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Theo indicates exactly how many words in the English language Harry Kane is able to pronounce correctly.

Good evening, creatures of Earth and beyond.

A blogging hiatus was never something I planned, more a series of events and occupational incidents that have caused what was once a resolute desire to jot to dissipate almost entirely. Plus, I am f*cking lazy at the best of times. I wonder if any of you who once dropped by regularly are out there? Perhaps those that once subjected themselves to whatever extraneous fluff was rattling around my head has disappeared into the wild blue yonder never to return again. Perhaps… or perhaps I should stop promising to return, only to bugger off for a few months again. Perhaps I should move on…

So let’s talk about Arsenal.

Yesterday’s performance against that mouthy lot from down the road wasn’t, by any stretch of the imagination, a classic example of gloriously cohesive and expansive football. It was a shower of sh*t for the most part. The end result was favourable towards Arsenal after lengthy spells looking 2nd best. With injuries, fatigue and whatever other reasons there may be, a 1-1 draw wasn’t abysmal. I’ll take it and move onwards.

The game itself was an uncomfortable watch for the first 45 minutes. I was flitting in between watching and checking some odds over at http://casinoservice.org/gratis-casino  and was lucky enough to completely miss the sight or Harry Kane and his graceless, lop-sided bunce lolloping through our defence to score the kind of blunderous, rhino-footed fluke that has the media drooling uncontrollably and likening him to Christ, Allah, Buddah and existential beings beyond the comprehension of mere mortals. You may have gathered by now I not a fan.

Our defence somehow conspired to allow Danny Rose to slide 30-yard pass to Kane. That sentence itself is pure AIDS and if we have any true aspirations to challenge for major honours, preventing moments like that should be of paramount concern. It worries me how frequently lapses in concentration and strange errors cost us goals. Some like to single out individuals for blame, but the truth is no one person can shoulder the responsibilities – our defensive players are all capable of it.

I read an interesting stat recently. Arsenal have allowed more shots on target (50) than Newcastle and Bournemouth – two sides languishing at the wrong end of the Premiership table. People might look at that as a glowing reference to how important Petr Cech has been and whilst I wouldn’t seek to disagree with that, I think it proves that there needs to be a greater collective mentally when it comes to defending. During some periods of the game yesterday, several of our forward players where simply sauntering casually back towards goal as the Spurs players countered. A better team would have punished us for that. Defending requires 11 players. If only 7-8 are doing it, you’ll concede a lot of goals.

After the first half, things did brighten up slightly. Santi Cazorla was replaced by Flamini having played as if being sh*t-faced on cheap lager. Flamini’s arrival gave us a bit of extra bite in the central areas and enables us to get back into the game and create chances – most of which fell to the head of Giroud during one of his more profligate afternoons – cue hideous, rage-filled outburst on Twitter. That rage finally subsided when Kieran Gibbs proved an unlikely hero, managing to unceremoniously bundle in Ozil’s cross to restore parity. At that point, we looked the more likely winners, we huffed, we puffed but when couldn’t blow anyone’s house down. The game ended and all the rage re-started.

I guess one of the reasons I’ve not blogged for a while is the predictability of it all. There’s just so much anger out there. Supporters have developed a sense of immediacy and require everything like RIGHT F*CKING NOW!! Football should be about supporting your team and seeing friends. These days it seem far more important to mourn your allegiances and throw obscenities at total strangers.

A performance like Arsenal offered us wasn’t brilliant. It was some distance from it. But we knuckled down and fought back to secure a scrappy, undeserved point. Seasons aren’t defined by single games or individual moments. We’ll be judged over the course of 38 games and as it stands we sit level on points with leaders Manchester City. There are plenty of our rivals who’d gladly trade with that placing – yes, Chelsea, I’m talking about you…

The Premiership race is wide open and we’ve as good a chance as anyone. Odds have us as 2nd favourites – play online with casino bonuses – and I believe we will be there or thereabouts come the final game in May. The road may be tumultuous and littered with moments of doubt and frustration, but it’s far better to believe in the ability to  arrive at your destination than it is to f*cking moan about how you may not – if you catch my drift.

Football is meant to be enjoyed. Enjoy it.

That’s all from me folks. I’m off to bed. Fear not, I do intend to return with m,ore when I have the time and,. hopefully, that will be with greater regularity. In the meantime, why not send me a comment with your thoughts on the NLD and anything else you’d like to share.

As always, thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards

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