more nail biting and head bashing going on all around us. Just out of interest, other than Cesar as keeper option who else out there is an option and don’t say Rena please… I think Schez has the potential yet I feel as comfortable with him between the sticks as Gerv leading the line with a new haircut. I am looking forward to seeing how some of the youngest shape up this year, we have some serious talent on our hands in some departments. Oh and if there is one thing I have seen with Arsenal transfers its never who you think its going to be….keep selling the deadwood like we have been and things are going to get really interesting.

  11. I will be surprised if he buys Higuain/cesar. Do any of them have cousins or brothers that are less than 20yo. he might be talking to them. Lars looks promising but unlikely. Wenger would probably get him when his contract is due or on a free transfer. Another top 4 if we are lucky … brace yourselves.

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