Diaby’s Reception, Ramsey’s Rocket and Jenkinson’s Magnificent Celebration

Carl was as surprised as anyone.

Morning, folks.

Well, that’s it then; another Premiership season all over. Seems to have flown by, doesn’t it? What occurred might not have been to our wishes as Arsenal fans, but few could dispute it’s been a season without talking points and the occasional flash of brilliance.

As expected, for the majority of yesterday’s game the events unfolded in a slightly dreary and resigned manner – the kind of casual pace you rarely see in the Premiership unless it’s a last-day fixture with nothing riding on it. Arsenal comfortably controlled the game against a beleaguered Norwich side who rarely threatened at all.

However, amongst all the tedium and going-through-the-motions, we were treated to a few moments here and there of note. Perhaps most significantly, for me anyway, was the return of Abou Diaby to the first team and the absolutely magnificent reception he received from our away support.

I don’t get to games as much as I’d like. Impecuniousness and a job that requires my presence on weekends has long hampered my ability to do so. If I was to start attending regularly, I think I’d enjoying going to away games more. I’m not casting aspersions here folks, not at all, but often I get the impression some attend the Emirates filled with rage and bitterness and the atmosphere is impacted accordingly. Perhaps it’s the corporate types impinging upon the game, perhaps it’s a whole number of things; whatever the reason, often our support is better away from home.

When Diaby plodded onto the pitch yesterday, the reaction from our fans was brilliant; they erupted in songs and support for a player who, through no fault of his own, has suffered nothing but anguish and trouble with injury. That to me is exactly what supporting is all about and those Arsenal fans at Carrow Road, and throughout the season, have been nothing short of superb.

The two other notable mentions from the game are to the two goal scorers. Aaron Ramsey’s gloriously thunderous volley to open the scoring was one of those moments when I sat upright, momentarily removed from the coma-like state I was in, to exclaim, “SH*T!” when the ball hit the back of the net. Receiving a exquisite chipped pass from Giroud, Ramsey displayed faultless technique to wallop the ball into the top corner. Yikes. Too good.

The second goal was about as far removed in quality as it’s possible. A bobbler that trickled into the net won’t win any awards – congratulation to Jack Wilshere for winning the BBC’s GOTS for his strike against Norwich, by the way – but I defy any of you not to have smiled because it was Carl Jenkinson who scored it.

From the celebration that followed you could see how much that goal meant to Carl. He wheeled away as if he’d just won the Champions League, FA Cup, Premiership and World Cup all at once and executed a woeful knee-slide in front of the travelling Arsenal fans. Great stuff.

Now, folks, all that’s left is the build-up to the FA Cup final on Saturday. At some point in the next few days I’m going to be constructing a post of some of my all time favourite moments from England’s most famous cup competition and a few I’d sooner forget. As the big day approaches, my stomach is slowly but surely beginning to swirl with uncontrollable nerves and excitement. Nothing is certain in football, but we truly have a fantastic opportunity to end that silverware drought. Let’s hope we don’t blow it.

That’s all for today, folks. The comments await your thoughts on yesterday’s game, the return of Diaby and the two goals. Let me know what you think.

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

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  1. I agree wholeheartedly with your 3 best moments. The traveling fans do seem to be fantastic, they even sang Wenger’s name. I also wanted to mention Giroud played really well too. It’s a shame NBC voted Wilshere’s goal 2nd. Looking forward to the FA Cup 😆

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