Demba? Ba Humbug and the ever-decreasing magic of the F.A Cup.

Morning all!

FA Cup Sunday represents the end of my much-welcomed break from work after the Christmas bedlam. 2 glorious weeks of hedonism and perpetual consumption have left me with a shattered bank balance and a slightly protuberant midriff, and whilst enjoying the live football today, I know all of that is no more by tomorrow.

I’ve lost my enthusiasm for the alleged ‘magic’ of Europe’s premier cup competition more so this year, perhaps mainly due to Arsenal playing on a fucking Monday evening, which is just peculiar and wrong as far as I’m concerned – the Liverpool-Oldham game at Ku Klux Klanfield on Friday was at as strange a time.

I also have a sense of bitter resignation regarding the draw being made today. Permitting we dispatch Leeds – which isn’t an easy take – I envisage the crushing inevitability of a 4th round trip to either Stoke or Manchester and a early departure for a weakened Arsenal team. The FA Cup represents our best chance of glory by some distance, but Le Boss won’t treat it as such, merely opting to focus his beady eyes on the imaginary silverware that accompanies 4th place in the league. We should go all guns blazing for it.

It’s difficult for me to enthuse and anticipate games in a competition our own manager will view as an unwelcome distraction. I’m sure I’m not the only one in the vast, sprawling Goonerverse to feel this way, although, Thierry’s return tomorrow has injected a little spice into proceedings.

In other news, there appears to be a mad scramble brewing between a few clubs for Newcastle’s in-form striker, Demba Ba. With his contract allegedly containing a £10m buy-out clause, the speculators and aggregators have gone into overdrive linking him to each, any and everybody – this clause may only apply to clubs in the Champions League according to one report.

For that price, I’d have him. He’s obviously got an eye for goal, he’s both powerful and quick and he’s already accustomed to the speed of the Premiership. I like him, I think he’d be an excellent addition to not only support Robin van Persie, but offer us a different, more physical option.

But, of course, it’s as likely to occur as me indulging in a few salacious activities with Kate Beckinsale.

I’ll leave you with that thought.

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