Debuchy Could Be Out For Months.

Could be missing for sometime…

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Quick one today, as it’s my day off and I fully intend to indulge in a few choice pursuits – mostly hedonistic, but nothing sordid and ungentlemanly. I am, after all, a respectable English gentleman. Kinda…

The news today centres entirely around Mathieu Debuchy’s injury and the defensive pickle we’re left in. The early rumblings, albeit unconfirmed, universally agree the injury Debuchy sustained on Saturday is a serious one, the only variation is the duration he’s set to face only the sidelines – the average guess seems to be between 2-3 months, which is a huge blow if true.

Unless he makes a miraculously recovery or the severity of his injury defies all expectation we are looking at the alarming possibility of playing all 3 of our senior centre backs (Koscielny, Mertesacker, Chambers) at the same time with little or no cover should any join Debuchy is the medical centre. 

That, folks, is incredibly worrying.

We do have optons, but none are particularly convincing, and most cover the full back positions – Bellerin, Flamini and Coquelin can all play on the right side. Only Issac Hayden appears to have the credentials at present to slot into one of the central roles but that would be a huge risk.

In midfield and up front we have ample cover. Many will slaughter Arsene for not reinforcing an area that is glaringly deficient and whilst I don’t condone the manner in which most go about critiquing, I can’t deny they have a solid point. Even the most ardent of Arsene’s supporters would struggle to justify the lack of defensive cover.

Early in the month here was some talk of an emergency loan of a free transfer coming in but either option strikes me as panicking and certainly won’t provide a player with the required ability we need. In my opinion, for what that’s worth, the best hope we have is that Hector Bellerin and Issac Hayden are up to the challenge of first team football. Both have enormous potential, of that there is no doubt, wether they are ready for the pressure that comes with it is another matter entirely.

Whatever the outcome, this is a position we shouldn’t be in. But we are, and all the vitriol in the world won’t change that. Personally, I’m going to wince every time one of our regulars so much as hobbles. Another bad injury at this stage could lead us in a terribly weak position.

That’s all for today, folks. I’ll be back tomorrow to preview the trip to Dortmund for our Champions League opener. The comments section is waiting for your thoughts below, do feel free to pour you little hearts out.

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

4 thoughts on “Debuchy Could Be Out For Months.”

  1. Sir! I agree with your opening lines about being short in the depth of our defensive back up; And I too was gutted to see that MD2 is expected to be out for such a long time but in reality, will it not let us see the rising star of CC21?
    And if something should befall the Mertascielny axis then we already know the boy can step straight in. This will lead to no first team cover again for MD2 but did not HB39 play a blinder in pre season? I recall him being an absolute force to contend with, showing the talents of speed and crossing aplenty an absolute ease for the young man.

    We didn’t get two main bodies in at transfer deadline and everyone knows what positions they would have covered, however, although no AKB, I am more and more finding that I hope maybe in this adversity we face, we shall find new stars that rise up to the challenge.

    Anyway, thats my tuppence worth.

    P.S Enjoying having you back making regular posts, so much in fact, I think I may make another donation. Oh, wait, sorry, I appear to have left my wallet in the other room…….

  2. Good article which points out the major flaw in Arsenes master plan. For over 7 years many Gunners have begged AW to buy at least two spare top class defenders…..he will not! He replaced the two that left immediately but failed miserably to produce cover for our inevitable ‘bad’ injuries. We have massive overloading in the tip tappy midfield. We have a seven year shortage of DMF and defenders. This is the secret to winning top trophies…….Chelski, City, Manure, carry on past February because of the quality of their bench in all areas. They buy large fast bullies who drive through midgets stuck in the mud. We have a choice of either Flamini or Arteta? Both, old and both slow. We have no class CB cover now that Chambers has to play right back for months? Why does AW do this… theory is and always has been that he sees only a team going forward and that defending is a bit a of a necessary evil……if he had his way he would play a team of MF plus goalie. Sadly by the time he can buy we would have once again suffered the consequences .

  3. AW is becoming more ridiculous by the day. When will he give Oz a chance in his best postion? Why did he spout the nonsense about preferring to have Welbeck on loan? Why didn’t he make the moves in the transfer window that are glaringly necessary to make us contenders…..a defender a DM? The FA cup slipped everyone a hallucigenic …..wake up, were battling for 4th already,!

  4. Wenger should consider retiring and let arsenal move foward he doesn’t have arsenal’s interest at heart just his bosses wallets it hearts every time we read that arsenal is going for such and such player but it never happen he once said we are short on deffence but decided to do nothing .come on arsen take a break like fagy did

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